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Gay Cyprus

Gay Cyprus – A Land Of Contradiction

If you want to go to an up-and-coming gay spot with beautiful beaches and Roman ruins, then you want to experience the contradiction that is Cyprus.

Most people would be surprised that Cyprus is becoming a gay destination. For decades homophobia was the norm on the island, but the current younger generation is changing that, and homosexuality, which was illegal only 15 years ago, is now becoming widely accepted.

This has resulted in a huge increase in gay travelers, which is big news for a country that makes the bulk of its national income from tourism.

The island used to be a fairly expensive destination for people who liked to hide their money from tax officials, but that has changed over the past six months with the collapse of the banking system. You’ll no longer be sharing space on the beach with Russian gangsters, and prices have fallen considerably as the economy has collapsed.

It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and while the gay scene is still emerging, if you visit you can be one of the first to talk about what is bound to be a gay Mecca five or 10 years from now.

Perhaps one of the weirdest facts about Cyprus is that while it is in Asia, it is also a member of the European Union – the only country that can claim that distinction. So, my horny homos, beautiful bears, and tasty twinks let’s take a trip to wonderful gay Cyprus!

You’ll be glad you came to Gay Cyprus!

The Political Scene in Gay Cyprus

The first thing you need to know about Cyprus is that the political scene is very, very touchy, and you don’t want to get into an argument about it. The basic deal is that people in the northern part of this small island are of Turkish descent and speak Turkish. The people from the southern part of the island are of Greek descent and speak Greek.

These two groups hate each other. In fact, people in northern Cyprus don’t consider themselves part of Cyprus at all. They consider themselves to be Turkish citizens.

The UN, NATO, the European Union, and the southern Cyprus people don’t subscribe to that point of view. In fact, both sides generally want to kill each other.

To keep them from engaging in a full-scale, all-out civil war, Turkey has placed troops in the northern part of the island, and UN peacekeepers patrol the southern part of Cyprus.

The southern people consider the Turkish Army to be military occupiers. The northern people feel the same way about the UN peacekeepers. Neither set of troops seems to want to battle the other, so peace reigns on the island, but it can be very easy to start a bar fight by making the wrong comment to the wrong person about the situation, so it’s best avoided.

The Gay Cyprus Scene

Because the island was run for generations by the Greek Orthodox Church, homosexuality was largely hidden and disapproved of until very recently. Up until 2002, it was still a crime to commit an act of sodomy in Cyprus.

But ever since homosexuality was legalized that year, a gay scene has emerged in Cyprus. Where there are no gayborhoods there are plenty of gay saunas, gay bars, and clubs, and getting gay laid is not difficult at all.

There are even gay brothels, which you can recognize because they advertise themselves as “Gay Cabarets.” Of course, you’ll also find plenty of rent boys in the bars, clubs, and saunas. Prostitution is not illegal in Cyprus, and the age of consent is 17. There has been a huge increase in the number of people working as escorts and boytoys since the financial collapse, so buying a boy’s time should not be a problem.

Most of the gay scene in Cyprus takes place at several popular gay beaches. Cruising happens day and night there, and it’s hard not to find someone who will get you hard. You will also find a wide variety of guys from a boytoy, a gay bear, burly guys, and the collegiate boy next door type.

Those beaches include Nissi Beach, Governor’s Beach, Dassoudi Beach, Pissouri Beach, Sea Caves Beach, and Kermia Beach. The cruising action is more intense at night, but there are still plenty of options during the day for a roll in the hay behind any of the sand dunes with the dude of your choice.

You’ll find that these are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they are the main reason to visit Cyprus – and probably why the island is becoming a gay tourist destination.

What To See In Cyprus

You can’t spend your entire time in Cyprus giving blow jobs on the beach, and Cyprus has many interesting non-gay attractions.

The most fun is simply walking the island looking at the archeological stuff that is still there. You’ll see some things that date back to the Stone Age, and other things that date back to the Roman Empire.

The Venetian Wall in Nicosia is also beautiful and worth seeing. Meanwhile, Hamam Omerye is a non-sexual sauna that dates back to the 14th century, and is a great place to relax and get a scrub.

Let’s Do Gay Cyprus

The gay scene is getting bigger and bigger every year and you know size matters, so let’s cum to Cyprus together!

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