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  2. Did these guys shoot a big load? Did it taste nice?
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  4. So you had no less then THREE guys in one day, and you did cum all three times, right? So enviable!!! I can't do it twice in the same day day lol Thanks for the great reports, very engaging
  5. Drimvoiz I would love to know who Mr Perfect Guy is!
  6. Who knows there may be Maxi's in Patpong 2 in the future...with Bangkok Massage I was surprised it opened there so anything is possible.
  7. What do you call the beer bar? Just curious, if ever, lol
  8. Wow, you ARE an avid walker then, no denying it lol. As for your average bar boy not not doing that, let me venture to say that your average (sex) tourist would not either. As for weight and shape: it is YOU who beats me by a million miles in that department. I do ZERO sports and exercise, yet presumably due to lucky genes I have the luxury of not having to while still having a lean skinny body.
  9. "what is the situation" is a rather general question. The general answer to that is, that it's business as usual for Bali (been in April and many times before), meaning everything is freely and openly available: free sex and paid sex (via the apps or hookups in the bars); "regular" massages and m2m massages (both via the apps or in many (male) massage shops; gay bars (regular bars, not gogo bars), even a sauna (with attached massage shop) in Seminyak which i found really nice last year (also in April). Tip for transportation: you can either rent a motorbike (scooter) for 50k Rupiah a day or use Grab and/or GoJek for motorbike taxis, which are readily available everywhere on those two apps and incredibly cheap
  10. Uranus

