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Teacher killed, student injured in shooting in Khlong Toei

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From Thai PBS World

A school teacher was killed and a vocational student seriously injured in a shooting near a school in Bangkok’s Khlong Toei district on Saturday morning.

Khlong Toei police say they suspect that the shooting stemmed from a rivalry between students of two vocational colleges.

Quoting motorcycle taxi drivers, police said that a group of about five vocational students were gathered on the pavement in front of a bank, near a girl’s school on Sunthorn Kosa Road, when the pillion passenger from a motorcycle approached the students and opened fire with a handgun. The bullets hit one of the students and a bystander, later identified as a school teacher.

The gunman, thought to be a student at a rival college, walked back to his accomplice on the bike, but was told to go back shoot the already wounded student again. The attackers then fled on the motorcycle, heading towards Rama 4 Road.

The two wounded people were rushed to Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, where the teacher was pronounced dead.


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Rivalries between certain Bangkok vocational schools has turned deadly over many years. This site has a 45-minute video that analyses the killing of one near graduate shot four times in the heart in front of his mother. Worse is that this rivalry seems to continue for decades after graduations. Please look at it.


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6 hours ago, PeterRS said:

Rivalries between certain Bangkok vocational schools has turned deadly over many years. This site has a 45-minute video that analyses the killing of one near graduate shot four times in the heart in front of his mother. Worse is that this rivalry seems to continue for decades after graduations. Please look at it.


Interesting. We have all heard of rivalry between institutions, but that programme did not really explain, to me at least, why the rivalry is so vicious. We had rivalry, at Oxford, with Cambridge, but nothing like that! Why so deadly, and, as you say, long lasting. The comment from the vice principal, that he was a thug, but grew out of it, does not seem to me to be helpful. 

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15 minutes ago, Keithambrose said:

Why so deadly, and, as you say, long lasting. 

This long article may help to explain part of the reason. I'm sorry I do not have time this evening to choose sections of it. Besides, i think the matter is too complicated to parse into a few sentences. For those interested, please read the article. thanks.


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14 hours ago, reader said:

 two wounded people were rushed to Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, where the teacher was pronounced dead.


hopefully perpetrators will be found and feed to sharks

It was even GThai movie " Is my classmate a gay"  based of such nonsencical rivalries. On eof characters when asked why ? couldn't answer and said ' it's just tradition" .

At end of day so much about Buddhist values and peaceful society. Clearly Thailand has some violence problems, it's just us tourists who are spared such attractions 

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5 hours ago, vinapu said:

Clearly Thailand has some violence problems, it's just us tourists who are spared such attractions 

Thailand is no different from other countries - apart from a handful like Bhutan and Japan where general violence appears to be much less than the average. What I find different here, and what @Keithambrose mentions in his earlier post, is the extreme violence that seems baked into attendance at two particular vocational colleges in Bangkok. I don't believe this can be put down simply to "some violence problems." When attendance at one college invites a large group of students to murder and knifings in the streets just on the basis of tit-for-tat, something is seriously wrong. Indeed, despite atempts to curb extreme violence, the police seem to have run out of ideas how to stop it.

What I find particularly firghtening in the vdo is the open access to their former colleges by alumni - even those now in their 70s. The one interviewed indicated that he was there to give "advice" and "take care" of the younger students, not to cause trouble. Given that he himself had gladly participated in violence during his years in college, I seriously wonder what that "advice" might be. Although barred, he openly pays no attention to it. "Nobody can stop me. This is my house," clearly has sinister overtones.

Although this may appear flippant, with most of the students coming from up-country and living on their own in a huge new city, I wonder how many of those young men might 30 years ago have ended up as go-go boys. At the least, for some it might have been a safer option!

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From Thai PBS World 

Vocational student shot dead in Bangkok’s Dusit district Monday morning

Bangkok police have launched a manhunt for three men, riding two motorcycles, who shot and killed a 16-year-old vocational student on Ranong 2 Road in the Dusit district of Bangkok on Monday morning.

The victim has been identified as a second-year student at Dusit Technical College. He was found dead on the pavement. A pen pistol with a .38 calibre bullet in the chamber was found near his body.

