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Is this really a hold up.....

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....or are you just glad to see me?




From Coconuts Bangkok


Police arrested three daredevils yesterday afternoon after they hit up a trio convenient stores outside Bangkok while stark naked — a stunt they said was an attempt to imitate foreigners they saw on TV.


The three unidentified men, aged 25, 26, and 27, made a separate visit to three 7-Eleven stores in the Ratchapreuk area — while wearing nothing but motorcycle helmets — at about 2am on Tuesday.


The men told police the idea came to them amidst a usual hangout at home that night, explaining that they remembered seeing Western protesters riding bikes and marching naked on TV, reported Spring News.


In the end, they challenged each other to strip and hit the stores naked and no one had the common sense to back down, according to police.


A CCTV clip making the rounds shows one of the men running into a store while a seemingly unfazed employee rings him up. Asleep or too embarrassed to address it?




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