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  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/texas-woman-allegedly-tried-to-drown-palestinian-american-girl-aged-3/ar-BB1oK9ru?ocid=winp2fptaskbarhover&cvid=5f460da84305460298aa16a13d4ef6d6&ei=40
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  4. There's looking at tables and then discerning what they say/mean.... I'll leave that to experts that do this as a job. https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/frequently-requested-statistics-immigrants-and-immigration-united-states-2024 Worldwide, the United States is home to more international migrants than any other country, and more than the next four countries—Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United Kingdom—combined, according to the most recent UN Population Division data, from mid-2020. While the U.S. population represents about 5 percent of the total world population, close to 20 percent of all global migrants reside in the United States.
  5. If you see the same table, as I see, then there are only 2 options: we are booth wearing the same lenses, we are booth without lenses.
  6. Needs more back story to know how believable/feasible that is.....
  7. And your rose colored government issued lenses see things very differently, as a good comrade should or is that must??
  8. thanks, @Canadianbtmguy and @buttercawan I tried, and if I include Rio, I always have to stop in São Paulo or another country, like Panama or another Latin American country. If it weren't for my friends waiting for me in Barcelona for my November trip, I would switch to going in October. I might end up doing the same as last time: a round trip to JFK and then taking GOL to São Paulo and Rio. The prices for Brazil are higher compared to last year or when I went in March/April. It’s strange that Rio, one of the biggest tourist cities in the world, doesn't have many direct flights from NYC. I checked flights from Miami to Rio, and the only direct flight from American Airlines is outrageously expensive, starting at $1500 for the economy. I still want to include Rio in my trip because I’ve read so many people in forums discussing their plans for Rio. I thought it would be easy, but it seems like Rio isn’t as easy as it used to be. In April, I paid $40 for a round trip from São Paulo to Rio with an extra leg, so it was easy. I guess I will do the same or forget about Rio. I never thought of taking a bus since it was so cheap before. I’ll let you know how it goes. I already have my BCN flight; it was such a great price to do NYC to BCN I got Premium for 600, and Iberia has 400 tickets. , and I added Zurich for my 17-day Eurotrip.
  9. ARKANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do they have such a problem with guns? Great RED state by a VERY CONSERVATIVE GOVERNOR. Where do you choose to live?
  10. And if the election comes down to gun deaths vs. illegal migrant killings, Trump and the GOP will take that deal 7 days a week. The American voters know that gun violence in the deep blue cities in America, as well as the gangs, drugs, poor schools, etc. is a result of democrat policies, permissive DA's and woke leftist ideology that promotes tolerance of criminal behavior and defunding the police.
  11. Sorry for icon read aircon!
  12. Thanks. I like the idea of hitech windows, if they work! I find the icon at the Meridien to be a bit patchy, I like a cold room, and I've had to have maintenance several times. I had to change rooms on one occasion. Aircon in the Club Lounge was also an issue, with the picture windows, and high ceiling. Michael said that would be sorted during the renovation that was going on when I was last there. We shall see!
  13. Motion Wellness is located in the Center Condo Complex.
  14. For Brazilian internal flights, whatever you do, do not wait until the last minute. A month or two in advance, Rio-Sao can be around $30 each way. (Often cheaper on Brazil based sites vs US-based sites). But with the Gol/Latam/Azul triopoly in place, these rise to hundreds of dollars at that last minute. Recently when I was there, a determined Rio-Sao flyer could have bought GIG-GRU-DFW-AUS for less than $300, tossed away the GRU-DFW-AUS and saved about $200 on the Brazilian domestic flight, which was approaching $500. Rio-SCL(Chile) and back SCL-SAO was also cheaper than RIO-SAO). Another trick that typically works only going into Sao Paulo but not leaving it, is to buy a ticket that connects in SAO that can be much cheaper than flying to SAO alone. I had only about a week's advance and Rio-Sao had already advanced to about $200, but RIO-SAO-SSA was still only around $60. (This rarely works originating in SAO because SAO has direct flights to nearly everywhere and routing from SAO through Rio is not offered). If it does become last-minute, keep in mind that AA has Gol awards for 7500 (good availability) and BA has Latam for 6000 Avios (only spotty availability) For getting back and forth between RIO and SAO at the last minute, also keep in mind the onibus, which is quite comfortable. I also had a nice social experience (no, no, not that kind of experience, although I'm sure that can happen too) For flights to and from Brazil, the calculus is quite different, as fares seem to rise little, if at all, at the last minute. Indeed, a few months ago AA was offering up its cherished GIG-MIA monopoly for around $300 only for the last few days before departure. For those with more time than money, it can make sense to buy a cheap US domestic ticket to a city that has cheap fares to Brazil, which are often to cities other than Rio or Sao Paulo. Some current examples LAX-SAO (AA often, others less frequently), SFO-CNF (AA), MIA-SSA or CNF, (AA) AUS-RIO or SAO (All). Also, in some cases (but not others) there can be little advantage to buying round trip. The LAX and SFO fares are not available as return only, whereas the MIA and AUS are. This opens up the possibility of segment-tossing, although if you have status or miles with a particular carrier, it is not worth the risk. A Brazilian friend wanted to go to Orlando and was going to pay $500 for an awful connection on Avianca, I steered him to a sub-$300 fare on LATAM GRU-MCO(-AUS) I have not seen stopovers (>24 hours) allowed, which is pretty typical for international routes. But not have I seen even the slightest open jaws allowed, which typically are permitted. I don't know why they are so strict in the Brazil context. But, depending on the fare you may not lose much by buying 2 one-ways
  15. It looks like the building directly facing the MRT station entrance will occupy some, if not all, of the car park. The hotel will face the flyover but with high-tech windows I doubt you’ll notice. Agree about the bar. Went up there once and I was almost alone. it would make a great location for lounge.
