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Puerto Vallarta report

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I just returned from a week in PV and thought I'd do a quick report. Disclaimer - some of you might find it boring. I only had sex once and had one happy ending massage, but I'm providing information on prices, etc, for those considering a trip.

As soon as I arrived, I started checking out my options on Grindr. It's pretty obvious who is available for money - disponibile, massage or some variation of that on their profile - often I'd tap a guy and if he responded, we'd start a conversation.

Going rate for most guys was 2,000-2,500 MXP, which I thought was a bit steep compared to what I remember pre-Covid. The guys were mostly Colombian/Venezuelan. One local Mexican guy quoted me 800 pesos, which is more what I remember from my last trip. (Exchange rate is about 20 pesos: 1USD)

I wasn't in a hurry, so I waited a few days before trying out one cute Colombian guy with years of photos on Instagram. He asked for 2,000 pesos. Sex was ok, and he was a little older than he appeared in his photos, but still hot.

I tried Hammam massage as recommended by a few members here. I'd booked a massage for the day after my arrival that included body scrub and Vichy shower. There was no hot water, so I only got a massage (the hot water came back in time for me to shower afterwards). Massage only was 960 pesos. The masseuse directed my hand to his crotch towards the end and let me play with his hard cock, but no happy ending.

Looking around for other places for massage, I found a spa called Acqua Spa for men. Years ago I went there when it was a gym. I booked a massage for 1,000 pesos. Absolutely legit, no extra, but very good massage and really nice place. They offer other services such as mani/pedi, facials, etc. I went back on my last day for a facial. 2,000 pesos for anti-aging facial. I know these prices aren't cheap, but they are much less than what I'd pay in the states.

I had to check out of my Airbnb at noon, but my flight was late in the day, so I'd arranged another massage at Hammam - what I had originally scheduled - for the afternoon to kill some time before going to the airport. This time there was nothing remotely sexual. I'd decided I wasn't going to try and would just wait to see if he offered. It was fine. Had a body scrub, vichy shower and great massage - a little over 2,000 pesos.

So far, pretty boring, right?

To be honest, when I got there, I was tired and it was hot, and Grindr wasn't doing it for me. The one guy I hired satisfied me enough that I didn't feel the need to arrange anything else and decided to focus instead on pampering myself with these spa treatments and enjoying the good food rather than spending my money on guys who weren't really appealing to me.

However, there was one guy on Grindr who contacted me and offered a massage for 1,000 pesos at his place. He sent photos of his studio, business card and a photo of a nice looking thick cock. He'd contacted me on previous trips and I never went because I was having better luck. This time I decided to give him a try. His name was Freddy.

He was older than he appeared on his Grindr profile and his cock did not seem as big as the photo he sent, however, he gave me a great massage. He definitely knew what he was doing and seemed to be working very intuitively, whereas the other guys were more mechanical (but still good) in their approach. He let me suck his cock and brought me to release at the end. I gave him 1,500 and will definitely go back to him, though maybe just for massage.

Overall, it was a great trip - I got 4 massages a pedicure and a facial and ate some great food. Didn't play as much with the boys as I have in the past, but they were available if you were willing to work for it (I was not).

Happy to answer any questions, especially for first-timers. Ask here or PM me.


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4 hours ago, joizy said:

The guys were mostly Colombian/Venezuelan.

I generally stick with Mexicans in Mexico.....these other guys feel special when they've made it out of their country. However, lot's get deported regularly , so it's a short time fame for many. 

Also, PVR, CUN and other touristic places get these prices, because foreigners pay those prices.

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