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Returning to Santo Domingo + Back from my 3 year hiatus

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@BlkSuperman @floridarob Same i will not go over $60 for an hour. And that is the max. One guy on twitter said he wanted 6000 pesos ($102), I asked for how long and he said till he busts a nut. I was like “ok buddy not gonna happen 😂” With the way I fuck? I would prob bust in like 10 mins. The guys that are staying with me at the house are being paid $100 dollars for every 24 hours. The only guy I’m paying more is the only fans model. He travels, has a bunch of clients, but I made a solid deal of $200 for 12 hours and he wants to join taking turns on me with other guys. 

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@babybear2Hmmm Secrets? If you have high energy and are an insomniac that’s a good start lol. I run on like four to five hours of sleep max a day. And I’m always high energy, running around and always doing something. 

For tips I always stay hydrated (I drink around 8 liters of water a day) eat pretty clean but I always take a high fiber supplements (pure for men) twice a day to always be ready or to clean out really easily. Coffee like two hours before is also a great way to get energy and clear out the bowels (for me at least). 

If I know I’m gonna be doing a very long session this is what I’ll do. I At least fast 6 hours before. I take a pre workout before sex because in reality you are about to do a workout 😂. You could also take a caffeine pill if that helps. And I guess I’m just really into it, I can just keep going and going. I love losing track of time having sex. That’s when you know it’s really fucking good. Never done drugs here unless you consider marijuana and poppers a drug. 

I’ll put my stories in another post a little bit later. 🥰

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22 minutes ago, Arabcreamer said:

Sorry for the delayed reply @babybear2, was traveling for the weekend and my social schedule was pretty booked up. The African guys I met in Europe is a story for itself. They love guys with a big ass who can take dick. I’ll tell you the two that were my fave. 

The first guy I met was in Frankfurt. I wanted to visit friends and Fam in Beirut and it was cheaper to fly out of Frankfurt than from Zürich or Geneva. So I decided to make a mini trip and spend two nights in Frankfurt. Hooked up with some guys the first night via Grindr and Romeo. It was fun but not that memorable. Next night I was Horny af and really needed a big dick to load me up. I checked on the Hunqs section of Romeo and went through the listings. Tons of hot guys but was on a budget. I then stumbled on one guy, who wanted a 75 euros an hour. Tall, thin, Nigerian, but only one pic on the app (face and body pic that wasn’t even him). But from experience I don’t judge a book by its cover and DM for nudes. He sends me a pic of his very nice dick, 9 more to 10 inches, and I send him my pics and my creaming videos. He asks if I really cream that much, and I told him if the dick is good I will. I tell him i love to fuck for a long time and he says he does too. We reach a deal and he was gonna do two hours for 100 euros. Before he came over he asked me twice if I was sure I could take dick. Which of course I told him yes. Guy shows up around 10 pm at my hotel room. I offer a drink and he declines. He tell me to take my clothes off and get on all fours on the bed. No sucking, no foreplay, I just lube my hole and he starts slowly digging me out, then turning into a pile driver. That night we fucked on the bed, side of the bed, on my back, on my side, on my side on the side of the bed, the floor (to the point I got carpet burn), bent standing up, on the chair (we did that multiple times, and he fucked me one hour straight on the chair alone). He just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. I literally could feel my hole splashing out. Everywhere we fucked it got soaked, it got so wet and creamy he had to grab multiple towels to clean some of the cream off him. He kept saying he loved my ass, couldn’t believe I was able to take it like that. And lo and behold it when he finally couldn’t fuck anymore it was almost 5am. It was exactly how I liked it, animalistic nasty fucking and drenched in sweat when we are finally done. He said I was the best dicktaker he had since he got to Europe. Then in a hurry, he then told me he had to go back to his hotel and head to Köln. He was only there for the weekend to make some money but told me he was so happy he got to meet me. I payed him the 100 euros and he didn’t ask for more. We are still in contact, and everytime im in Frankfurt I Pay for his train to come from Köln and so I could give him my ass. 

I’ll post in a bit about the second guy, which I think @BlkSuperman would like if he ever went to Europe 😈

take your time!! OMG, such a hot story!

