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Boss beating boy's butt video goes viral

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I'm beginning to wonder if recalcitrant lad comes late for work on purpose. 🙂

From The Thaiger


A Thai customer and netizens condemned the owner of a BBQ restaurant in Pattaya for brutally punishing her employees with beatings.

A customer at the restaurant witnessed the owner’s punishment on her staff and shared a video of the incident on social media. In the video, the female restaurant owner is seen beating a male staff member wearing a red shirt with a wooden stick. The owner struck the man 11 times in front of other staff members and customers.

The video quickly went viral, grabbing the attention of several Thai news agencies, prompting reporters to seek more details on the punishment.

The customer, who shared the video, told PPTV HD that the male employee and five others were punished because they were late for work.

The restaurant owner, 33 year old Yuwadee Boonsarn, later clarified the situation with several media outlets. Yuwadee clarified that beatings were the prescribed punishment for employees who arrived late to work. She added that this disciplinary measure was a rule unanimously agreed upon by all staff members at the restaurant.

Yuwadee emphasised that she sought her employees’ consent for this punishment and they agreed without anger. Everyone involved signed an agreement, including Yuwadee, who stated she would also be subject to the same punishment if she arrived late.

An 18 year old male employee in the video, Pacharapon Sidapromp, told PPTV HD that he was not angry at Yuwadee. He wanted netizens to understand that he and others agreed on the punishment.

Another employee, 22 year old Nattawadee Komonwanit, defended Yuwadee as a kind employer who chose physical punishment over financial deductions. She urged netizens not to criticise Yuwadee, saying they worked together like family members.

Continues with video


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