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  2. Only one I was anywhere near was the last one where I hit the bullseye!
  3. Awesome that you thought to ask some questions, and got right to the point! With the backdrop in that first photo of the stage I would have guessed the DJs play Goa trance. I'll try to take a post-1 a.m. peek inside the place later this month and see if it's any fun. Actually, I'm looking forward to doing just that! Judging from the layout and all the bottle prices listed on the menu, I'd say the place is trying mimic the N.A.B. business model of drawing groups of young people -- maybe bar boys, maybe bar girls, maybe a smattering of each -- whose bars have closed but want a fun place to keep on drinking. To excess. Quite a change as I believe that premises used to house a piano bar. Now I have a question for board members: Has anyone actually stayed in a BoyzTown hotel recently? The last time I stayed at The Ambiance I swore I'd never stay in BoyzTown again as an outdoor bar on that soi would turn itself into a karaoke joint every night and attract some customers who screeched at the top of their lungs until the sun came up. It was torture. Or maybe some board members have some new hotel recommendations? I stayed at Classroom in November but left after one night because of all the street noise -- and because of pillows that even Fred Flinstone would have found too hard. The manager understood and was kind enough to give me a refund for the nights I did not stay. She also said I could have called in the middle of the night and requested softer pillows. From the Classroom I went to the Avani Pattaya Resort, but that was way too expensive. So I'm open to new suggestions.
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  5. He was doing so well....I'm convinced he was using OpenAI for those posts. I previously posted, we met in Lagoa and buried the hatchet, Riobard is really a nice person and very educated...I thought he was on a road of recovery in his recent comprehendible writings......😉
  6. I only got 50 hours of experience in Bkk but that sounds about right. Tho I love Brazilian culture too. And it is easier to interact with, for me (so I am biased).
  7. well you did not visit X-Boys as they were definitely naked with their cocks on BIG display. They even did a fuck show where the guy who is being fucked by a stronger guy is brought to your lap - instead of "lap dancing" -->> it is a form of "lap fucking" https://www.facebook.com/xboyspattaya/ https://www.facebook.com/100064714895257/videos/544059427654982
  8. With your legs, they better get hard 😉 I've posted many times about the differences between the countries...... Thailand= food, massage, culture....if you happen to get good sex, was a bonus. Brasil= big dicks, big asses, lots of outgoing fun both in/out of bed, if you get a good massage and a good restaurant is a bonus, lol
  9. There have been a few articles published in Medellín in the local papers (in spanish). Basically the trail has gone cold...there are no publicly known events since July 2022. The office of the alcaldía of Medellín does has an advertising campaign visible in local gay bars and businesses, online, and in social media warning men of this potential danger while using hookup apps. You might even see these ads while cruising Grindr or Hornet while here.
  10. Probably, as you love attention while not worrying if a joke lands. It may have been on one of your better days when you may have had a breakthrough and written something semantically accurate like: ‘Have I asked if you speak and write similarly?’ Whether and if are often acceptably interchangeable but whether usually denotes an alternative and you were implicitly dismissing the alternative to your assumption none exists. However, if I am to take you at your word today I would say that my vocal cords are typically not activated as I write. I say typically because I find myself uttering “asshole” as I write this.
  11. If you can’t get what you’re looking for at Kman or KK Massage you will have a hard time finding what you you’re looking for in Bangkok. As Reader said they advertise top or bottom. Bottom is probably going to lead to gay. Most of those boys are very good at their job. . Enough English spoken to get your point across. I’ve been using Kman for last year. Nothing lacking.
  12. You will have to meet him in person to find out.
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  14. Yeah, that is another one of my pet peeves. I hate those mamasans, they want to control where you sit (even when the bar is empty), they don’t let you interact with the boys as you want, (you have to select one and buy him a drink first), they are pushy and insistent. The direct intermingling with the boys at the bar of club 117 (for example) feels so much more natural. If at least those mamasans in Bangkok were eye candy… the moonlight mamasans are particularly annoying. And there are like 6 of them! Yep I had one experience there and that is one of the times I did not feel sexy at all. Will try again. I will be based in saphan Kwai next week, all these places are on my list.
  15. Did I ever tell you that I wonder whether you speak as you write?
  16. This may be one of those situations where describing the kind of experience you're looking for with mamasan may help. You want to do this before you call a boy over to sit with you. Hopefully, the mamasan can point out boys that are your best bet. Massage shops don't have mamasans and just how helpful the receptionist will be is debatable. You may want check out the shops in Saphan Kwai (K-Man and KK Massage come to mind) where they identify their guys as "T" (top) and "T&B" (top and bottom) along with their height, weight and minimum tip. At 365 The River shop, they offer "B2B" (body to body) option that has a 1,000 bht minimum tip. Although the majority of the guys in most bars and shops identify as straight that doesn't mean they won't provide a satisfactory experience. At some point you have to trust your instincts as you seem to already be doing. Those who can't get hard (which in my experience is pretty rare) never result in a good outcome. If you have any doubts before offing them, ask them outright If they have any trouble getting hard. If language is an issue, use your translator app or ask the mamasan. The massage shops mentioned above have LINE accounts. If you want to see a large number of guys in person, walk down Silom Soi 6. There are currently six shops, each one with probably 10-12 guys on hand at any given time.
  17. You’re welcome, I’m curious if anything new as nothing new in english media. Enjoy!
  18. Bumping to keep this warning at the top of the list.
  19. Thank you for posting and updating. I'm heading to Medellin in a few weeks and will be EXTRA cautious.
  20. Update. Yee, at Cutey and Beauty, shaved my private parts very thoroughly and was very professional. Total price, something like 400 thb. He is really cute too.
  21. Over the years, I had two encounters with cops in Sao Paulo (non sexual), both were super hot, friendly and spoke fluent English, one white, one mixed.
  22. After getting too much sex in the last 2 days I have stopped to reflect on just 10 paid encounters and I have to say I must have not chosen the right guys. There seems to be a lot of pillow princesses, I have to do all the work! in Brazil they all want to kiss me, and I mean put their tongue deep down my throat, not just pecks, and they touch my body as if I actually was hot, also they suck me without prompt. Here if I don’t specifically ask, they won’t do anything and even when i ask they do it only reluctantly. Some of them have issues getting hard. I mean it is fine they are hot and I am gonna keep enjoying their bodies, but I worry I will leave without actually having felt “wanted” (except by the freebies on Grindr). It is also easily double the price from Rio. Let me know if you have a view on what I am doing wrong with my hires. Going to Foodland for breakfast later on (today, Wednesday 1st), I’ll wear a red T-shirt, if anyone is there and wants to say hello.
  23. I have reached out to the programmers to check into this. I'll let you know when I hear back.
  24. I couldn’t get in all day. Finally back, hopefully it stays up.
  25. kn5 - I LOVED your posts. So honest, vulnerable and real. I'm traveling to Rio for the first time in April and hope I can do as well as you, sharing all my experiences.
  26. Yeah timing out issues here too
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