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I’m sorry @Jawjaw84 but no. Not even back a week on here and already dealing with creepy AF people sliding into my DM’s with false intentions. I won’t be sharing any personal info, social media or contacts. I’ll just be posting my experience, showing the dick pics of the guys I hooked up with and giving personal advice. It’s incredible that after three years and post Covid the behavior of some these guys are still the same. 🙄

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On 2/28/2024 at 6:12 PM, Arabcreamer said:

So the story of my other favorite African guy. He has one of the thickest dicks I have ever taken and the sex was was mind blowing. When I was living in Europe I was traveling to different major cities. This time I was visiting Athens in early November for a conference. However the hotel I was at is south of Athens on the Astir peninsula, around 30 to 40 minutes from the city center. Guys on Grindr and Romeo near me were pretty limited. A gorgeous place, lacking hung men lol. Hooked up with a few inviting them to my hotel but none really opened my second hole, and my craving got more insatiable. As my schedule was pretty full the only opportunity I had to go to central Athens was the last night of the conference. Planing to utilize the free time that I would have to the extreme I go on the Hunqs section of Romeo to find what I need. I see one Profile and my jaw dropped. A sexy, muscle thick man from Mozambique with his dick almost as thick as his forearm. I knew the moment I laid eyes on him I had to feel him in my hole. We get in contact. I share my pictures, tell him how I like to fuck. He got very aroused seeing how I could take dick and we arrange a 4 hour session at his Airbnb in city center that evening. Here is where everything took the wrong turn. Little did either of us know there were riots scheduled for some bullshit (some anniversary of a political figure) and no one was getting in or out of the center of Athens. No taxis wanted operate anywhere near there and metros were closed and rioters were clashing with police. Both us accepted defeat, extremely disappointed. He asked if I could come in the morning and told him my flight back to Zürich was at 7am. He then told me “If you ever come to Lisbon, send me a message”. Never having visited Portugal, I booked a long weekend trip in January. And patiently waited. 

January rolls around and I’m finally in Lisbon. I hit him up the day before and we planned to meet at a bar next to his apartment. I arrive to my hotel in the evening. I shower, really really deep clean out and lube the inside of my hole. We meet at the bar and he’s so handsome in person. We have a couple of drinks, break the ice then we walk over to his apartment. We take off our coats, he starts playing some music, and asks if I smoke. I tell him yes and he starts roll up a blunt. We start smoking and taking off our clothes. When his pants came down his briefs could barely contain his dick. He sat on the couch and told me to suck it. I pull it out and the girth and weight in my hand shocked me. I started to suck the best I could, and he was getting rock hard. He then ran his hand down my back to feel my hole. When he felt it was lubed he basically growled and told me to get on the couch. I obeyed and asked him to go slow at first. I had to adjust. I took deep deep heavy drags from my poppers and he started slowly pushing in. I start moaning heavily and gasping for feeling him stretching my hole. I tell him slow but don’t stop as I feel the walls of my hole tightly gripping his massive fucking dick. He basically 3/4 of the way and he starts his strokes. And then starts to go faster and telling me he loves how wet my ass was. I keep taking drags of poppers as he starts moving faster and his dick basically pulling my hole inside out. Then he really starts fucking me, I’m literally biting the couch to muffle my yelps/grunts and he starts pounding full force till he slows and his dick throbs in my hole to half cum or pre cum. I just feel intense heat in my hole. He then moves me onto the bed and starts relentlessly fucking on all fours there. I’m gasping for air trying to muffle my loud moans/screams in his pillow. My hole starts talking like crazy and cum lube and cream going down my balls. He changed angles and I let out a yelp and he slaps my ass and tells me to shut up in Portuguese and I feel all this cream splashing on my back. And again he slows, lets out a growl and shoots a mini load. My head is spinning, I’m literally in pain and ecstasy. He then tells me floor. I go on all fours on his wood floor. I take more poppers and he goes HAM on my hole and cussing in Portuguese. I feel cream splashing higher on my back and on the back of neck. And then all of a sudden my hole just gives out and just pushes out. And he just begins to slam my hole and I start to scream and he lets out the biggest yell as he floods my hole with the thin space between my holes walls and his dick. My hole was on fire in the best way possible. He then slowly pulls out and he leans back, throws his head back and takes deep breaths. The top part of my body collapses on the floor and just cool myself off. And that was just the first nut. 

He fully came maybe like 4 times that night, and we definitely went over the original time. I could barely walk straight after that and my boxer briefs were soaked walking and taking a Uber back to my hotel. Below are pictures of him and for anyone that doubts about me creaming I’ll post a picture of me, after fucking, all natural. Sorry for the wait @babybear2 @BlkSuperman there was a lot of details I had to cover. 😁😈

Also sorry for any grammar mistakes, I don’t feel like editing lol 




Please make my mouth water for this fine thick dick, by sharing pics of his cock from the side angles and free of the tee shirt. Sure could use that meat opening my throat.

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