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  2. Maybe you will retrieve meaningfully following your moment; have faith. And if ‘Domican’ is a grammatical gaffe, I must have missed that class. Sheesh.
  3. OK, then, I give in. There is a Domican Republic sub forum on the board. Have it your way, those that must, and cannot see past their noses. And the flag is perhaps a hybrid of rainbow, Lalaland and that of a particular banana republic.
  4. I'm in my mid-30s and into twinks so usually it's not easy to get the guys on Grindr where I am in Australia. The hot Australian bottom twinks are difficult to get because there is an overabundance of attractive tops in their 20s that I'm competing with. The top to bottom ratio makes it a bottoms-market where I am, the apps are filled with guys wasting time for attention, catfishing, or have the kind of personalities you want nothing to do with no matter how hot they are. This year has been pretty remarkable though, I have been with the two hottest guys I've ever been with in my home city. One of them I dated for a month before it all fell apart and the other was just a horny onlyfans twink I messaged on Grindr that wanted to be used for a night. I've had a few paid regulars over the years, but they are usually pretty disappointing compared to the guys I meet overseas. The international students doing freelance massage here have been the best options, but there are not many of them. There is a gay sauna or two but I've never been to a sauna, I would probably be more willing to try a sauna overseas than at home because I don't want to run into anyone I know.
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  6. I use VPN to watch Episodes on GagaOOLala that are available in Singapore, but not in the USA. My Subscription is in the USA, but I can watch from "other locations around the World". PayPal is also able to spoof your payments. You give PayPal your Credit Card and that is used through your PayPal Account. To get shows over the Internet to you TV you need a Smart TV, Roku, or Google Chromecast. CHEERS
  7. YEAH, so HOT and loves to pump his hard cock!! 😛
  8. POGOs have been a problem for years in the PH. Glad to see the new President is taking this action. INGAT
  9. Just a subsidiary but important question… is there good nipples sucker in 117 ?
  10. They were still painting, yesterday, 39th, when I went by, but neon sign illuminated!
  11. no, there's way more cryptic, you must have a short memory 😉 I know we've posted before, that we buried the hatchet, and I met Riobard in Lagoa in SP. He's really a nice guy.....but I still only understand about 10% of his comments.... he's either on speed or is like Doc Brown in Back to the future..... So latbear4blk, maybe we are the stupid ones after all 😳
  12. Thanks anyway i know Brazil’s variety of colours that’s why i asked about the variety in 117. for me latin are spanish or italien type not mixed with black or indian. i love every sexy guy asian, black, north european… don’t understand me wrong. But i’m more into south european or Arab type. so happy to read there’s my type in 117.
  13. I doubt the spelling bee organizers grade on grammar. But, I am at a loss as to how this comic video, cute as it is, as anything to do with the DR.
  14. Stereotypes don't work well, in my opinion. You're "more into latin type". What does that tell us? There are Latins who are black, brown and light skinned. There are some areas in Brazil where the population speaks both Portuguese and Spanish. During my visits to Club 117, I've seen / been with / observed Garotos de Programa of all skin colors (well, not as white-skinned as me!). I've been with black, mixed, brown and white/light skinned. If I use a filter when deciding which guy to have sex with, it's body type and personality - not skin color. Click on this link below to learn more about Brazil's demographics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Brazil
  15. one other unique thing about Puerta Vallarta - the best apartments are booked through local rental companies based in PV, not through AirBnB. I think this is because so many of the better apartments are owned by foreigners as absentee owners, requiring a full range of services that AirBnB doesn’t provide. I’ve looked at AirBnB PV listings many times & always found better apartments through the local rental agencies. Once you connect with a reputable local rental company - they can recommend the ideal apartment based on your specific requirements. And after you have that relationship established, much easier to plan for future trips. Essential to plan far in advance to get the best apartments or to be flexible with your dates….many are booked a year in advance with same people reserving same time/same apartment. Puerta Vallarta weather is almost perfect December though early May and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Enjoy
  16. I used to find rent guys advertising in the personal columns of the newspapers in Perth. I had a list a mile long to choose from and for years I'd get in my car and drive all over town whenever I felt horny. As I grew up in an Asian country it was only natural for me to prefer Asian guys but most of those advertising were Western. I got really excited when one day I found a guy who was Thai. I got into my car and rushed over to his apartment but was shocked to see he was a ladyboy! I tried to escape but he somehow managed to cut me off at the pass and before I knew it I was lying down on the massage table. He gave me a quick hand job and I then got up and rushed out the door. I found a few guys who said they were Japanese but strangely enough, they didn't understandca single a word of what I was saying in Japanese. Turns out they were Chinese. Unfortunately, they were rather pushy, just wanting to get the deed over as quickly as possible, so the sex was barely acceptable. There's nothing worse than a guy looking back at you over his shoulder asking "Have you finished yet?" I've lost count of the number of guys I've contacted through their newspaper ads, but again, the sex was very mechanical. However, I did actually meet 3 guys who I really liked. Not only did they have the necessary attributes - handsome, swimmer's body, friendly personality and big, fat cock - they were also awesome in bed and best of all, they were versatile. These 3 guys became my regulars and we have spent a lot of time together. One is now off the scene but the other 2 are available. The routine is, I'll call one over in the late afternoon or early evening. He has his own room on the far side of the house. We'll have sex then sit out on the balcony and watch the sunset while we have a drink or two. Then we go out for dinner. After dinner we'll sit and chat or get into the jacuzzi or have a swim. We then have sex again and he goes off to his room to sleep. He comes back to my room in the morning and we lie in bed for a while just chatting and planning the day before we have some more fun - usually just a wank, sometimes just a cuddle. Both guys are into cars so we often go for a drive out in the country. In winter we go to the movies and in summer we go to the beach. Then it's back home after lunch and I like to just sit on the sofa and play with my Ipad and he might go to his room for a while. There's heaps of things at home to keep him busy - I've got a gym and I've also bought an xbox with some car racing games, compete with driver's seat, steering wheel, etc. All this is just to make sure that he doesn't get bored when he comes over. Even though this arrangement is almost perfect for me, I wonder how long it will last as sooner or later the 2 guys will have to move on. That means I'll have to try and find someone else and that might be very difficult to do. The other problem is, they are not Asian. If they were, my life would be perfect. Oh well, you can't have everything.
