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  2. Oh! Russia has many ways of eliminating those it sees as some sort of threat to its leaders. There was the poison-tipped umbrella killing of a Bulgarian dissident in London. Being fair that was pre-Putin. Much more recently has been the attempted poisoning in March 2018 of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury in England by a Novichok nerve agent. It was the first known use of a military grade chemical agent on European soil since WWII. That attempted murder failed when not enough of the poison found its way into their bodily systems. But Russia was accused of attempted murder of double agent Skripal and led to the explusion of an unprecedented 153 Russian diplomats. 28 other countries agreed and all expelled Russian diplomats. In June 2018, two British nationals were also infected with Novichok and also close to Salisbury. One died. He had found a perfume bottle in a litter bin. It was later proved this had been left by the Russians in March. The public enquiry traced the poisonings to Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov. Both were later identified correctly as Russian GRU agents operating under false names. Both are part of the highly secretive Unit 29155 of the GRU. Petrov is in fact Alexander Mishkin and Boshirov as GRU Colonel Anatoliy Vladimirovich Chepiga. It was later discovered that both travelled on passports with just three digits separating the numbers. These fell within the range of a Russian military official earlier expelled from Poland for spying. The nerve agent was identified as Russian Novichok developed by the Soviet Union in 1980 by the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons along with British laboratories. Vil Mayazaranov, a former Soviet scientist who had helped develop the Novichok range of chemical weapons, stated that hudreds of people would have been effected by residual contamination and the Skripals would be left with debilitating health issues for the rest of their lives. Interestingly the two Russian GRU personnel were interviewed by Russian TV in September. They claimed they had flown to Britain as tourists - for just two days? Who did they expect would believe that? And the only object of their tourism was not to see London or do anything in the UK other than to see Salisbury Cathedral which theyclaimed they had heard was worth visiting! And as if anyone would believe that! They shouldn't because the local street cctv cameras showed they never went near the Cathedral! The BBC traced one of the perpetrators to his home in Moscow. He only said he had been a tourist before shutting the door. The end result was that Putin was furious at the botched attempt to murder Skripal and ordered a purge of senior officials in the GRU. The head of the GRU "died" 2 months later. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/dec/26/skripal-poisonings-bungled-assassination-kremlin-putin-salisbury
  3. Putin is a closet queen, jealous of those who actually have the courage to come out of the closet and live their lives freely and openly when he cannot. His persecution of the gay community is all about his own issues. Sad but still unforgivable.
  4. Just make sure you shower thoroughly to remove any odor, especially if your diet impacts how you generally smell, or if you sweat a lot. Use deodorant generously. Brush your teeth and gargle with a mouthwash. You'll be fine. Enjoy!
  5. This is somewhat of a tangent. I have never hired a Siam Roads guide as I love doing my own exploring around a continent I know quite well after so many decades. But I did have one young man contact me on an app during one trip 3 years ago just prior to covid closing borders. We spent two lovely days together and he was clearly experienced in sex which was great. It was only later I discovered he was a Siam Roads guide. Obviously on his days off!
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  7. Not all of these oligarchs fell out of windows in Russia. Some suffered their fate in other countries. But more to the point, why do you feel so comfortable dismissing the persecution of fellow gay people in Russia and why do you feel safe in Russia from persecution yourself? As far as propaganda goes, have you ever criticized the Russian government or Putin on this board for anything?
  8. The Bangkok Post is reporting that video is now blocked in Thailand. The Post is also reporting that police are investigating an alleged 1 million baht bribe paid by a German man released from a sex-related charge involving his Pattaya bar. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2697609/police-probing-sex-charge-bribe-claim
  9. I would love to know about oligarchs raining from windows. However, this thread is about Russian homophobic legislation. Anything to say about that?
  10. Could you please name even one "oligarch" who fell from windows in Russia in 2000-2023? Do you know difference btw you and me? You trust to propaganda, I trust to own eyes.
  11. I clearly stated "at night". They can't have clients at nights: Siamroads offers only "day" and "evening" tours.
  12. I tip anywhere from 10-50 reais depending on the time they spend with me. Like I said tipping was encouraged. I was the only foreigner the time I went and I had a blast. Most locals I did not see tip actual cash. But It was mentioned to me by one local that most tip using PIX and the dancers do remember the tippers. I have never actually seen a 10 reais bill, if I had them I would use them to tip to the ones that are not my type and don't really want to spend more time with after the first tip. Like Pauliero, sitting with me also increases the possibility of a larger tip. Interpretation: Bitterness, anhedonia.
