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Donald Trump is a threat to US national security, and every democracy on the planet

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GOP senators defy Trump by advancing foreign aid bill


“From this point forward, are you listening U.S. Senate (?),” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “No money in the form of foreign aid should be given to any country unless it is done as a loan, not just a giveaway.”

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the United States.  Donald Trump is a threat to the security of the United States, and democracies and allies around the world.

Beyond that, Donald Trump is a sick fuck.  He is pissing over centuries of US traditions and alliances.  All because of his ego and his greed for power and money.  This is worse than demented.  He would rather be friends with Vlad and share bullshit interviews with Tucker than fight for anything.  He will abandon anyone and anything.  He will certainly abandon our allies.  He is goading Vlad to attack them.  This is not demented.  This is evil.  This man is a sick fuck.


Others were sharper in their criticism. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said it was a “stupid thing to say.” Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said it was “uncalled for.” 

“None of us want to see a war in Europe and I don’t think he does either,” said Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.). 

I get why many people who are not part of the cult prefer what Trump (or RFK) says about the border.  I get that prices that went up won't come back down.  So many people look back on the "economy" (aka lower prices) of Trump's years favorably.

I don't get why any Americans feel like it's good that Trump is putting the lives and democracy of Americans at risk.  OF COURSE he has no gut feeling for alliances and team play.  He has never fought in a war.  He is a bully and a coward.  He has zero moral compass.  Other than what is good for his own ego.  So he has no concept that he wants to weaken America and destroy the alliances that protect us.  Not to mention Europe, or Ukraine, or Japan, or Taiwan, or Australia.  Even India, one of the few countries where a plurality of people view Russia favorably, is hedging its bets on Vlad, despite its historical alliances with Russia.

I guess the idea is that since the Republicans under W. fucked up and started a war "for democracy" in Iraq we could not and did not win, we'll now pretend we can just abandon democracy, and global democratic and military alliances.  Trump himself has proven beyond doubt he doesn't give a shit about democracy.  He'd love to be in Club Vlad or Club Xi.  A rich and corrupt man who can break any law he wants with impunity.  And send his thugs out to beat the shit out of cops who stand in his way.

Something like 45 % of Americans think Trump will do a better job than Biden "improving America's standing in the world."  Most of those are probably hardcore MAGA types who would probably not give a shit if Trump and Putin announced Trump is "giving" Ukraine to Putin, because America has no dog in that fight.  How about if we "give" Ukrainian children to Russia, too, Donald?  They need more boys, especially, after turning so many Russian men into fertilizer.  But the vote in the Senate confirms that almost all Democrats, most Independents, and a huge chunk of Republicans realize how reckless and dangerous this man is.

Trump is a threat to US prestige, US national security, US democracy, and our global alliances.  That needs to be said every day in 2024.


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From a former aide to trump:

Later asked if she, as a conservative, would vote for the former president if he is on the ballot in November, she answered with a firm "no."

"I have said that if it is a choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the general election, that even if I don't agree with the policies of President Biden, that I would put policy aside and I would cast my vote for him for democracy," she replied. "Because I look at Donald Trump and this is someone who has shown us he will not uphold the Constitution. and so, there is no question in my mind that I would be voting for Joe Biden."


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