Police have questioned the victim’s friend, who reportedly said that he left the college on a motorcycle to pick the victim up, after he had disembarked from a bus on Rama V Road, opposite the entrance to Ranong 2 Road.

He said the victim told him he was being followed by three men riding two motorcycles, wearing black and full face crash helmets. He said they stopped in the middle of the road, then rushed toward him, one welding a knife. He then heard a gunshot and the victim collapsed. The three perpetrators escaped towards the Rama V Road.


From Coconuts Bangkok 

Klong Toei shooting: University student succumbs to injuries after 8 days in hospital

A university student who was the target of a shooting by vocational school students last week has tragically passed away.

Thanasorn “Yod” Hongsawat, 19, succumbed to his injuries yesterday evening after he was shot by two assailants on Sunthonkosa road, Klong Toei on Nov. 11 in what was believed to be motivated by an inter-school rivalry.

The victim was a first-year student at Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok, Uthenthawai Campus. He was shot twice in the chest and once in the neck, and was rushed to Chulalongkorn Hospital where he remained for eight days, during which the medical staff said he developed a blood infection. Phoraphimol, the victim’s mother, tearfully said she had been by his side at the hospital and that he passed away at 8pm yesterday. 

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From Thai PBS World

Police name three in hunt for suspects in Khlong Toei shootings


Bangkok police have asked the public to report any sightings or information on the whereabouts of three suspects wanted in connection with the fatal shootings of a school teacher and an Uthenthawai vocational student in the Khlong Toei area earlier this month.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Anawin Kaewkeb, Abdulloh Dueramae and Nokvuth Ruangsri on charges of murder, illegal possession of and carrying of firearms in public without a permit, discharging a firearm in public and illegal assembly of more than five people for criminal activities.

Mug shots of the three suspects have been posted on the Facebook page of the Metropolitan Police Bureau.

A teacher from Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarida Sinprasert, was shot dead near her school on Sunthorn Kosa Road on November 11th and an Uthenthawai student was fatally shot by two gunmen riding a motorcycle in the same incident. The student died a few days later at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

Eight suspects, most of them dropouts from a vocational college opposite the National Stadium, are currently being held in police custody.


The Bangkok Post is reporting that the suspects are among 84 members of an organized crime gang.


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From Coconuts Bangkok

Police arrest 14 more suspects connected to Khlong Toei shooting

The Metropolitan Police arrested 14 suspects today connected to a fatal shooting that killed a teacher and a student last month.

Police conducted search operations targeting 14 individuals in the areas of Bangkok, Pathum Thani, and Nonthaburi yesterday evening. One of the 14 suspects, Chananchit  AKA “Pepsi,” was taken for questioning at the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s Investigation Division this morning.

Previously, Chananchit had visited a group of friends who were arrested at Bangkok’s Thung Maha Mek Police Station on Nov. 23. He also gave an interview to the media, saying that his arrested friends were made scapegoats in this case.

In addition, the police also arrested Napawut, who is believed to have played an important role on the day of the shooting. Napawut, whose wanted status was announced by police via Facebook, is believed to have aided the shooters in their escape and evasion of the police.

The 14 suspects are the second group to be arrested on warrants in this case, taking the total to 23 after police previously arrested nine people connected to the shooting.

Police said they found that the suspects are part of a larger gang of students that operate like a crime syndicate with over 80 members. The members consisted of former vocational school students who would rent houses together, according to investigation police chief Theeradej Thamsuthee. 

Despite all the arrests so far, the actual shooter and his accomplice have yet to be identified.

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From Thai PBS World

Prime suspect in fatal Khlong Toei shooting arrested in Chiang Mai

A prime suspect in the fatal shooting of a vocational student and a school teacher in Bangkok’s Khlong Toei area on November 11th was arrested this morning in Chiang Mai province.

A police team from the Bangkok-based Metropolitan Police Bureau apprehended 19-year-old “Anawin” while he was camping on Doi Pui mountain at dawn.  He is to be flown back to Bangkok this afternoon for interrogation.

