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Gay New Delhi

Gay New Delhi – Let’s Do It Indian Style

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 5

Traveling to Asia for a gaycation has been a tradition for several decades now. But, if you are a horny homo like me, you’ve probably already hit Thailand and other sticky rice countries multiple times. Don’t you want a different flavor from time to time?

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 1

If so, try someplace just as exotic and inexpensive, but completely different from what you are used to – India. It’s one of the largest nations on Earth, and you’ll be able to take in ancient sites and have a great gay old time.

New Delhi, the capital of India, is considered the oldest city in the world, dating back at least 5,000 years. (Take that, Cairo!) It has been rebuilt at least 11 times and is by far the most modern and clean city in India.Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 13


It also has an emerging gay scene, featuring some of the smoothest twinky boytoys known to mankind.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 16

Let’s take a journey to the wonderful world of Gay New Delhi.

The New Delhi Gay Scene

New Delhi has emerged as the gay center of India – meaning that you won’t encounter the homophobia that you might see in the more rural or less modern Indian cities. Gay life is very accepted here, and you can flaunt your fabulous self as much as you’d like.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 14

The scene itself is relatively new, so while it is not huge it is growing stronger day by day. You’ll find many younger gays than older ones, as many gays in previous generations stayed closeted in arranged marriages.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 2

Still, it seems like a new gay bar or club opens just about every week, most have dark rooms, and they are easy to find – through ads in tourist publications, street posters and the large rainbow flags you’ll see posted outside their doors.

Saunas are very popular and are open day and night. The CitiWalk Mall has also recently become a daytime cruising area.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 17

Pay For Gay In New Delhi

New Delhi has long been the prostitution center of India and that goes just as much for rent boys as it does for female escorts. There are no laws against prostitution, and you can easily find as many boys to rent as your dick desires.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 9

Due to high unemployment and low wages for those who are employed, the rent boys are incredibly inexpensive – even cheaper than what you can find in Thailand. You can find them at all the places you’d expect, so if you are talking to a cute boy in a bar, find out if he’s going to expect payment before you take him back to your hotel.


Staying Safe In New Delhi

One downside to New Delhi is that it has a huge problem with sexually transmitted diseases. This means that you need to buy a lot of condoms and use them at all times – be it with a pick-up, a cruising partner or a rent boy. The society as a whole frowned on safe sex for generations, so you are always at risk unless you glove your love.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 15

The tap water is also not to be trusted. Always drink bottled water to be safe and avoid the runs. In bars and clubs, it is recommended that you ask for your cocktails without ice, no matter how hot it is outside.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 11

Pickpockets are also galore in New Delhi, so we suggest keeping your wallet in the front section of your pants and bringing as little cash with you as possible.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 4

It’s a good idea to take taxis or rickshaws everywhere you go, because walking around with a map will mark you as a tourist and make you much more likely to get pick-pocketed or mugged.

Of course, you are going to want to eat as much Indian food in New Delhi as possible. But you should be aware that the dishes here are much spicier than at international Indian restaurants. Therefore, you don’t want to try the hottest vindaloo on the menu. A medium hotness level will probably be hotter than anything you’ve ever tried before.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 12

What To Do When Not Getting Your Gay On

New Delhi is a tourist delight. So, when you are not dancing and dicking the night away in the various bars and clubs, or sexing a rent boy in a sordid sauna, you’ll find plenty of things that you can write home about.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 7

The Taj Mahal is a short 4-hour taxi ride away and great for a weekend getaway. The road is horrible but once you check into your hotel, you will see one of the most magnificent sights that is known to man. The Taj really is stunning and a trip to India without a visit there is insane.

The Red Fort is by far the most popular tourist destination in New Delhi. Built by the same man who constructed the Taj Mahal, it is a giant red sandstone fort. Inside you’ll find shops, gardens, museums, and the emperor’s palace. You could easily spend a couple days here.

Humayun’s Tomb is also very popular and very beautiful and is filled with very well maintained gardens.

Gay New Delhi, India - Photo 8

You’ll find lots of other sites simply by walking randomly around the city. There’s something for pretty much any taste, so explore the city by day after you’ve finished your nighttime explorations.

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