    The Plain of Jars

    Me and my partner rented a 4WD in January and drove north towards Phonsavan via the eastern route. We made an overnight stay in a small village along the way. Roads were fairly good, save for a few kilometres with gravel roads due to roadwork. But, with the road full of chicken, cats, dogs, cows, and children we could hardly drive faster than 40 km/h. After Phonsavan and looking at some of the jars, we took the western route via the banana pancake town of Vang Vieng on the return to Vientiane. Here, the road up until it joined highway 13 (Vientiane-Luang Prabang "highway") was surfaced, but it was a long and winding road. We stopped in a small town about 54 km north of Vang Vieng, and spent the night in a local hotel. No English spoken in neither of the small towns. Road 13 is in a dismal state (picture below), and the heavy truck traffic made it worse. I believe this is the main transport route from Vientiane into China. We did it in three days,, two nights, all in all a lovely trip.
  11. Thanks for the website suggestion. It seems that patpong are also experiencing a demise, with many bars closes. The upside is those closed bars are now occuppied by soi twilight bars. Also noted the new location of bangkok massage, occupying new screw boy disco which ive never been to. It seems the straight sex tourist are concerned over the take over of gay bars at patpong lol.
  12. Kings Corner 1 is a mixed go go bar. Ladyboys and girls working together. There are also ladyboys working in Kings Garden.
  13. Many non-Thai guys that we meet take this route regularly. Most try to sleep through it but others can not, aware of the risks of just such an accident. From Nation Multimedia Eleven people were killed and four others seriously injured when a chartered van carrying Lao workers for visa renewal to the Chanthaburi immigration checkpoint collided with an 18-wheel truck in Sa Kaew province early on Sunday. Police suspect Thai van driver Sansern Sathongkhan might have dozed off behind the wheel, and driven the van into the opposite lane where it crashed head-on with the oncoming truck. They found the dead bodies of the van driver and Lao passengers at the scene, many of whom were crushed in the wrecked van while some were flung out under the force of the impact. Rescue workers extricated four seriously wounded people -including three Lao passengers and the truck driver Subin Pengmoo - to rush them to the district hospital. Following the fatal crash report in Wang Somboon district at 4.15am, police and rescue workers rushed to the scene on the Sakaew-Chanthaburi Road section near the entrance to the Wang Somboon District Office. They found the dead bodies of the van driver and Lao passengers at the scene, many of whom were crushed in the wrecked van while some were flung out under the force of the impact. Rescue workers extricated four seriously wounded people -including three Lao passengers and the truck driver Subin Pengmoo - to rush them to the district hospital. https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30374925
  14. Very helpful, but note that maybe they put ladyboy bars in the purple “gay” category. Not that I particularly want to get into that issue with a 10 foot mascara brush, but I think — but not sure — that Kings Garden and Kings Corner are ladyboy, as are some of the other miscellaneous patpong 2 spots.
  15. About 6-7 years ago I got to talking with a guy at the adjacent table at Telephone. He was in his early 30's, well-built and his English wasn't bad. He brought his drink over to my table and discussed the usual things for about 20 minutes. When I invited him back to the hotel, he said, "I not big", inclining his head to his crotch. "No problem," I told him because that has never been a deal beaker with me. I paid both tabs and we walked off. When he stripped to shower, it became clear that he had what is best described as a micropenis. It seemed so out of proportion to his otherwise fine body. It did turn into a bit of a grower (finger size) and we proceeded to have a good time together. As he was preparing to leave, I reached in my pocket but he said "no, you buy drinks." I then asked if he had eaten and he said no so I took him for a good meal and some more beers. The atmosphere was very relaxed. We were both clearly enjoying the evening. Still gave him more than ample taxi money when we parted and continue to have fond memories. I'd do it again in a heart beat. All told, we made each other feel a little bit better about ourselves.
  16. Unspoken theme - Maxi’s is missed!
  17. Day 3 Headed to Senso! Walking along the corridor pavement outside Senso is always filled with excitement. Cuz its just so open, people in front of you/behind/opposite the road can see you going into Senso ha, although they probably not care less but im always so consious about it that i'll always always overshoot Senso, then backtrack again and enter lol.' Senso opposite of Arena, is more refined, somewhat younger cleaner muscular guys. Place is cleaner/classier as well. Rooms more expensive, 1000 baht for 1 hour room with minimum tip of 1200 baht for 1 hour. To me everything is all about the boy, no matter the room/ambience etc. But yea it's nice to see the hot guys in a well lit decorated mini bar/gym kind of place. There were about 10 guys, muscular and shirtless, evident from their recent gymming. I chose my regular guy Tim ( his pic is on the senso website) - a handsome, lean, quiet guy, but delivers an awesome massage and sensual experience. His massage is one of the best I feel in terms of technique and strength, I do walk away feeling massaged properly with knots gone and relaxed. Not only that, he does this sensual thing, my fav part is when his whole body is pressed against your back, his hands interlocked with your hands, and you can feel him breathing deeply down your neck, nibbling ur neck/ears, and his tool hard against your lower back, and his oiled up bod sliding up and down ur back - i guess this is the standard body to body massage? but it was hott.. sensual kissing with tongue and I came pretty soon , and ended up cuddling for a good while before showering. He is a quiet guy, dosent ask all the qns like what most massage boys do - " where u from, how long u in bangkok etc", but he gives a solid massage and everything else - well recommended. After resting and pondering what my next adventure will be, I decided to just check rentmen and for the first time I booked someone from there ha.. This thai/phillipino guy who's ID is Gorillasian lol.. honestly it was one of the best sex i've ever had, guess it comes with the price tag, but really, I guess most of them are all professionals. It was hott hott.. The guy was handsome, muscular, great bod, great smell ( he walked from the BTS to my hotel and was mildly sweaty ha i love it), great attitude and romantically dominant. made out a lot, groped, licked him everywhere, sucking. I guess the attraction of finding someone online is how convenient it is. No need to go to a bar to find someone u want, fighting with other bar goers to quickly off ur boy before they do, no need to walk under the sun to a massage place heh. The only thing is that i've had experiences finding someone on Jack'd who dosen't look like their pics ( happened twice before, while ultimately they still looked decent and I wouldn't have minded going thru with it, it was nothing like their hott hott model pics online). But on rentmen, there's this "gold " member escort thing, i guess it means that they are certified that their pics are real or something, and I thought this guy was kinda legit based on the reviews so I just went for it heh.. Headed to dreamboys! There were 2 seperate bars - dreamboys and dreamboys paradiso, apparently 1 starts at 10pm and the other at 10:30pm, so i guess the performers will just repeat the show at the former and then head to the other. It seemed a bit messy, like boys and performers were walking through the bar among the bar goers , in the middle of performances to go to the backroom to get prepared or something. I didn't really like the big pillar in the middle because you wouldn't be able to see half of the stage, unless sitting right smack in the middle. Few boys, maybe ~ 15, although it was a thursday but thought there would be more. Performances largely the same as at the old soi twilight bar, but because of the new stage, more limited in terms of the dance routines, I thought overall less impressive than before, largely because of the pillar and lack of space. There was a new F-show though, a guy F-ing a lady boy at the end, and they will walk throughout the bar to get tips ha.. Don't really know how I feel about it, i'm more of a conservative jock F jock kind of person, would have been hotter if it wasnt a lady boy haha but thats just my preference >.< Overall I think dreamboy is still a decent place and bar, for new comers or those that hasnt been to the old one. But as someone who's been to the soi twilight dreamboys many times before, the current set up is not as impressive. Oh and of course I chose a guy - No.100. A cute thai gay guy with handsome face and good body, nice arms, nice tattoo on the chest - a boyish kind of guy. Had a good time back in the hotel kissing, sucking, 69-ing, groping him and all sorts of debauchary heh =)
  18. Haha i knew someone would help me id the boy u guys r awesome. And yes i went back jupiter again and realised he’s 34. Btw i also had the guy on the left before hahaha.. its somewhere in my prev reports i think. hes great too >.< wow jasper Did u take this photo hahaha
  19. Thanks....good quality photos and an accurate map.
  20. In reality it can be undone with surgery if one wants to spend the money. Yes, just pay the fee and forget it.
  21. So what about those "pearls" inserted under the foreskin?? When I first visited Bangkok in 2003 I encountered a very hot guy at BBB, or was it Screw Boys?? Anyway we went back to the Tarntawan Hotel, the guy showered, and brought his sexy body to bed. Then I started to explore the goods and found all these Bumps along his cock!! He told me they where to give extra pleasure to the Ladies he fucked! WOW!! I decided I did not want to experience that up my ass. But we had a happy ending! I later found out they are called manoks and the medical term is pearling. It was also prominent in the Philippines, but I have never encountered it there...
  22. Sounds like an Opportunity!! Crowd-Funding anyone??? But who will be the Owner???
  23. Haha! Don't worry. I dont go for the reasons I outlined. Being attended by a female bar girl is of no interest to me. The great thing about the Soi Twilight bars was the cameraderie amongst the guys themselves. Then if you bought them drinks they would sit with you and ensure you were having a good time, even though the basic English level might not have been high. I fully realise Twilight is dead and will not come back. My point was Patpong 2 could do with a few gay-staffed beer bars. No idea whether it will or not.
  24. It is repulsive but if you like boy because of his body/ face / personality my advice will be to soldier on and find some activities you still can share with him. Once I made advances to barker in one of soi Twilight bars and when asked about long time option he said 'yes but no sex" , when asked why he explained that he is a top only but has non functioning silicone cock. Deal did not go through but tipped him nicely for his honesty and in retrospection I thought I should take my own advice above and find something to do with him because I liked him a lot.
  25. t0oL1

    Boystown noise

    Lady taxi driver a thief... I miss Nai (LCR). He was saying he bought a lady bar by walking street but I walked the whole area and didn't see him. Probably a side street east of walking street but it was very hot out walking.
  26. A clear sign of how serious the situation is. "The Big Boss" is visiting Surin tomorrow
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