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  3. Has anybody been to Belém? There is a very affordable direct flight from FLL to there on Azul that works for my next trip to Brazil but the most recent info on here concerning Belém that I could find is from 2016.
  4. Recently went to Thailand (mid May) and here are a few observations on what was a different Bangkok but also reassuringly familiar. Thai Pass so easy and airport arrival and entry smoother and faster than ever. Bangkok is still really quiet, which brings advantages of low accommodation costs and always getting a seat in a restaurant. At times it is too quiet, that buzz of a big city and nightlife not there, but then there are advantages….. I thought I was done with the Grand Palace and Wat Pho but an instinct it might be crowd free led to an 8.30 arrival with board member vinapu. And what a visit. It was like a private viewing! We were less than six people in total viewing the Emerald Buddha, and had the hall of the reclining Buddha and many courtyards to OURSELVES. I now have some amazing photos recorded digitally such was length of time since last entry. When we caught the boat back they had to radio for it to stop so few were the passengers waiting to head downstream. I enjoy the show bars for the entertainment rather than the taking off and here they were largely reduced in spectacle but the glass half full were how many were trying their best to get going sometimes with very low audience members. In Jupiter there were perhaps 25 brazing the air con at best and Moonlight on a Saturday had 15 at best and a much shorter show from only the models themselves. There does seem even more of a clear demarcation between the more no holds barred (Tawan/Hot male) and the fashion model parade (Moonlight, Jupiter, New Twilight). Be interesting to hear what relaxed opening and bigger visitor numbers brings. New Twilight has some money and energy behind it and is the most comfortable viewing experience, be interesting what next for them. maybe half the massage shops are empty or gone but plenty of choice at the others and walk in spaces at Prime which is the quality offering. MBK really shows how hard times have been with less than half the units occupied esp the smaller outlets I have some Thai friends and this saw a visit to Fake Club. This required a 120 baht swab test for entry with a nurse administering on the door. Felt very down beat on entry to be literally first customers at 10.20pm, buy by midnight it must have been 100 plus and was good fun with lots of time to chat to some very attentive models including Spai who appears to have transferred from Jupiter. A visit to DJ station on a Friday night with several Thai friends was the other extreme as it was so busy there were times you literally couldn’t move. It was like a subway train in peak rush hour. But this novelty was kinda fun after nearly three years. Bit bizarre to wear a mask all week on empty streets then no mask in a packed, indoor night club. As ever good to meet some new faces as well as the irrepressible @vinapu and also to catch up again with super guy and knowledgable @paulsfand @anddyover the week My last night saw all bars closed for an election, so took chance to try the local Sauna Mania. It was very busy and 120 baht to enter and as probably the only Farang there lots of interest and opportunity with no feeling of exclusion. I did find the heat and humidity a bit constraining and wouldn’t rush back in May but once again found my time in BKk, and the few days spent exploring the North, as rewarding as ever. So my advice is you only live once. go now before the world has come back, enjoy the quiet, and add to those special memories.
  5. yp11

    Silom bars

    Whether their big cock show still with underwear? It looks weird and bring up a mind that might be fake, last visit end of April.
  6. I,m in z909 camp. Long time for me is till breakfast, whenever I decide to go for that which varies. For current trip for example between 6 and 10 am. While occasionally for one reason or other boy declines long time I don,t subscribe to theory that guys don,t want to do it anymore. If that was a case who the he'll I,m sleeping with night after night here?
