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Gay Thai Drama / Thai BL stories

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10 hours ago, GWMinUS said:

Sorry, I named the wrong Thai Series. It is "Oh! My Sunshine Night".

Yes, it seems most of these BL stories have VERY RICH guys and VERY POOR guys. I guess the female viewers find that part of the fantasy. Even the Students live in beautiful condos, rather than dorms. OH and the cars they drive!!  BWM, Mercedes, Maserati...


movies are selling dreams , not only about handsome guys with big bulges but  also with shiny cars

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From Manila Times

Thailand's BL series flies high

Opinion by Danton Remoto 

YEAR ago, publisher and writer Jun Matias asked me to join his "Lock and Roll" Facebook discussion on Boys' Love, or the BL series.


Produced in Thailand, the BL television series has taken Southeast Asia by storm, especially in the time of Covid-19.

The Boys Love TV shows deal with boys who fall in love with other boys. But they are radical in Thailand for the boys depart from the khatoey, or the stereotype of the gay man who is effeminate, swishy and works in the beauty parlors or in entertainment. These boys are butch and good-looking; they play football and used to date girls; they live in beautiful homes and wear stylish clothes. It is almost like your slick television series of love and loss, except that here, the boys fall in love with other boys.

Hendri Go, my informant and tireless organizer of Cebu's Literary Festival (Liftest), said the Japanese yaoi culture influenced the Thai BL. The yaoi are Japanese manga comics dealing with physical gay love. The fans of the yaoi are called fujoshi, and they are mostly young women. On the other hand, we have the sonenai, or manga gay comics that deal with gay love that is emotional and romantic.


In both varieties, music brings the boys together; the setting is usually a school; the city is another character in the unfolding of the tale. Social media run the characters' lives: the world of likes, comments and shares affect them on a daily basis.

This is most clearly seen in the series "2gether," directed by Weerachit Thongjila, which ran from February to May 2020. The series is about Wat (Vachirawit Chivaaree, nicknamed Bright), a football player and musician who meets Tine (Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, nicknamed Win), an aspiring musician. Wat is brooding and melancholicwhile Tine is bright and bubbly. The casting captures perfectly the differences in their character traits. There is charm and chemistry between the two boys, who sometimes wear similar jerseys, or just look deeply into each other's eyes, or feel the pangs of jealousy the way other partners do.

Shown right almost when Southeast Asian countries were beginning to be locked down because of the pandemic, the series racked up millions of views per episode on YouTube. Twitter comments hit through the roof and fan sites mushroomed on Facebook and YouTube. GMMTV of Thailand wisely uploaded the series, with English subtitles, at almost the same time it was shown on Thai television. The effect was electric: the chat lines that were opened as soon as the series was uploaded buzzed with the viewers' reactions. And guess which country had the most passionate, the most emotional, reactions? The Latin Asian country called the Philippines.

Why did it hold a whole region in the cup of its hand? 2Gether and the other BL series after that showed what many gay men did not have when they were growing up at the university: groups of friends, both straight and gay, who were openly supportive. That, and a milieu where homosexual acts were not seen as bizarre, or in Catholic Philippines, as forms of sin. The series showed that homosexuality is as normal as breathing; that families can be accepting and loving; and that life is worth living even if you dare to be different. And that a gay character does not have to live a tragic life, or die at the end of the TV series.

Continues at


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"Why did it hold a whole region in the cup of its hand? 2Gether and the other BL series after that showed what many gay men did not have when they were growing up at the university'

This can be a reaon for us gays, but not for the majority of viewers who are girls. Still a mystery to me why so many girls watch it? Does it have to do with the romantic aspect and the good looks of the boys and the girls wish their bfs to be like that?

At the end of the article the author mentioned a series named "Deep blue kiss" :)

I guess thats " Dark blue kiss". This forum has better experts on this topic!

Learned a new word, "sonenai". I guess Thai BL must be sonenai then not yaoi.

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Any recommendations for hot new BL Series showing now?

I enjoyed "Big Dragon" even if it was not KinnPorsche. Enjoying "War of Y". But the twists and turns of "To Sir, with Love" are getting old.

So point me to some better Vids!! Thanks

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Did you watch "Not me" with Off/Gun? That would be my highedt recommendation.

I recently watched the first 2 episodes of "Till the world ends" and decided I will continue to watch it.

Very unusual scenario - it has been announced that the world will collapse in 13 days because the moon crashes into the earth :)

Still going on so you cant binge watch it.

Also started watching "Between us", classical university BL with some characters from"Until we meet again".