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  14. just a lot of nudity and very-near nudity in public places that could have gotten them into a good bit of trouble if they'd been caught
  15. And now the IDF is indeed bombing the south -- as Israel intended all along. Civilian casualties are intensifying. The fact that you couldn't (or maybe just didn't want to) predict this says much about your sympathies and biases.
  16. I agree it's not clear. Perhaps something @Moses could add to the FAQ page? I hired Mac on a previous trip and agree he was very knowledgeable.
  17. I used Mike, whom I thought was good, we had excellent trips to Kanchanburi, and Ampahwah, he drove which was helpful. Not as lot of local knowledge needed. I also used a Chinese guy, Andy, who was studying law. Very good looking, but not available for sex! Sounds on food. Bright, good English, but when we went to Ayutthaya he knew next to nothing, unlike Mac! The distinction, according to Moses, is whether they are listed as Companion, or guide. Companion is not licenced, whereas a guide is. This is not entirely clear from the website. Andy was Companion, Mac was a guide.
  18. Seriously? You track your guides when they have clients?!
  19. Actually it doesn't mean exactly that. "You may fuck them when you want", means you have the right to fuck them when you want. Reader correctly points out that's not necessarily true. You may be able to fuck them when you want, then again you may not, and some you may never be able to fuck at all!
  20. Thanks for the offer Moses but I don't want a refund. I was simply pointing out that things don't always go as planned even with a licensed guide.
  21. I find it fascinating that someone who appears to be gay and posts about hookups with university students in Moscow, would consistently defend Putin, in particular his scapegoating gay people which has been going on for more than a decade. There are so many stories about gay Russians who have suffered horribly under Putin’s rule, either at the hands of the government or at the hands of thugs while the government turns a blind eye. Does a gay person living in Russia, posting on gay websites daily, really think that they are safe? And if they really do think that they are safe, are they deluded? Or does their ardent defense of the regime give them protection? Or are they deluded in thinking that their ardent defense of the regime will give them protection? It just makes no sense. I am new to this site and I have wondered if Moses is a Russian citizen who has little choice, but to live in Russia. Or is he an ex-pat living in Russia by choice? On Swatdee, he encouraged someone to move to Moscow for all the sexy foreign exchange students. But what gay person or Westerner would make that choice, particularly in today’s Russia? It all seems so risky and so dangerous. Even oligarchs that were close to Putin at some point routinely “accidentally” fall out of windows. I just don’t get it. I must be missing something
  22. Pete1111

    Poll PANIC

    Considering the honesty of George Santos, the intelligence of Lauren Boebert, the empathy of Marjorie T. Green, the moral standards of Matt Gaetz, the integrity of Kari Lake, the spine of Kevin McCarthy, and the personality of Trump, how would your nephews square any decision to vote Blue? Or are they unaware of these modern GOP traits? 😉
  23. Nope. High court decision is to ban "International LGBT movement" These raids are going regularly few times per year. What landlord has mutual with govt? It is private business. Here is Central station in Moscow. The same owner. https://www.instagram.com/centralstationmsk/ there is phone number on this page. Call them and ask about closure, maybe manager speaks English. Here is club "Secret" https://www.instagram.com/mixclub_secret there also phone number, and even more - they have channel on Telegram with advertising and there is advertising in English for tonight https://t.me/club_secret I will not check every club or sauna for you, but Google is working well, so everyone may check clubs.
  24. Yeah, he spend 2 or 3 years in Emirates as a waiter in high class Thai restaurant. But, to be honest, you surprised me. Because before Emirates he for sure had official license and had about 5-6 years of experience in guiding service. If you will give me your email (in private messages) from which you booked his service, Siamroads will return your payment to you
  25. No, it was Esso. It was in October 2018. I recall him telling me he had just returned to Thailand from abroad so maybe (at that time) he wasn't up to speed to on the Grand Palace entry requirements ..
  26. Sure, they will do with small exception: they will never be naked in saunas (typically they use swimming trunks there) and will not follow you to darkroom/labyrinths Also one more detail - in bars with mandatory first drinks (mostly go-go and "shows") you have to cover cost of their drinks
  27. That should be Mike or, if it was early, - Al). And they were not designated as "guide" on site, there was only "companion and concierge" in their profiles. All guys who are described as a "professional guide" on Siamroads have license and will not make such problems. very good advise, I also suggest to read FAQ page (top menu) for to understand terms and conditions and what guide will do and what will not do
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