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Gay Boston

The Bodacious Gay Boston!Gay Guides Photos of Gay Boston Set 7


Go Irish!

Gay Guides is going to be telling you about one of the oldest and most fabulous cities on the East Coast – Boston!

One of the largest cities in America, Boston has two things that gay men lust and love – smart boys and Catholic boys. The smart ones go to Harvard or MIT – and the Catholic ones are mostly Irish stud bartenders, with lots of real just off the boat boys from the Emerald Isle. You can tell the real immigrants easily – they don’t have foreskin!

Of course, when not playing head games with the Ivy leaguers or corrupting the Pope Penises there are tons of fabulously fun things to do in Boson during the day. Boston was, after all, one of the primary places where the Revolutionary War was planned and executed!

Best of all when you visit Boston you are just a short drive away from two gay meccas – Cape Cod and Provincetown. This means that you can rent a car and find new boys and bars in almost no time flat!

You may need to rest your knees and your bum for a few days after a week in Boston doing those things you do!

So what do you say you sit back and let us help you go Irish and learn a little bit about Boston – the Athens of America!

South End

The prime gay neighborhood in Boston is The South End section of town. Almost all of the action you’ll be looking for is centered around Tremont Street and Washington Street. Here you find great shops, chic restaurants, and in the evening some of the dirtiest and hottest gay bars and clubs in town.


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You’ll also find that prices are a bit steep here because this area has become gentrified over the years – and the studs, boytoys, and gay bears seem to have more money to spend.

In fact, small apartments in the South End now go for as much as $700,000. Of course, if you are looking for a Sugar Daddy, this is not a bad thing, and South End may be the perfect place for houseboy wannabes to cruise for the perfect older man to serve!

Who Will Wear The White Dress?

Over the past few years Boston has become the hub of a huge amount of gay tourists – for one very important reason.

It is the first state in the Union that allowed and recognizes gay marriages.

So, if you and your stud are in the big LUV – you may want to apply for a marriage license before you get here, book a hall, and have the naughty nuptials of your dreams. Anything from casual city hall marriages to full former ceremonies are welcome and accepted here.

It can be a sexy boy’s wet dream – to walk down the aisle in your white dress and fabulous veil while your hung stud looks stunning in a tuxedo, and you get to exchange rings before heading out to your deliciously dirty honeymoon in Cape Cod.


Gay Boston Sexy Twink Boy

Now, all you need to do is find a willing groom or dude and you can seal your bond permanently and celebrate your love as on the fabulous can!

The Pink Pages

One of the most delightful things about taking a gay vacation in Boston is that it is the only city I’ve ever been in that has it’s own phone book for Friends of Dorothy – the Pink Pages.

Available in almost any gay bar and throughout the South End, The Pink Pages is an entire phone book filled with nothing but gay friendly bars, hotels and restaurants.

Going through the Pink Pages will allow you to search for food, drink, and men with Pride – and never worry about any gay bashing breeders bothering you again.

It’s one of every gay guys favorite ways to “let my fingers do the walking!”

Boston Gay PrideBoston Gay Pride Flag

Every June for the past 37 years, Boston has been the headquarters of the largest Gay Pride event in New England.

In 2007 more than 1 million fags, hags, dykes, divas, sluts, studs, bears, twinks, and leatherboys showed up to flex their muscles, cruise the streets, strut their stuff and show the world they are here and queer – and Boston was ready to deal with it.

In fact, Boston Gay Pride has become so popular with queers cumming from as far away as Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire that getting a hotel room during Pride Week can be almost impossible.

Our staff advises booking as far in advance as humanly possible – so you can have your pick of the sheets for whomever you choose to bed down with at night!

Paul Revere’s Home

Of course, you can’t spend your entire Boston vacation cruising the South End, getting married, or chanting at Pride events. After all, you need something you can tell your friends and family about when you get home.


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Luckily, Boston has more than its fair share of fun and respectable tourist attractions.

For me, the most fabulous one of all is Paul Revere’s Home. Do you remember the story of “The British are Coming! The British are Coming!”

