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    • this can be sensed that you are happy man, good for you !   Thank God for  a heat wave so we can be treated with your report almost in real time but we understand that vacation fun always comes before forum duties  
    • King Powers website has the airport  price at 680 baht per litre of Bacardi Rum. No idea about Vietnam prices but I expect they could be roughly the same. But that assumes they sell alcohol on arrival. If it was me, Id definitely buy on departure and take it with me rather than risk not getting it on arrival. https://www.kingpower.com/category/foods-and-beverages/beverages/wine-and-spirits/liquors?availability=dutyfree&lang=en&page=1&brands=bacardi&categories=liquors&priceMin=300&priceMax=2100
    • What about girls from soi 6 or soi Bukaow ?   I wish that womanizer Vessey will chip into discussion  here as we may be theorizing bit too much 
    • Vacation has kicked in as the jet lag lessens.  My phone has messages from Yoyo and Hab.  Try to plan a day as there is nothing on my schedule and figure out that’s not a bad thing.  Heat is still oppressive but with my new wide brimmed hat, I can venture out - and since google informed me that Tony Leather moved just as the other denizens of Twilight did and how to find - I have a morning goal. Tony Leather was the remaining Leather work store on Surawong.  When I first returned to Bangkok there were a few leather stores where one could buy shoes,  belts, jackets off the rack or have them made to order.  Over time, all but Tony closed. The Indian restaurant near Siam Heritage hotel was one leather location closed three years back.  Anyway, with google map in hand I cross Surawong, turn left and 300 steps on I am there.  Jack , the owner, tells me they only had short notice that the lease wouldn’t renew.  This new location was once the 88 Restaurant,  I’m here to have a light weight leather jacket made up. He shows me some samples, none of which is what I’m imagining.  I promise to come back on Wednesday to see some more samples.  We talk price, we bargain, we are almost in agreement.  See what happens on Wednesday.  (Even at Jack’s first price, the jacket would cost less than half a non custom made jacket would at home). Sorry, if this sounds like a commercial.  I like the shop and have at least a five year relationship and many shoes and belts to attest to it. Took the day as it came, some street food for lunch, set up with a friend an outing to the National Museum for Thursday and the Bangkok Silent Film Festival for Friday. Around 7pm, I head to Telephone for dinner and to watch the boys come to work at Jupiter.  It’s too early, visit Banana Bar, talk to a Nikrat masseur I know who tells me business is slow...everyone always tells me that...but it might be true as there are available seats everywhere.  Decide, that since I’ve checked out most of the action at the relocations, tonight it will be Jupiter or Moonlight.  It’s only 9:30ish, so I don’t want to hang out in Jupiter until 10:30, I’ll go to Moonlight. Encounter update #2.  The first update which I didn’t number was the Hot Male mamasan now mamsaning at Superboyz.  This new encounter is my running into the Hot Male grabber/tout with the bandana who was often called out in reports.  Anyway, he’s touting for Moonlight which makes sense as the owner is the same guy as Hot Male’s owner.  He chats me up, tells me the show doesn’t start until 10:30....so I go to Starbucks for an ice tea, some internet, and to use the restroom.  Discovered lots of antique and jewelers shops in the Burger King/ Starbucks Mall. OK, walk back and let the tout take me to Moonlight.  He gets points...customer miles(?).  It’s now about10:15.  Place is jammed, really jammed,  only seats open is the row of stools at the foot of the stage and some spaces near the shower which is to he left of the central seating area.  That’s where I’m taken.  Not a bad seat as I’m very close to a corner of the stage where all of the boys and “mega stars” move during their on stage rotation.  Within a few minutes, the other three seats are taken.  One gut can only see the stage by looking through the glass wall of the shower(!).  I order my paid with entrance fee drink. There are several bottle tables in play, and two seats in the first row closest to the stage off the main passageway have an assigned waiter. These  stools  will be filled by two Japanese guys who will finish their bottle during the show. A neighbor of theirs has a line up of shots at his seat.  Group of women behind me have waiter service with some of the rotation boys already with them, another table of women near the bar.  As far as I can tell, I am the only farang (see my definition in earlier report).  