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8 hours ago, reader said:


In shop with no minimum, Vinapu's recommendation (and I believe I recall it correctly) is the best advice I've heard on the matter. Guy asks "what you give me?" You say X baht. He asks for more. You make one--and only one--counter offer (which may or may not  be your original figure). He either accepts or declines. It shouldn't be like negotiating over the price of a carpet in a suk in Marrakesh.


I confirm, It's how I haggle, not only in massage places and not only with boys but wherever there's need to haggle. 

My offer-his offer-my acceptance or offer which he can take or decline. That way experience is not spoiled  by prolonged back and forth. 

If he starts with quote ( that is rare in massage but happens often in bars when I mention long time ) then it's even shorter- his offer- my acceptance or final offer , end .

Marrakesh is easy,   try Fez or Meknes !


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