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Planning a short trip

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Been quite busy of late and quiet on the boards, my plan to move to Thailand for a year or even retire there has been put on hold due to family illness so in the mean time I have bought a house down near the family and am in the throws of packing up and moving. Of course I miss being in Thailand so much that I have started planning for a quick two week sojourn to LOS later on this year, once settled into the new house I reckon I will need some massaging and sex by the hot boys at Hero and Prince.


Long term I am now looking at splitting my time between Australia and Thailand, not too sure if it will be split evenly (6 months by 6) or go over for a couple of months 2 or 3 times a year. Plenty of time on my hands to work that one out and you never know I may win the lotto (hahaha) and just retire to a life in LOS.

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I suspect there are quite a few of us in similar situations as you describe(caring for aging relatives, downsizing our own home, possibly relocating, and planning for our own imminent retirement).  I feel free when I am in Thailand and part of me wants to spend more time there and part of me wonders how I would handle the frustrations I think I would have with the "Thai way". I find myself getting antsy for my own culture after about two months.


Another thought is thinking further down the road when I won't be able to (or want to) travel as easily.  I started a topic under THE BEER BAR to see if other members have comments.

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 I feel free when I am in Thailand 


That is one of my little pleasures when I am in Thailand, I feel free with no one (work nor family) putting the pressure on. Still looking to the long term and am really looking at spending more time in Thailand.

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