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  2. Soi Twilight has closed and most of the bars moved to Patpong 2. For a ripped fitness model type, try Moonlight bar.
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  4. Thanks, DrimVoiz and vinapu. I'm planning a trip a few months from now so this is very helpful. Yes, Mr. Musclegod Mekhim sounds great and it's also good to know that there are other options. A huge, ripped musclegod is definitely my first choice, but I also love a ripped fitness model type. So I guess that I could see who is at Arena and I can also check out some of the non-Tawan shows. But since there are so many places to check out in Soi Twilight (and other places in Bangkok), hopefully in the next few months you and other folks in the forum can update this thread for the latest intel on where the muscle guys of the moment happen to be. Thanks again!
  5. I don't think it was an off fee, at least not the whole thing. I'm sure the tout made off with at least 1,000 baht. And I am also sure that I bought a drink for the guy who came to sit with me. I probably bought more drinks than that. But not 2,200 baht worth, and I never signaled that I would “off” the boy from Isaan. But it was clear to me that I would be paying at least 2,200 baht before I could leave, not that any threats were ever made. It was more like persistent pressure.
  6. I would later look for it, on several occasions, but without much success. That first night in Bangkok, as I was leaving Galaxy Boys, I was told to go in the opposite direction from how we arrived. As it turned out, the soi the bar was on met up with Surawong, maybe a block and a half from the hotel I was staying at. Also as it turned out, I had been on Soi 4 when the tout led me away. I found that out the very next night, when I had to find Telephone to meet a Japanese friend who was also traveling in Thailand for the first time. This night, I arrived a bit early. I didn't want to repeat my mistakes of the previous night, regardless of how adventurous they turned out. So I was better prepared when the same tout approached me again. I gave him a firm no. This time instead of craning my head and looking at the businesses as I passed by I would look ahead of me, and sure enough, there was Telephone, not far up the soi, on the left. How could I have missed it last night? But before I could step inside I was again waylaid. This time by something or someone tugging at the cuff of one of my pant legs. I looked down. It was a little boy. He looked barely old enought to walk but he must have also been able to run. How else could have he sneaked up on me? When I stopped to look down and met his gaze, he bowed, his hands together, in what I had read was a wai. I was gonna ignore him and just head to Telephone, mindful of what had happened the night before when I had allowed myself to be so easily swayed. But something about that small, barefooted kid tugged at my heart. I got to wondering how old he was. Couldn't've been much more than 3, if that. And then my over-active mind stirred up recollections of what I might have been doing on a Saturday night when I was 3. I pictured myself sitting on a carpeted floor, in a converted garage, watching a black and white TV with my brothers and sisters, none of whom were hungry that night, none of whom had ever known what hunger must feel like. I had a fortunate middle-class upbringing. And now in my early 30s I was able to travel to an exotic destination half way around the world from where I had grown up. Why was I fortunate to enjoy this little boy's country while he was in the street begging? So I decided to reach into my pocket, dig out some change and drop it into his hands. Then I had a second thought. I pulled out my wallet, squatted down so the two of us, the fortunate tourist and the hungry native, might be face to face. I peeled off a couple 100-baht notes, folded them up and handed them over. As soon as I did, the little boy did the fastest 180 I'd ever seen and scampered away with surprising speed until he was safe at the feet of his mother, tugging at the hem of her skirt. I remained in a squatting position, rather shocked that I didn't get even a “thank you.” I felt almost wounded not getting one. And now I would have to stand up and let everyone in this crowded street see my embarrassment, gawk at the gullible tourist. My Bangkok trip was not turning out how I had planned. Still squatting and looking toward where the little boy had run, I decided to stand up and to walk as quickly as possible to the door of Telephone. I had already spotted the entrance before I felt the tugging at my leg. Now it promised me sanctuary from the stares and snickering of bystanders. So I stood up, ready too make a beeline for my goal when the most surprising and gratifying thing happened. Everyone sitting down at the outside tables along Soi 4 had apparently been watching my encounter because they broke into applause. I looked around. So many young smiling Thai faces. I paused to soak up the Saturday night energy, which had suddenly turned very positive. I smiled back, then walked into Telephone. That great energy would last. It turned into one of the greatest nights of my life, one that would not end until 5am. Really, though, it did not end until two Sundays later, when it was time to go back home. I had a late flight, after midnight, so in the afternoon, with a few hours to spare, I thought I'd go look for Galaxy Boys. It seemed fitting to spend my last night in Bangkok — after saying goodbye and exchanging phone numbers with all the people I had met during my stay — in the same bar where I had spent my first night. That same sleazy bar I had never told anybody about. I got lost, though, and could not find it. Still, there's a story from my search that still rattles around my mind on a daily basis. Perhaps that story will be my next entry in this thread.
