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Gay Phnom Phen

Gay Phnom Penh – A Holiday In Cambodia!

Gay Phnom Phen - Gay Cambodia 1

Times certainly have changed. Back in the early 80s the Dead Kennedys sang, “It’s time to taste what you most fear / Right Guard will not help you here” when describing a holiday in Cambodia.

Today, however, Pol Pot is long gone, the country has opened up, and tourists have started to descend on this once-isolated Asian nation. And, as is true in most of the Asian world, that includes quite a few gay tourists – and the local economy has responded.

Gay Phnom Phen - Gay Cambodia 2

What this means is that if you are a rice queen, you can visit Phnom Penh and have a sextastic sexcation that will fulfill all of your cockaholic cravings. So, lets take a little tour of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh Gay Hookup Culture

Before you go cruising for sex in Phnom Penh, you need to ask yourself if you like young looking dudes or mature looking dudes. Both can be found, but in different spaces, so choose wisely.

If younger guys are your thing, you’ll have no trouble at all hooking up in the local gay bars. You won’t have to hire a rent boy; these bars are filled with young gay Cambodian guys who assume that all foreigners are rich and will be able to buy them drinks and take them out to dinner.

Gay Phnom Phen - Gay Cambodia 10

Therefore, at any given gay bar you’ll be surrounded by young ass practically giving itself away. In fact, there have been reports of young Cambodian gays actually getting into fights with each other over who gets to leave the bar with the Western dude. If you’ve ever wanted to fight off young men, the bar scene is for you.

However, not all of us are into young stuff. Some of us like a grown man. If that’s the case, hit the saunas in the later afternoon. There is still a lot of social pressure for gay Cambodian men to marry women, so what many do is simply hit the saunas for an hour or two after work and before they come home for dinner with the family.

These older men consider Western men to be exotic, so you’ll have no problem attracting their attention and can taste as many as you choose. But, be warned – during work hours and dinner time they disappear, so you need to get in the saunas at the right time for your bowl of sticky rice.

The Phnom Penh Money Boy Scene

Even though it’s easy to get laid for nearly nothing in Phnom Penh, there still exists a thriving gay escort scene. That’s because not every guy wants to have drinks with their daily lay.

You’ll find the rent boys to be cheaper than in Thailand, but also slightly more difficult to find.

Gay Phnom Phen - Gay Cambodia 6

During the day they hit the saunas, where they are popular with older locals and foreign men alike. In fact, if you see a young dude in a sauna, assume he is a rent boy until proven otherwise.

At night they avoid the gay bars, and instead hit the clubs generally in the later hours near closing time. They don’t come out earlier because they don’t want to compete with the guys who are giving it away.

While we don’t generally name specific bars in these articles (as they come and go) we would be remiss if we didn’t mention The Heart Of Darkness club – because it has been around for years and should thrive for many years more, and is the one bar/club where you can easily find male escorts at any time of the night.

What To See When You Aren’t Getting Laid

You don’t want to come back from Cambodia with people thinking you are a total pervert (even if you are darling!), so you’ll want to check out some of the beautiful sites this Asian destination has to offer.

Gay Phnom Phen - Gay Cambodia 4

The Royal Palace is your place to start – particularly the Silver Pagoda, where you will find the Temple Of The Emerald Buddha. This building is particularly important because while most of the older buildings were destroyed during the Pol Pot regime, the Royal Palace was left untouched, so it gives you a good sense of the history of the country.

Wat Phnom should be your next stop. This is a beautiful park with a stunning temple on top of the hill. Even more fun are the wild monkeys that roam the area – they are very friendly and playful and, if you have a beer or soda with you, will beg you for a sip. Be careful about leaving any food around here, because the little rascals will steal it in a heartbeat.

Gay Phnom Phen - Gay Cambodia 5

The National Museum of Cambodia is also more than worth seeing, with Sanskrit artifacts and the beautiful statue of King Jayavarman VII. The courtyard is also breathtaking.

Gay Phnom Phen - Gay Cambodia 7

Be warned, however, you’ll want to take an umbrella with you. Despite numerous attempts by authorities to remove them over the past 10 years, both the museum and courtyard are home to many, many bats who will fly around and crap on you if you are not protected.

Finally, take a look at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Of the more than 14,000 people tortured here, only eight survived, and the museum documents the troubled times very, very well.

It’s Time For A Side Of Rice!

OK, my little rice queens, now you know what to do to get done in Phnom Penh! So, why not come down to taste a little Asian cuisine?

Gay Phnom Phen - Gay Cambodia 9

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