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Don't eat live lizards for sex boost

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From The Thaiger

The Department of Health of Thailand issued a warning against consuming live geckos in the belief that they can enhance sexual performance, stressing the lack of scientific evidence and potential health risks.

Health authorities have raised alarms over a dangerous trend among middle-aged men in Thailand, involving the consumption of live geckos as a supposed sexual enhancement remedy. A 59 year old man named Sommai recently captured public attention by eating a gecko live on social media, claiming regular consumption would bolster health, offer an alternative to erectile dysfunction and improve one’s sexual performance within three hours.

Atthapol Kaewsamrit, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, revealed that this online-shared information is not only baseless but also poses a significant health risk. There is no scientific research supporting the claim that geckos or similar creatures can enhance sexual prowess or treat diseases.

Internationally, similar cases have been reported where Thai men consume raw geckos as a sexual performance enhancer, believing uncooked consumption yields optimal results. In reality, eating geckos and similar reptiles could lead to infection from protozoa present in these animals. Geckos and tokay geckos feed on live insects and small animals, which could be harmful to human health, potentially causing diarrhoea, gastrointestinal infections, or severe abdominal pain, said Atthapol.

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