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Gay Cartagena

Gay Cartagena – Get Blow And Get Blown!

Face it – you can only do Brazil so often before it gets old. South America is a huge continent, and there are lots of other countries where you can get your gay on. One of the up and cumming tourist countries south of the border is Colombia. And one of the hottest cities there is Cartagena.

Cartagena is a tourist Mecca where you can party day and night, and spend much less than you would in Brazil or Argentina. The government is officially gay-friendly, and a full 70 percent of the population supports gay marriage.

You won’t have to deal with a lot of homophobia, and you’ll find a ton of beautiful beaches, a stunning port and incredibly friendly people. Yet, even though it is an amazing tourist deal Americans haven’t destroyed the vibe yet, because most don’t realize that it’s not a narco-terror nightmare anymore.

But gay tourists from all over South America have figured that out, and gay men from less gay-friendly neighboring countries flock to the city in droves – so you’ll always have your fair share of man meat to choose from.

That’s why now is the time to consider a trip to Cartagena before it becomes a tourist trap and the prices are jacked up. So, my turgid twinks, beastly bears, and tumescent tops, let’s take a journey to wonderful gay Cartagena.

Drugs In Gay Cartagena

No discussion of Cartagena, or any city in Colombia, is complete without a discussion of the drug situation there. Not that I’m saying any of you fabulous boy toys would ever think of doing drugs, but I’m sure you are a little curious, aren’t you?

Well, you won’t be surprised that Cartagena is where you will find the cheapest and most potent cocaine in the entire world. After all, this is where cocaine is born. Some people say that you haven’t really experienced cocaine until you’ve tried it here from the source.

The drug is technically illegal in Colombia, but that is rarely enforced unless you are dumb enough to do it on a street corner. Nearly any gay bar or club you go to is going to have people offering to sell you a few grams at prices that will knock your socks off.

So, hypothetically, if you wanted something a little stronger than coffee to keep you dancing in the clubs until dawn, you won’t have any problem finding it.

Cartagena Rent Boys

Prostitution is 100 percent legal in Cartagena, and there are brothels that cater to all tastes, including some incredibly exotic transsexual hookers. You can pretty much find any kind of dick you’d like. The rent boys also frequent the saunas, bars, and clubs of Cartagena.

You’ll be delighted to know that they are much, much cheaper than the rent boys in Brazil, and just as golden brown and delicious as their Portuguese-speaking neighbors.

All of this contributes to Cartagena’s reputation as a cockaholic’s paradise.

Cartagena Gay Scene

The gay scene in Cartagena is thriving and very hardcore. There is no gayborhood, but you’ll see ads and fliers for gay bars and saunas everywhere you go. Many of the bars and clubs permit sex on the premises, and it’s not uncommon to find yourself looking at an all-male orgy while you are dancing.

Cruising is also super popular on the various beaches – and this is another one of those cultures where tops don’t consider themselves gay, so you can revel in the fantasy of getting banged by a “straight” boy.

Safety In Cartagena

The one downside to the cheap prices and cheaper thrills that you can find in Cartagena is that they are the result of it being an incredibly poor city. This means that there is a fair amount of crime, and you need to be careful.

Before you get in a taxi, negotiate the price in advance. If the taxi driver has a friend in the car with him, go for another taxi. Don’t wear expensive watches or jewelry when you are out in public. And, whatever you do, don’t flash a lot of cash around or you will be targeted.

A good piece of advice is to hire a guide from your hotel for your first couple of days there and let him show you where the good neighborhoods are and where you should avoid.

Tourism Fun In Gay Cartagena

You’ll want to spend most of your non-sex time laying out on the beaches and checking out the historic old port. The historic wall surrounding the city center is also beautiful, and once inside you’ll have great shopping at your fingertips.

If you have a more morbid sense of tourism, you can head over to the Palacio de la Inquisición, where the Spanish tortured and imprisoned people for religious crimes for years.

Let’s Do Gay Cartagena!

You’ll never want to blow town!

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