  7. Just a note on the weather...it’s predicted to hit 36c this afternoon - which curtails some of daytime activities. Due to interest on the Forum (and my own interest) I’m trying to visit the new venues and the old venues in new locations before returning to Moonlight and Jupiter...and Golden Cock. If time permits, I’ll check out Tawan.
  8. DivineMadman - where did you get such a flattering photo of Lucy? She’s now dressed in yellow in honor of the King.
  9. I’ve used Excelsior which is located in the Siam Heritage Hotel on Surawong. Over the years I’ve had a couple of suits, several jackets, multiple pairs of pants, and an average of four shirts a year for the past several years. Caution - no matter which tailor you use, leave time for fittings and adjustments.
  10. Bandara was gay friendly when I was there in late November. Didn’t know about the construction going on...I’m leery about noise which is what the Raya is nor on my current list of places to stay.
  11. original poster asked for place with muscular guys so it was hard to direct him to Lucky or Fresh Boys
  12. finally after 18 trips to Thailand , all of them included multiple visits to soi Twilight I finally learned name of that imposing mamasan. Never had any problems with her as she invariably reads my usual ' I like girls" statement correctly as ' leave me alone"
  13. I find hard to believe you are a monk ! thank you for great and very detailed report ,. now I can envision those newly relocated bars. All this interaction with Lucy must be by-product of being tired with long trip and lacking energy to send her away ASAP. Waiting impatiently for more and hope it will be much more !!!! After all it only your first day
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    it can be done but not in every bar nor to every boy. I never saw anything that intimate in Moonlight not Jupiter but guys in Tawan sometimes even initiate such a move. In Sunee bars in Pattaya it much more common and kind of encouraged
  16. Tawan is really ur fave Vinapu, its understandable bcoz aside from the muscular boys they've got the most explicit show I've ever seen, haa haa, also try Sun Massage beside Tawan, some of their boys are masseurs in there (though most are twinks)...I had a massage with a Tawan boy there and I really like it, very pleasurable!!!
  17. DrimVoiz


    That's a very good suggestion (gym shorts)...btw I'll try searching hands next time, never done it b4, too shy 2 do it, haa haa
  18. I’ve come across mooks before, but believe they are not that common. I think they are ugly and don’t see what motifs boys to have them. Silicone enhancement I’ve not seen with boys. As to g-strings etc I think that gay gogos could benefit if the dancers wore a wider variety of apparel. For example jocks as illustrated to the left, tight jeans, speedos and yes g-strings, in addition to the usual white briefs. Perhaps very loose fitting gym shorts also which permit easy access of searching hands.
  19. check apps, some may be there, no personal experience though Out of those three places - Tawan , Tawan and Tawan , Tawan seems to be your best bet still
  20. Don't underestimate Thais, when MyHero was announced to be opened at that and that date in old Hero location I went to check site just few days before and it was nothing than construction site so it seemed fantasy. Yet few days later with another forum member we went there on supposed opening date and yes, it was opened, smelled fresh paint and few boys on duty yet operational as announced.
  21. I like Monte Carlo tailors right by Chong Nonsi. 8000 Baht gets a really good jacket in a couple of days. They have a cotton material with a touch of lycra so it hangs out without any creases after one night. I've bought 2 jackets so far, but this time I'm not bothering. But I may be tempted tomorrow!
  22. Observation: This is neither a statistically significant sample size nor a rational way in which to assess if today's prices are a bargain. ONE person paying what might have been a very generous price 20 years ago is no way to assess current pricing. Fresh Boys charged me 1000 for 2 drinks and an off on my last visit. By current Bangkok standards, this is almost bargain territory. 2200 for the off and one drink is nearer to extortion, although nevertheless it makes a very good trip report.
  23. 2 things I forgot to mention. Saturday was a holiday so all the bars were closed in Boyztown. But, XBoys was open for business. Hornet was VERY active. I logged in each day and found someone within 20 minutes and had a great time with each. No issues at the hotel with guests.
  24. I am pretty sure it is, as ggobkk has previously reported. Be advised there is construction going on next door (for a new space like The Commons over in Thonglor). Might make sense to ask for a room without construction noise/view, if that sort of thing bothers you.
  25. What a great report, as always. In case some readers do not know, here is a picture of your mamasan/love interest Lucy. She's one of the mamasans that is pretty much guaranteed to kill my interest in anything other than running away as fast and as far as possible, but you are a far more kind and gentle soul than I. Up to you if you might think the 300 is her long-term off-rate.
  26. Welcome back. I’m sure a couple soothing massages and an off or two will make you forget any of those rants.
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