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  2. I for one m always for trying, and the risk of being told to FO doesnt discourage me. Were I a regular, I would approach one of the more reasonable owners; tell him I represent the almost-consensus on this board; and try to find together a way to improve the situation for the benefit of all. Since I visited JC only once, and currently intend to return for a week every winter. I m not suitable for the task.
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  4. There is too much animosity between bar owners. The Thai owners don't always see eye to eye with the farang owners. In some cases there is real hatred between some of them, who actively go out their way to try damage others businesses. It's far from an ideal situation. Some of the worst offending bars are not in it for the money. They have sponsors with deep pockets, and use their establishments as their own party place. Getting drunk is their motivation, not profits. Unfortunately, the complex management have little involvement in day to day activity. Maybe if they did, it would be better. 4 years ago, it wasn't like this. The soi was very different. Owners got along better and this current noise issue was only present on big parties, which was something all bars do for anniversaries and big events. COVID changed things. I would also assume that some are getting desperate with the lack of visitors.
  5. Their Facebook and website shows that they are open as usual.
  6. Yes you're right the last time I had been there was more than 3 years ago just before the Covid-19 striked, it wasn't anything like the madness you are describing now, I stayed at East Suites opposite Zing and it was pleasant quite.
  7. Hmmm . Must be a robust trust fund in the mix here, inn’t. At 50 I was working all day for a living. Not the 5 AM club that a wannabe braggadocio elitist on our forum once described, but my schedule considerably taken up by clinical, research, and academic assignments, not the least of which related to developing finesse in terms of handling narcissists. One decent achievement being the dismissal of a narcissist ranked hierarchically greater than me in an inter-professional system. Humpty’s narcissism set himself up for a great fall. One thing central to my role was the timeless question about the peculiar ways in which people may misdirect energy, including the machinations of narcissists and other characterologically flawed souls. With some 55 weekly hours freed up, along with financial independence, now a bit more luxury in terms of pondering such life questions. Apparently even the most steadfast of narcissists eventually burn themselves out, a fairly good outcome for the narcissist as well as those in the line of fire of such narcissism. One can facilitate this process by appealing to, that is, inadvertently triggering their intrinsic narcissism. Or maybe prayer, if you’re into that kind of thing? The particular paradoxical bind for the narcissist, once narcissism has been irreversibly established, is that both a lull in narcissistic expressivity and, in contrast, an inflated degree of pomposity continually expressed, represent the central organizing core of narcissism. Sort of damned if he does or doesn’t. There is little that can disabuse one of the impression that the narcissism was an indelible signature feature. In some ways, the topic heading ‘I Hate You All’ unintentionally thematically dovetails with the narcissist’s dynamics, though the OP Blk Supe is clearly the polar opposite of a narcissist and I will happily read his content any old time. I write all this while munching on a tasty crunchy cucumber optimally cooled.
  8. Going through my files of a few weeks ago. Dude from garotocomlocal. Short on reviews. Well, I asked didn’t I? And he answered. His ‘zap photo not nearly standing up to his ad. Maybe Gramma ruptured the old spleen again riding her motorcycle. Or I mistakenly sent him a photo riding my private helicopter. LOL. Or I’m just culturally tone deaf. Or one is paying for an assumption that he shows up on time. Or the other 600 ads aren’t real. Or … who cares what’s the diff?
  9. So, since it’s “fake news”, Rioblather aka SirBillyBob aka Bobbalino, you obviously don’t care if I post your identifying government name and photo, along with the inappropriate contacts that you have made offsite with various posters / clients that they have stated to me and others have made them uncomfortable, labeling you as “creepy” and even “mental”? You know, since it’s fake news and not really you… Just say the word. “Yes”, I’ll post. “No”, I won’t. I’m completely unconcerned about any potential defamation claims. Truth is an absolute defense to defamation. So, let me worry about my own liability. Yes, or no?
  10. I am obviously, for the record, now dismissive of resident narcissists and learned to ignore the tiresome clownish fake news cycles put forward by the court narcissist, but I understand that upwards of 50% among the innocent naïve will cast for a narcissist. All I get is a notification of what I presume to be a disjointed ‘tweet’. But the evidence seems solid that there must be thousands upon thousands of folks willing to feed and egg on any particular narcissist desiring the role of grand poobah narcissist. So far, I don’t seem to be ducking any eggs by casting a contrarian vote against a narcissist. What is satisfying, though, is to have a quasi-real-life narcissist to contend with, enabling a channeling of all the built-up energy that arises from observing a range of figurehead narcissists that would make the world a better place by crawling back to the origins of their central mantra, that being “the sun rises and sets in my pocket”, and giving us a well-deserved break.
  11. The trip I took in March Man > Bkk with 3 weeks in Zing Resort cost me £1100. The same deal in October would currently be £1039. Both flying Qatar with changes in Doha. I don't see these as a huge difference to my last pre-Covid trip which was around the £1000 mark though on Emirates. Unfortunately, due to some health issues, I won't be able to make another trip this year.