A member of the police team, tasked with pursuing present and former students of a rival school, said that they are still looking for another suspect, Abdulloh Dueramae, who is still at large.

Thirteen suspects, excluding Anawin, have been in police custody at Thung Mahamek police station.  All were escorted by police to the Bangkok South Criminal Court this morning for a court order to have them further detained.

Police said they are charged with criminal association of more than five people and as accessories in the murders of two people.

The national police chief, Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, is scheduled to give a press conference at the investigation centre of the Metropolitan Police on Wednesday afternoon.

A school teacher from the Sacred Heart Convent School in Khlong Toei, Sarada, was shot dead as she was waiting in front of an ATM machine near her school by a perpetrator who arrived at the scene on two motorcycles.

Thanasorn, 19, a first-year student at Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok, Uthenthawai campus, who was among a group of his classmates, was waiting at a bus stop and was seriously wounded. He died a few days after at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

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From The Nation

Fatal attack on rival student triggers 3-day closure

The Faculty of Engineering and Agriculture at the Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok, Uthenthawai Campus, has cancelled onsite classes for three days after a student from a rival institution was killed.

Faculty dean Assoc Prof Thongpoon Thasiphet issued an order on Saturday instructing lecturers to only hold online classes from Sunday to Tuesday. The order specified that no student was allowed to enter the faculty during these three days.

The decision comes in the aftermath of the stabbing of a student from Pathumwan Institute of Technology (PIT) on Friday, who succumbed to injuries in hospital later.

The victim was one of the two students who were attacked by a group of young men in front of the Uthenthawai Campus. Police later said the attackers had graduated from Uthenthawai.

Separately, Pol Maj-General Samart Promchart, chief of the Metropolitan Police Division 6, said investigators were speeding up efforts to gather evidence to seek arrest warrants for the nine suspects in the attack.

He said many of the suspects have been identified, and that the identity of the others must be carefully checked.

He declined to confirm if any of them was the injured person, identified as Nattaporn, who is being treated for hand injuries at Chulalongkorn Hospital.

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From Thai PBS World

Teenage murder prompts debate in Thailand: Should kids face adult punishments?

A shocking murder recently committed by a group of boys aged 13 to 16 has prompted a big question in Thailand. Should children who commit serious crimes be sentenced as harshly as adult criminals?

Under current Thai law, children aged between 12 and 15 are protected from criminal punishment but can be subject to measures imposed by a court. Juvenile offenders aged 15 to 17, meanwhile, may face punishment – including time behind bars. However, they will only receive half the punishment of an adult sentenced for the same offense. If no penalty is meted out, they can still be sentenced to a period of rehabilitation.

Until 2022, all children under the age of 10 were considered too young to be held criminally liable. The age of criminal responsibility was raised that year based on medical opinion that by the age of 12, humans’ mental capacity has developed to the point where they can tell right from wrong.

Will the age of criminal responsibility get lower?

National Police Commissioner General Torsak Sukvimol revealed recently that a panel had been established to scrutinize juvenile crimes over the past five to six years in support of a review into whether Thailand’s current age of criminal responsibility is appropriate.

“The panel is expected to reach a conclusion before the end of this month,” the police chief said. “We will then forward our opinion to the prime minister and relevant authorities.”

Thicha Nanakorn, who heads the Ban Kanchanapisek Juvenile Vocational Training Center for Boys, cautioned against any rush to change the law.

On January 12, the body of Buapan Tansu – a homeless and mentally ill woman – was found with severe head injuries in a pond in Sa Kaeo. The head wound indicated that she had been murdered.

Police initially arrested her husband. But footage from a CCTV camera footage then showed that five teenage boys had assaulted Buapan and dragged her away. The five boys have been brought to court. Their parents also face charges of negligence leading to their children committing a serious crime.

Continues at


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8 hours ago, reader said:

Tech College student killed in Lat Krabang drive-by shooting 

From Bangkok Post


Seems to be a serious problem.  

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21 hours ago, vinapu said:

yes , Thailand is not as calm as it appears when we wander Silom area sois 

Yes, this school/college deadly rivalry seems to be a factor in Thailand.  

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