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Twins separated at birth?

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My fiance and I just watched Daughter of the Bride, starring Brooke Shields, and I swear she looks like Caitlyn Jenner these days. I know I'm often accused of thinking that all women look alike, but even he saw the resemblance... 😉

Brooke Shields talks 'Pretty Baby' doc, relationship with mother

The Secrets of My Life

Brooke Shields: Biography, Model, Actor, FactsCaitlyn Jenner opens up about suicide, surgery and coming out as a  Republican in frank new memoir | The Independent | The Independent

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However, in that movie, someone who's definitely kept his looks, perhaps even hotter in middle age, is Chad Michael Murray. I hadn't seen him in decades, and my jaw dropped when I saw what he looks like now: 😍


Mother of the Bride (2024)

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Another man who's really kept his looks in his 50s is Ricky Martin, seen most lately in the current miniseries Palm Royale🥰

Random Shirtless Dudes | Alan Ilagan

I guess they can use makeup to cover his tattoos?

Ricky Martin Poses in a Speedo on Instagram

Still jacking off to his photos, decades later...

Ricky Martin Shirtless 8x10 Photo #T2492

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