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Teens Warned about Safe Sex as HIV Infections Rise

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A timely warning!

But the Health Department conveniently forgets its lengthy Paper endorsed by the Cabinet in 2017. Titled Thailand National Strategy to End AIDS 2017-2030, it illustrates that some at least of its aims have been forgotten during the period up to 2022. For example, it states that in 2015 there were 6,900 new infections of HIV. That has now actually increased to the estimated 9,230. 

33 minutes ago, reader said:

Safe Virgin: Engage in sexual activities when you are ready.

How on earth is this to be interpreted? The 2017 Report states that 6.8% of males had their first experience of intercourse before the age of 15! When does a horny young teen decide that he is "ready"? It's nonsense!

Another point raised in the 2017 Report makes clear that there was then considerable resistance to HIV infected persons.

"The National Health Examination Survey conducted on households in 2014 found that 76% of respondents agreed that people were hesitant to receive an HIV test due to fear of positive reaction while 58.4% had discriminatory attitude toward HIV either uncomfortable to buy fresh or prepared food from HIV-infected vendors or felt that HIV or AIDS-infected children should not be allowed to attend class with other children."

Nothing in the OP media report suggests how these concerns are gong to be alleviated. And until that is done, there is in my view zero chance of any anti-HIV campaign being effective. And as with the OP above, the 2017 Report makes only very little mention of MSM. 

https://hivhub.ddc.moph.go.th/Download/Strategy/EN_3Thailand National Strategy to End AIDS.pdf

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1 hour ago, PeterRS said:

When does a horny young teen decide that he is "ready"?

It seems "today's" kids are not having or not as interested in sex as much as we did.

They lack social skills and the inability to have conversations ....glued to their telephone scrolling. I figured maybe with all the free porno, maybe that filled the niche, but no....they're masturbating less , much less than we did/do.

Look on the apps/sites , outside of hustler areas, in your home town....what % are younger guys, when I go to the US, the sites customers average 50 yrs old.... NYC has some young guys on apps, but think about how many live in that city.

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32 minutes ago, floridarob said:

It seems "today's" kids are not having or not as interested in sex as much as we did.

I have a friend in central Vietnam who was so horny with his girlfriend that they got married when he was 16. Not sure the reason - perhaps availability of other girls - they divorced at 18! Should have been gay like his brother LOL

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