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So, um, is anyone watching the Netflix boys love series Young Royals? It's so much better than anything of this genre that Thai studios have put out. The two leads are super hot, cute teens (one of the actors is 22 in real life but looks younger than his onscreen lover). The production quality is up to Hollywood standards. The story is absolutely beautiful. It's also tender. It treats homosexuality as an accepted norm. Everyone is OK with it. The conflict is that one of the protagonists is the Swedish crown prince with an overbearing mother who expects her son to do his part to ensure an heir and protect the crown, regardless of the cost. The main characters' love first develops with a series of glances and smiles. It evolves into hands sneaking toward each other during a horror movie fright night party. Eventually the hands meet and a couple fingers overlap. The kissing scenes look like the actors are actually enjoying each other's lips and tongues. The facial expressions when the boys hold each other are adorable. When they go to bed, their hands are all over the other's body, even reaching beneath the waist band of one's undergarment. Really daring TV! Again, they make you believe they are really into each other's body. They are totally lost in their own ecstasy. Not only is their acting sublime, but every single cast member gives a phenomenal Emmy-worthy performance. I was absolutely convinced of the characters' villainy or warmheartedness. "That's who they really must be in real life," I kept thinking. And the script is flawless. Each 44-minute or so episode is storytelling perfection.

And did I mention it's kind of sexy? Season 2 just started earlier this month.

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8 hours ago, GWMinUS said:

Any recommendations for hot new BL Series showing now?

I enjoyed "Big Dragon" even if it was not KinnPorsche. Enjoying "War of Y". But the twists and turns of "To Sir, with Love" are getting old.

So point me to some better Vids!! Thanks

Big Dragon has 2 more episodes left. Besides the recommendations above, there’s Fahlanruk you may enjoy (still ongoing) as well as Love in the Air, which just ended (except for a special episode airing this Sunday), so you can binge watch it. I’m also watching Ai Long Nhai and Remember Me, both still going on.

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I finished binge watching Choco Milk Shake on Sunday. The acting is really fantastic. The premise is that the cute boy in the middle is just drifting through life and is lonely. His dead dog and cat are reincarnated as the two other cute boys and they come back for a limited time to help him get back on track. The writing is very good and while they obviously made this on a shoestring budget, overall it's one of the most enjoyable things I have watched in a good while. Most episodes are about 15 minutes. There's an extra 11th episode that comes out next week. I'm not sure why because ep 10 wraps everything up pretty well. Highly recommended.

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Just finished watching "Happy Ending Romance". It is a very good BL Series available on GagaOOLala, Viki, and bilibili.tv. No hot sex but a great story line. Here is the Plot and the Cover.

Eight Episodes.  Cha Jung Woo (Karam) might have had a bright future as a writer, had he not chosen to speak up against the corruption he witnessed among his seniors. Unfortunately, being unable to remain silent when faced with such unscrupulous behavior, Jung Woo chose to speak up, essentially ending his career before it even started. At least that’s how things would have gone, had Kim Jung Hyun (Leo) not chosen to stand beside him.

One of the literary world’s brightest stars, Jung Hyun isn’t afraid of Jung Woo’s tarnished reputation. That being the case, Jung Hyun is more than a little wary when his young friend is approached by the highly successful publisher, Han Tae Young (Ha Jong Woo). Offering Jung Woo a chance to publish under his own name, Tae Young makes him an offer he can’t refuse, but Jung Hyun isn’t convinced Tae Young’s motives are completely noble. 

Offering Tae Young a chance to publish one of his own works. Fueled by jealousy, Jung Hyun tries to keep Jung Woo away from the overly ambitious publisher; but no matter how hard he tries, Jung Woo can’t seem to resist Tae Young’s many charms. Torn between the writer he looks up to and the publisher he can’t resist, where will Jung Woo’s wavering heart land? 

Happy Ending Romance - Cover.jpg

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The Warp Effect

Not a BL, but has some gay elements. With New Thitipoom and Fluke Pusit (less known, "The Shipper", but so cute).

Alex (New) wakes up after a high school party, doesn't remember anything, is suddenly 8 years older and a known gynecologist ... It's funny!

4 episodes of 12 out so far.





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Till the World Ends

9/10 episodes are out. I like this series!!!

The framework story is pretty weird but don't let that be a reason to not watch the series:

The moon will crash into earth in a few days and the Thai government urges everyone to seek protection in the provided shelters.
Golf (a medical student) hits Art with his guitar because he thought Art has an affair with his girlfriend. Art is injured and doesn't remember anything. Then Golf has a bad conscience and decides to bring Art to his room and starts falling in love with him. Because of the incident they miss the chance to go to a shelter. Only few people remain outside in the real world, mostly them and Golfs brother and some criminals.

It is a romantic series with drama, but also scary and somewhat brutal because of the criminals, and it also has elements of a road movie ...

If you watch it, don't stop after episode 1 but watch at least to third episode before deciding to continue or not!

I can't wait for the final episode, but I am scared what it will be like. Will the world end or not? Will there be a happy end? Will one of the main characters die? So many possible endings ...



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