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Found 9 results

  1. This is an interesting article (with a few dimly lit photos) in the Sunday 17 November 2019 issue of The Rio Times about the recurrent gay sex parties (and the individual party "flavours") that take place regularly in downtown São Paulo. https://riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/sao-paulo/the-mysterious-gay-underground-world-of-sao-paulo/ I get the impression that the author personally enjoys these parties and is not a Bolsonarista or Evangelical zealot trying to do an exposé of the orgies but I could be wrong about his motives. There are a few points the reporter makes that might present concerns for some of us: • He considers the parts of São Paulo where the parties are held to be dangerous. • Party drugs and alcoholic beverages are consumed at these events, substances that may impair one's judgement. • Condomless sex is the norm at these orgies. While the author makes the point that PrEP is now more widely available in Brazil, lowering one's risk of acquiring HIV when used properly, PrEP does NOT prevent acquisition of other sexually transmitted infections via barebacking. • Perhaps this author is blind to the financial transactions of other soruba (orgy) attendees. That said, he makes the point that there is no sex being exchanged for money at these parties and that it is all about "free sex". Sorubas were popular at one time in Rio de Janeiro and I've been to a couple of them in Catete and Glória. But these São Paulo sex parties appear to be events of an even greater magnitude. Have any of you attended the parties described in the author's review in The Rio Times?
  2. Don't Miss Our 3rd Anniversary Party!! Monday, April 9th the @HOME BAR will be celebrating 3 years of operation in Jomtien Complex!! Come join us for all the fun starting from 8PM!! There will be GREAT FOOD, a CABARET SHOW and Music by LEE SHAMROCK, direct from Bangkok! "The @Home Bar is located in the Heart of Exciting Jomtien Complex" http://athomebarpattaya.blogspot.com/
  3. The @Home Bar will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day on March 17th starting at 8PM! There will be plenty of IRISH MUSIC, FOOD and GREEN BEER! The @Home Bar is located in the Heart of Exciting Jomtien Complex. http://athomebarpattaya.blogspot.com/
  4. To celebrate the opening of our recent Bar Expansion, the @HOME BAR is throwing a 70's Night Disco Party on December 29th! JUST CONFIRMED!! Australia's premier Transgender Illusionist, Singer, Comedian and Cabaret performer, SANDY BOTTOM will be performing for this Event! Join us for this great show as part of our 70's DISCO PARTY! Come dressed in a 70's Costume and your first drink will be free! Prizes will be awarded for Best Disco Dancer and Best Costume! The @Home Bar is located in the Heart of Exciting Jomtien Complex https://www.facebook.com/Athomebarjomtien/
  5. Hello fellow members, this is my first post. I am just wanting some advice. As my name suggests I am a real cum lover. I will be in Bangkok in September ( my eighth visit ), I have of course hooked up with guys on all my visits for some great times, What I would really like to do on this visit is fulfil my biggest sexual desire, and that is to be the subject of a Bukkake party. I would like a group of nice guys to just drench me in cum. Does anyone here know if there is a bar club or somewhere where this could be arranged. Maybe you know some guys that would like to take part, the more the merrier. Thanks for reading this post and any help or advice is most appreciated.
  6. Join the Boys at The Pour House on Monday, March 17th as the serve "Green Beer" and a delicious "Irish Buffet" in honor of St. Patrick's Day. There will be plenty of Irish music and good times to had. The party starts at 7pm. The Pour House is located in the heart of exciting Jomtien Complex Visit us on the Web at http://pourhouse-jomtien.blogspot.com/
  7. Come Celebrate "The Year of The Horse" at The Pour House on January 31st!! There will be Live Music and a Free Buffet starting at 8pm!! Visit us on the Web at : http://pourhouse-jomtien.blogspot.com/
  8. Guest

    Pour House Party Dec 13th

    Join us as we kick off High Season with our Friday the 13th Party! There will be LIVE MUSIC, FREE BUFFET and SPECIAL GIVEAWAYS throughout the night. Party starts at 8pm on Friday, December 13th!! Visit our website at http://pourhouse-jomtien.blogspot.com/
  9. Guest

    Ark Hotel & Pub

    ***Ark Hotel & Bar*** It's establishment is locate in the heart of Chaweng beach one of the most popular place on the island. From there you can find everything you will need from attraction to the hot tropical weather and shiny sun, be careful to wear hat on the when the sun is out since you're on the island it will be affecting your head, like it happened to me. I had this terrible sun burn on the top of my head, I did not feel so good for a couple days but after it was all rite, me and my boy decided that because I did not feel so good that we where gone a stay at the hotel and enjoy our time around the pool under the shade, this was probably one of best idea that we had during this entire trip. As many of you could see from many post my previous post. It was one of my best our genius idea. This place was amazing, I just had a great time doing party around the pool with the sea view. Over there you could find many bar, the service was great, for me my favorite spot on the place was at the bar in the pool, because of the bar was under shade and I always love these kind of bar when you're too drunk just put your hand in the water and wake up! And get more to drink. I'm sure the owner was thinking about that when he decided to build this bar, it was a good idea to do so! We stay there during the weekend it's the best time to go there because as we all know weekend it's the best time to pickup some guy's… But you got to be careful because it's a mix of strait, couple and also gay we found a few bisexual… Me and my boy we had a really good time party all day's of the weekend and sex all night. It was great this is what I got a say!! One of the best part was that your room can't be rite next to pool if you select the room on the first floor. Get the corner rooms that have a small verandah and sit out. Remember not to leave your towels outside... Because I had mind stole that day's and it was not hotel towels. There will provide you also Wi-Fi and it's reasonably good connection and the rooms were nice for me… The rooms were enjoyable, nothing special, but for the rate on offer it was great value. The Food was mostly good and fresh, you could eat the food any where you wham on the establishment. Great service but as we all know if we live in Thailand, we find out that thai are good for service as long as you are polite. I recommend you to stop by this place if you pass by Koh Samiu, as long that you like party. If you bean there tell me more about it!!
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