Maybe 10% of customers are women.  One of the mamasans who remembers me from past visits (or at least tells me that and mamasans don’t lie), well, he tells me they have many many guests from China and Taiwan.  Ugly American that I am, I didn’t perceive that it’s not always the Chinese that are flooding the area with visitors, it might be the Taiwanese   I watch the rotation.  First thing I notice, is many of the boys are shirtless.  This is an improvement over my visit in November where only one or two were shirtless. Guys are a mix, young, mature, good bodies, some very good bodies.  Many are meeting my offable standards. #5 is a stand out, shirtless, with a hard gymnast’s body, but no smile.  Boys exit the stage and come by where I’m sitting until the have to move them to wedge in more customers.  One of the young boys is a friend of the guy who has the see the stage through the shower seat.  Quite a few of the guys join the women sitting behind me who are running an open bar. Show starts.  Now, I may have been the first forum member to review Moonlight when it took over the old Jupiter space.  The waiters were still wearing Jupiter polo shirts.  I mention this to note how much everything has improved.  Yes, it’s 500  baht which is an increase over two years.  The show is excellent, no wasted time, no lady nobody’s singers.  Opens  number solid with all of the stars moving and celebrating themselves as each, in tun, mounts some steps to be at the top on the choreography.  Here are Tae, Lucky, Turn, Smart, and the ever lusted after Babe. They will return two more times, once the always video entry down the stairs which occurs at the exact mid point of the show and one more energetic dance number.  Babe, probably due to his height, is the best dancer. The other numbers come quickly, change over to next scene is quick., I’m living in fear of a lady boy number, remembering when there was a staircase to the stage and always a diva singing.  Not tonight...guess they have all moved to DB Paradiso.  One downer is that none of the “stars” is in the Raining Men number.  At some point during the show the row of stools directly in front of the stage is filled by a group, not a tour, but men and women who arrived together..   During one of the musical numbers, one of the rotation boys who is in it is given a baht necklace by the guy with the row of shots set up.  The dancer also takes a shot along with the necklace.   Shower closes with the shower scene.  Only three guys are closer to the shower action than I am.  Then it’s time for the finale. Several red notes and shots are passed to different boys  during the finale when all of the dancers, save the stars, come on stage before the new rotation starts at 11:30. Place empties out as the rotation begins. To my surprise, there are still more than 20 guys in the rotation and all have numbers.  I find i  have some Jimmy Carter’ lust in my heart for #5 (google ther reference).  My aging body is still worn out from Hab and Yoyo, and I hadn’t planned on an off...so I decided to give him some red notes and come back another night.  My Mamasan “friend” signals for him to come over to me, I give him the notes, and the smile - which he never had on stage - was wide and engaging.  You can write the scrip...ten minutes later, we were out the door, escorted by the bandana man, who I think was singing my praises. We get to the Tarntawan and OMG he doesn’t have his passport!  A rerun of last night...he tells the desk his situation, they won’t budge.  I’m thinking of an improper bride.  But, my off, whose name is “Shy” says if ok with me, he lives nearby and will go get his passport.  Everyone is happy... WIthin ten minutes he’s at the door, he must have moved quickly as he has a strong masculine sweat smell.  Once he is out of his clothes, what I see is as close to perfection (for me) as I can conceive.  The rest of the night goes very very well.  This is one of those rare offs of whom I take a photo. We exchange Line info.  Then we shower together and then work up another sweat smelll. I am a happy and lucky man.   Today’s rant...the auto correct cannot decide if mamasan is capitalized or not.  So Iet it be erratic. Today’s rave - thanks for the kind works and PMs.  Auto correct changed “shower” to whore.  I corrected the autocorrect. One thing with this heat wave is that I have time to keep up my journal...usually, it waits until there is a one break or I am home.  This is close to real time reporting....don’t hold me to it...tomorrow is a return to Jupiter.
    • Thanks for the report! Mind telling what time did u arrived at helios? And did u notice other customers or more masseur when you leave the premise?
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