  16. And Biden will talk about the 318 people who have been killed and the 836 people who have been injured in 225 shootings in America, as of May 31 this year. (Source: Wikipedia)
  17. Yes, been there, done that, but I don't like noise from Surawong! Especially if there is a holiday, it can be noisy. And of course, as a religious guy, I benefit from the view over the temple complex! 😛 So, I'm afraid I always ask for a 24! Rather dull, I know...
  18. Really? https://www.realclearpolling.com/maps/president/2024/no-toss-up/electoral-college
  19. You should request for suite 2423! That's directly opposite 2424. You get to see Mahanakhorn building. And when you look down, you get to see Patpong!
  20. Is that where the carpark used to be? That was always a great waste of space. Does that make the hotel nearer the flyover? They said they would retain the spire,etc, I'm glad they did. The problem with the bar, however, was it was sparsely attended. They changed the name several times!
  21. The building going up on the site of the old Dusit Thani at Silom and Rama 4 is not the site of the new hotel. That is situated adjacent to it on Rama 4. Took this photo this evening while walking Lumpinee. The architect retained the iconic top structure (bar) and spire. Building to right is part of the development.
  22. The mistake was thinking guys met on grindr are representative of the gay / available community in the USA. They're not. And, yes, this is a discussion for a different forum.
  23. Do you think that what happens in Vegas is representative of what happens in the US? Perhaps it is, like in a concentrate. Anyways, as a South American, I do find Americans kinkier than us. I always thought it was related to Puritanism and one of its by products, the inability to enjoy sex as a natural, positive interaction. EDIT: perhaps we should go to another thread to discuss this topic.
  24. Trump will talk about Rachel Morin. A Maryland mother of five killed by a Joe Biden gotaway, Victor Antonio Marinez-Hernandez, An illegal alien from El Salvador who crossed Biden's open Southern border. He dragged Morin, a jogger, thru the woods and beat her till her to death. Trump will talk about Jocelyn Nungaray. A 12-year old Houston girl who was brutally strangled Johan Jose Rangel Martinez and Franklin Jose Franklin Martinez. Two illegal aliens from Venezuela who crossed Biden's open southern border. They strangled the helpless 12-year old girl until her body was lifeless. Trump will talk about Laken Riley. A 22-year-old nursing student who was brutally beaten to death by Jose Ibarra. An illegal alien from Venezuela who crossed Boden's open southern border. What was Laken's crime? She was a young woman out for a morning jog. Trump will talk about Ruby Garcia. A 25-year-old Grand Rapids woman who was shot and killed while trying to defend herself during a hijacking by Brandon Ortiz-Vite. An illegal alien from Mexico who crossed Biden's open southern border. What was Garcia's crime? She was driving her car. Trump will talk about the 13-year old girl (name not released) who was brutally raped in a Queens, NYC park by Christian Geovanny Inga-Landy. An illegal alien who crossed Biden's open southern border, was supposed to be deported by ICE, and never was. That is what Trump will talk about. Dementia Joe Biden has the blood of these young women on his hands.
  25. Thank you for your Massage Therapist recommendations, and I think I've found what I'm looking for at Motion Wellness, across the street from Tukcom IT mall. The therapist is a medical doctor, and is priced depending on time and various body parts involved. No Happy Ending - these are serious medial staff who treat people needing rehab therapy, and are very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend!
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