  17. Differentiating your three typologies does not make total sense. The Iberian peninsula ethnic admixtures are also diverse. If you are predisposed to favouring Caucasian men, just say that, no harm no foul. There may be your preferred type there, but lack of flexibility may be limiting. You can check out the hundreds of escort ads. You will find the sites by name by searching forums here. It will yield broad representation that basically transfers over to the brothel venues. Or Google ‘acompanhante masculino Brasil’ to pull up the major contenders viz sites. Their full ad descriptions will tend to be briefer than your handle. LOL
  18. Your (X); You’re (K); Yours (X) … I don’t know if you’re Dumb, Dumbican or Dumbinican. But the Skrips Nashinell Spelink Be orginnisers ar halving kanipchin fittz.
  19. I’m usually happy with one trip encounter for these less predictable destinations. Five years ago this season was soaked up to my ankles in flooded PV streets that became rivers. Without my fly-fishing waders I just walked southbound from digs near northerly local market, in my bare feet or plastic sliders; lucky to endure no major abrasions to soles, or electrocution for that matter. Put shoes back on when could keep them dry. Got lucky with a buff inexpensive guy in private dance mode at Wet. Ironic … Wet. Anthropology was a wash; also ironic given late-ish PM torrential floods. I had been many times in the 1990s for winter vacays pre sex tourism life stage. Always liked it, including in 2017.
  20. there are dozens of posts about 117 in Rio and many other Brazilian saunas, including specific details about types of guys there. Just use the search function using 117 (or other sauna names) as keyword & you will find tons of information, some of it very recent. As a new member, you will not have access to restricted forums until you have 10 approved posts. Good luck
  21. Am I just dumb or is this the most cryptic of yours posts ever?
  22. Thank you for the extensive trip report. As I’ve mentioned, I love PV in many ways as a vacation destination. Beautiful scenery, weather, inexpensive & excellent food. That said, I would not go to PV if the main goal is a “hunting trip”. It just doesn’t compare with how other members have described Thailand and absolutely doesn’t compare to Brazil…or even Spain IMO. There are workers to be had, but vast majority are available online and that fluctuates wildly according to time of year. During peak season from late December to April, PV is flooded with boys from all over the world, including some very expensive escorts that include PV as part of their global circuit. And the hourly rates will vary depending on where they are from. PV tends to draw a lot of American escorts during high season with hourly rates that are the same as paid in NYC, LA or Miami. There are boys from South America and other parts of Mexico, that will be less - but, they all know some of the Americans are getting those premium rates. During the off-season when the higher end foreign escorts are not in PV, then rates will be lower and it will be mostly Mexicans. Also, while PV does attract some older gringos, the majority of PV crowd during high season is circuit boys who are much younger and the entire scene is geared towards them. It’s not Thailand where it’s been described as catering to older gringos and it’s not Brazil where any age is welcome in the saunas as long as you pay. Due to the dominance of gay Americans in PV and many young ones there to party, you may feel out of place during high season when it’s got an overall circuit party feel….and there is plenty of “attitude” that comes from those younger boys in PV to party. It would be a completely different crowd and experience during the summer months or low season. I would absolutely still go to PV to enjoy the many wonderful things on offer. There are occasional opportunities for sex if you’re willing to pay and that depends on what you expect. For an encounter like in a Brazilian sauna (actual sex) it’s going to cost you more than you think and will likely only be possible in your hotel room for an hour. PV is just not setup for anything like a Brazilian sauna and the massage places do not operate as Thai massage places described here. I’m sure you can occasionally “off” a stripper in a club, but there is no formal practice to do it and it would be something unusual vs standard practice in Thailand. You can have strip club encounters as described, but it’s going to be clothes-on for the customer and varying degrees of undress for the boy under a tightly controlled time schedule. I do enjoy strip clubs myself, but never go with the idea of any actual sex and never go to the private rooms bc I know their game. And that game is the same as in US, which is to do as little as possible and get the most amount of money, all while trying to keep the customer engaged for as long as possible. Others may find complete satisfaction in those encounters and if so, then PV has plenty of options in that area for sure. If you’ve never been to Puerta Vallarta, it’s well worth the trip just make sure you know what to expect regarding weather during the time you plan to visit and set your expectations accordingly re: the scene with the boys. It’s super gay friendly & accommodating, prices are less than the US but not like Brazil/Thailand and the actual sex will be limited and cost more than you think (as a visiting older gringo tourist). Prices could be considerably less if you speak fluent Spanish and really know your way around Mexico.
  23. I was required to fille customs for but not immigration form in Puerto Vallarta just recently. We were told that no immigration forms are required for stays up to 7 days. How true is that , I don't know. Definitely no pre-flight registration nonsenses
  24. my time there was short and live entertainment was more night time filler than main pursuit
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