That was the mighty and legendary Paul Revere warning the residents to ready their weapons and prepare to fight the Red Coats and preserve our freedom.

Today, Revere’s house has been kept in near pristine condition – even though it was built in the 1700s. It is one of the oldest homes in America and has an excellent museum inside.

Revere was a silversmith and the highlight of the tour is examples of his work and detailed explanations of exactly how he turned metal into art.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

At some point in any vacation, you need to go out and shop till you drop. When you are ready for that you’ll want to hit the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

This market has existed for more than 250 years and today is filled with comfy boutiques, sweet pushcart vendors, and an array of shopping choices.


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It is also filled with darling street performers and is the center of bohemian life in the city.

No matter what you are looking for, you’ll find it in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace – and feel great while doing so!

The Freedom Trail

So many important moments of the American Revolution took place in Boston that it would take me dozens of pages – if not an entire guidebook – to explain them all.

Gay Guides Photos of Gay Boston Set 1

Luckily, there is one way to make sure you see each and every one of them without getting lost or feeling like you are missing out. Better still, Boston has made it easy to do so in one easy day trip – so you’ll have plenty of time to hit the South End and play the night away!

There are two ways to do the Freedom Trail – which takes you to 16 American Revolution Landmarks – either by foot or on the trolley tour.

If you go on foot, start out at the Old State House and then simply follow the Freedom Trail signs. It’s extremely well marked and will take you the better part of the afternoon to go from start to finish.

It’s considerably quicker, however, to simply hop on the Historic Trolley and let yourself be whisked around the trail while expert guides tell you exactly why each and every place is important.

The Swan Boats

If you end up visiting Boston in the Spring or Summer, you’ll want to take a ride on the romantic and oh so fabulous Swan Boats.

You’ll find them in the Boston Public Garden – a pristine green area 24 acres square. Enter in Beacon Street and then follow the signs to the Garden Lagoon.

The boats are literally shaped like swans – and are one of the campiest things we have ever seen! Amazingly enough straight people ride them, too.

It will cost you just a couple of dollars for a 15-minute ride – which can be romantic or campy, depending on whom you are riding with

Newbury Street

When you get tired of the cute boutiques of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, you might want to open up your wallet or at least window-shop at some of the trendiest stores in the nation.

You’ll find them all on Newbury Street – which is eight blocks of superstores, high fashion boutiques, and the most fabulous restaurants Boston has to offer.

Nothing on Newbury Street is cheap, but it’s all worth it just for the chance to see some of the season’s newest fashions, look at the beautiful people, and get a lovely lunch you can walk off on the Freedom Trail!

Harvard and MIT

Both Harvard and MIT are located in the heart of Boston – which means that you can find cute boys in their 20s galore at the open campuses.

Gay Guides Photos of Gay Boston Set 2

It’s worth it to walk through Harvard for the eye candy alone – and the MIT students are always doing something interesting on campus.

Both schools also have large gay student populations – which means that you’ll be able to find information about what cool events and parties are happening in the Boston Gay Community simply by checking out the bulletin boards and fliers on campus.

If nothing else, when you leave you’ll always be able to tell people, “I went to Harvard!”

Boston Harbor Islands

The newest National Park in America is the Boston Harbor Islands. This is a chain of 34 pristine islands off the Boston Shore that are being preserved as part of the American soul.

You can take ferries out to the islands and walk around and commune with nature or check out the numerous art projects and regattas that are constantly happening in the Spring and Summer.

Gay Guides Photos of Gay Boston Set 6

Other people like to visit The Boston Light – the old working lighthouse in America. Located on Little Brewster Island, the lighthouse features a guided tour and detailed explanations on the preservation efforts going on around the Islands.

Time To Plan Your Own Tea Party to Gay Boston!

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the fantastic and historic things Boston has to offer I’m sure you can’t wait to come down and make your own little bit of history!

Take it from us – the Irish boys alone are worth the trip and the swans will make you swoon!

And who knows, if you meet another tourist you’ll be able to scream “The British is cumming!”

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