  12. Hi JackR do you know where can I find the video with the journalist? Thanks, glad you enjoyed the city
  13. Oh, by all means. Do share what you think you know with the class. And I’ll be more than happy to share, publicly or privately, what several other very respected posters, young and old, have informed me about your batshit crazy, disturbing, socially inappropriate stalkerish behaviors with them. There’s very good reason why people avoid you. You really think that I randomly plucked you out of thin air to pick message board fights with you? Nope. I have literally been warned about you, and was given your name and photo, and told, “it’s best to avoid this guy if you see him, because he doesn’t understand social boundaries and it’s creepy.” Not MY words. Theirs. So, shall we proceed, Bobbalino? Or should I say, SitBillyBob? Or maybe just spell it out… Your call.
  14. I use the air train regularly and I see many airport workers, especially when departing the airport station. Some 95 carriers use the airport and there are tons of associated businesses and services with thousands of employees and the train is how most of them get to work.
  15. From my understanding, the majority of local travellers are not so much those working at the airport. Quite a number embark and disembark at the interediate stations especially Ramkhamheang.
  16. I stand rightly corrected, thank you. Dandolo was elected Doge at the age of 72 when already aged and blind. He was 84 when he led the Fourth Crusade and looted Constantinople. He died there the following year and was buried in Hagia Sophia. His tomb was subsequently destroyed by the Ottomans.
  17. Brush up on the spelling of the country and its people before you do - they do take offense being referred to as Columbia and/or Columbians.
  18. I maintain that three noisy bars in Boyztown contributed enormously to its sad demise by the effect that they had on the hotels. It's something that I shall never forgive; driven away from our favourite location and favourite hotel by the selfishness of those bars, which weren't even necessarily catering for the gay community. I hope that JC doesn't go the same way. We love Agate but the JC isn't, and never will be, anything but a shadow of Boyztown in its vibrant prime. To ensure that we are not disturbed at night, we always stipulate that the room faces the swimming pools. And we've never been disturbed. However, we're not bar-goers and so I cannot comment on what's happening at the bars themselves....though I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be happy if music curtailed conversation, as it used to sometimes in Boyztown. Bars should be for the customers, not the staff.
  19. This is no different from the info posted here some 15 weeks ago, directly sourced from government public information releases and I believe it may have been a stand-alone forum topic There may have been a slim chance of amendment based on negotiation but looks like none of the four nations will budge.
  20. I’m sure they’d rather have Constantinople back. One man’s hero…
  21. or, offer airport and airline employee discounts. In the West all major airport services used to offer them on everything: from transport and parking to dining and shopping.
  22. Probably. I suggest following the ‘usual suspect’ social media feeds, or the guys often post an event on their personal profiles. I think Hot House has been renovating without too much disruption. I did not get to the club last month. Perhaps the final product will be done by Pride. Enjoy. Try not to get trampled … I am referring to stripper fan base, not the parade.😉 In April a dancer that has been more on the international circuit offered to come over to my apto for BRL700. I might have sprung for it but there were other very good options; not necessarily about the money, the differential is not so vast even if his dancing were to have exceeded his other talents. I wouldn’t blink about dishing that out at a northern strip club let alone the privacy of my own bed. I did wonder, though, how many times the concierge would sign “thumbs up” when I paraded one young ‘gym friend’ after another through the walk of unabashed. He couldn’t have predicted getting the gratuity I provided upon my departure. A keeper.
  23. Cast about half and half Yank & Canuck, I think. But I’d go for Brit Hunnam.
  24. Right, “othering” is a sad and disturbing trend seen everywhere and your parallel is on the money.
  25. I imagine they may tell you to F..... Off so not willing to take the risk
  26. Mauritania is another example. Shira Law (sp?). Death penalty on the books, not applied since mid-1980s). This decade a group of men getting harmlessly a bit tipsy at a party and arrested and jailed because they were perceived as behaving as though they were imitating female characteristics. But look at the Uganda legislation details. There is a lack of logic in certain components, and I’m not referring to the batshit crazy ideology related to homosexuality. The published discussions about how to detail the legal applications are also gong-show grade even outside of the homonegativity value system. Let’s say for the sake of argument that the law was about spitting saliva in a public place, a simple rule about comportment. There are peculiarities in how the law is applied. For example, if two adults (18-74) agreed that innocuous spitting was fine in each others presence they are both indictable. If one is a consenting age 75+ and the other younger (18+), let’s say 72, then the younger is exclusively liable and the older person obviously in mutual agreement with the harmless release of saliva into the gully is exempt and considered as victimized in the act. So one day arbitrarily subject to execution, the next day apparent impunity. What a fiasco in terms of basic conceptual logic, though unsurprising parallels to flimsy underpinnings of draconian sexual diversity censorship. Stupid is as stupid does. The legislation is akin to a war crime. Let the sanctions roll, I would say, but one worry is that the hard won western sourced cross-pollination of HIV-related support and management might be set back. Since HIV is also central to the new legislation, cutting off Uganda based on rights violation principles might inadvertently exacerbate key elements of the health agenda. Tricky.
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