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  2. From Thai PBS World Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will step down next month and his deputy Lawrence Wong will take over, the second non-member of the Lee family to lead the wealthy nation. “I will relinquish my role as Prime Minister on 15 May 2024 and DPM (Deputy Prime Minister) Lawrence Wong will be sworn in as the next Prime Minister on the same day,” Lee said on social media on Monday. Wong, who is also the finance minister, was chosen as Lee’s heir-apparent in 2022 from a new generation of lawmakers from the People’s Action Party (PAP) which has ruled uninterrupted since independence in 1965. “I accept this responsibility with humility and a deep sense of duty. I pledge to give you my all in this undertaking,” Wong said on social media. The 51-year-old, US-educated economist is widely seen as a social media-savvy stalwart who effectively handled the Covid-19 crisis when he oversaw the government’s pandemic taskforce.
  3. From Thai PBS World Deputy National Police chief Pol General Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn sounds surprisingly cheerful given that his high-flying career has just plunged into another crisis. It’s as if he were trying to prove he is the proverbial cat with nine lives. “I wish everyone a safe return to their home provinces for happy meals with their family during Songkran … Happy Thai New Year,” he wrote recently on Facebook. Last month, Surachate was transferred to the Office of the Prime Minister along with National Police chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol after a dispute erupted between Thailand’s top two cops. The transfer order, signed by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin last month, declared that their hostility threatened to escalate and undermine public trust in the police force. The conflict has been escalating since last September when Torsak beat competition from the more senior Surachate (counting from the number of years since becoming a superintendent) to be named the new national police chief Surachate had been a strong contender for the top post in the Royal Thai Police (RTP). But just days before the appointment was made, armed policemen raided Surachate’s house in Bangkok over online gambling allegations. Many observers believe the raid was timed to shatter Surachate’s chance of rising to the top. Born to a junior policeman, Surachate grew up in the deep South province of Songkhla. As a teenager, he enrolled in the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School’s Class 31 where his name was inscribed on the school’s plaque for impeccable behavior and sports performances. After graduating, he joined the Royal Police Cadet Academy’s (RPCA) Class 47. Surachate was the shining star of RPCA Class 47 alumni, rising quickly through the police ranks. After being appointed deputy inspector at the age of just 24, he rose to inspector at 30, deputy superintendent at 34 and superintendent at 38. Aged 42, he became the deputy commander of Songkhla police. He simultaneously led a forward command overseeing four insurgency-hit border districts, which earned him bonus years on his service record – a privilege preserved for officers in the insurgency-hit southern border provinces. The extra years of service helped secure his meteoric rise at a relatively young age. Surachate had not even celebrated his 45th birthday when he won a promotion to the rank of major general. Then in 2018, at the age of 48, he was promoted to lieutenant general and appointed chief of the Immigration Bureau. He also doubled as head of the Police Cyber Taskforce, handing him the authority to investigate cases across Thailand. High-profile cases and the press conferences that accompanied them saw Surachate quickly rise to national prominence. His recent transfer, however, is not the first blow he has suffered. Surachate has experienced similar if not worse setbacks in his career before. Back in 2019, then-prime minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha not only removed him from his police role but also shunted Surachate from the force altogether, transferring him into the civil service. Surachate filed a complaint against Prayut’s transfer order with the Central Administrative Court but lost the case. Many believed back then that his police career was over, but he defied expectations by returning to the RTP in grand style in 2021. Three years ago, Surachate was appointed to a new post on the same level as assistant national police chief that seemed created especially for his return. He managed to rebuild his police and public profile effectively and was promoted to the post of deputy national police chief, apparently on track for the top job. But disaster struck when he was implicated in an online gambling scandal. Continues at https://www.thaipbsworld.com/surachate-hakparn-the-rollercoaster-career-of-thailands-most-famous-policeman/
  4. "Reminiscences of the past are best avoided and what is required is a quick look and a quiet turn away." John Mortimer, Rumpole of the Bailey
  5. Today
  6. ....and massage shops provide the water, and often other nourishment.
  7. Unnecessary exertion when there's a 7-11 on every corner...
  8. One of the few videos which does not show the year it was made in. In the comments they talk about mid 60's but I would guess 50's myself. Mr Egg, made an interesting video a few years ago. He followed the same path as a few Dutch bikers and had the old footage next to the new footage. Not wanting to hijack the thread 🙂
  9. I wonder if the customer with the red wig and walking stick attended? He must be on his last legs by now ,I'm going back 20 years ago and he looked 80 then Surely not
  10. As a long standing devotee of Winner I would have definitely attended the Party. The vision of near naked boys, tasty food, lower priced drinks and a good attendance of fellow gay tourists and expats, all reliving the glory days of Sunee 20 years ago. Hope the business is still there for my next trip
  11. It may be that newbies aren't allowed access to that forum. Try again after a few weeks have passed, and you've contributed more to the forum.
  12. Well, if you like that idea and really want to save money, you could fly out of Tijuana at the cross-border express terminal (park your car in the US, walk across the border to the terminal), and avoid departure taxes! Fly first-class on Aeromexico (a good airline) for $609! Flights 1 Round-trip ticket $568.30 Seats TJXQRO Round trip 1 Premier seat Included Trip extras TJXQRO 1 Carry-on baggage(33.1 lb/15 kg) Included 1 Cross Border Express (CBX) Pass $20.00 2 Checked baggage(32 kg/70.5 lb) Included QROTJX 1 Carry-on baggage(33.1 lb/15 kg) Included 1 Cross Border Express (CBX) Pass $21.00 2 Checked baggage(32 kg/70.5 lb) Included Total $609.30 USD
  13. Ups i see, 1881 is the name of the channel ... so what year was this?
  14. I am confused now, can someone enlighten me? 1) I thought, water splashing is an invention of the modern times? 2) I thought, 1881 people in Thailand would wear much less clothes?
  15. And you'll be surprised how much bigger it will be too....
  16. No I did not write this I typed it using the keyboard on my laptop. There were many pictures taken by farang of the Thai dancers in their skimpy attire. I did take two photos but do not have permission from those involved to post them..
  17. I’d appreciate any follow up on that, thanks.
  18. you can find plenty of twinks on Grindr--just set the filter for your age range...
  19. This is exactly my type... no shortage of these in Medellin and Bogota. Grindr has a ton of options. Let me know if you find any bath houses or clubs that are good for finding twinks
  20. Weight loss improves erectile function.
  21. Yes, I was surprised, you don't find ads for PrEP in Oxford Cicus tube. Near Soho, or Earls Court.
  22. stay with Viagra or Cialis and leave those novelty treatments for those who don't like their cocks
  23. because love of both for Russia is comparable , no ? It's just interest in both cases
  24. leave some so you have a bit for nurse in nursing home so she will hose you down with warmer water than others, penniless
  25. This is a very odd way to describe South Korea: The Southeast Asian nation is a popular destination for Thais due to the influence of K-pop artists, fashion and South Korean drama. The Thaiger apparently has an English Editor-in-Chief originally from Newcastle. Having lived in Asia for many years, he should know better!
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