  7. It seems that after being called KFC, now next round of abuse was thrown at me by well known to me massage guy during our session. He saw me marching with 3 boys last night and suggested I should change my name to Casanova. Jealousy at work I guess
  8. Hunk won,t complain as long as they are tipped properly and offfed regularly
  9. I do think that some people do like condoms...perhaps they have been using them for so long that they are linked with sex. Others of an older generation may credit them with saving their lives while their peers succommed and are loathe to give them up. I totally respect guys who do PrEP + condoms, the safest alternative, but I do have something of an issue with guys who do not take PrEP, only use condoms and call PrEP-protected but condomless sex unsafe. (I'm not suggesting the previous poster is doing this; I detect it a lot on Grindr among middle-aged guys in Europe) That is flouting the science. For me, PrEP has been a liberation, both from the fear that was still present with the condoms (breaking or was the top taking it off in doggy...) and also from the unwelcome "barrier" to the connection between me and the guy. San Francisco buses once had promotion for PrEP heralding it as "OUR Sexual Revolution" and I heartily agreed. It really suggests that gays too deserve the condomless sex that was the result of the original sexual revolution. I will admit that the preference is mostly psychological...does it really "feel" that different when the top wears one?....but it is a strong preference indeed. All the more so if I'm going to buy a piece of meat, I really don't want to take it wrapped in plastic. I will....if the guy is otherwise hot enough, but I will take an otherwise a (slightly to somewhat) less hot guy who will go condomless. I take PrEP and so I am not reliant on the veracity of the garoto whether he takes it or not. The only issue where I am a bit concerned is sometimes on a borderline guy (a guy I'm not into enough if he wants to use condoms), when I ask him if he will do condomless, he says no and I decline, hopefully the incentive for the future would be to take PrEP, but I have some qualm that they could be incentivized to agree to condomless without the step of taking PrEP, which while I do take PrEP they could end up in the future incentivized to go condomless with a client who may not be
  10. For the water, I think it's a nuanced answer that it is unlikely to make you acutely sick, like Mexico, and so you don't have to go around worrying about eating say, salad, but it's not a good long term option. As for the saunas, certainly any evaluation of Rio based on Sat-Sun-Mon is woefully incomplete. But so far, pretty lackluster. Sat was a fairly good night at 117, no stunning guys, but definitely some handsome ones. Sunday at 117 and Monday at 202 quite forgettable. The few hotties I had gone with pre-pandemic, and so far the biggest surprise is that (again based only on these 3 days) I have not seen a new crop of post-pandemic hotties. Tonight, tuesday, of course will be the test. While the saunas so far disappointing, the Grindr (free) experiences are more than making up for it. Yesterday morning a 30ish guy out of my league, a body face and cock that would have been well above average had he been working at the sauna. Great sex for free
  11. Pay attention to weather reports while in Cuba. June 1 is start of hurricane season. While the strongest hurricanes don’t typically happen till later in season, they can happen earlier. The season runs through November. Cubs is not prepared for hurricanes as first world counties are - and evacuating to safer places in Cuba or leaving the island could be problematic. Familiarize yourself with Hurricane Watches vs Warnings and have a plan. I imagine basic items like bottled water and food would need to considered given overall circumstances on the island now.
  12. Im coming from the UK. I got my travel card for 30 days and will have to renew it while im there. It’s my last year before i start university so wanting to travel a bit and cuba is right on top my list. I plan to travel around the whole country hence the 2 months there. I would stay longer if i could but from what i know is that i can extend it for an additional 1 month only. Working isn’t really an issue as im working in a family run business and only communicating with customers online which my other family can do as well. Just hoping i can work a bit so dont have to put everything on them. Depending a lot on my airbnb hosts now which may not be a good idea. From internet to transferring money. I did join a cuba travel group on facebook and many seem to recommend getting help from your airbnh hosts. Worst case if cuba end up being a bad decision ill take a flight out to DR or colombia
  13. Just google it - you will find a variety of opinions from Brazilians and foreigners in Brazil. Some swear water ok to drink & others equally adamant never drink the water. I’ve always been told by the hotels no. Others may have different experiences. When in doubt, why risk it ?
  14. For me too @davet they are the most desirable of male companions. And if they are muscled and eager to bottom, I would be in heaven. Perhaps I spent too much of my youth in Southern California… All I know is that such rare guys were to be found in Prague but they often went to work in Zurich. Their habits may have changed. I hope others with expert, current knowledge will be along to advise you.
  15. I actually contacted both hotels and they are fine with me bringing guys up as long as they are registered. One even proposed the overnight joiner fee with breakfast.
  16. I'm very undemanding with Long Time. I like to go to the coffee shop for about 9:30 am and any lad is tipped beforehand and can join me for coffee or leave. I don't do multi-day offs, but if I did, I would want a few hours on my own too.
  17. What country are you from? 60 days is an unusually long time to stay in Cuba, especially for a first-time visitor that needs to work from the internet access while there. Cuba only allows 60-day tourist visas to nationals of a handful of countries. Most are 30 days max, that can be renewed for another 30 days once there. This would be quite a bit of a heavy lift for a first-timer with no contacts or relationships on the island.
  18. Long terms are problematical for the guys. P and his friend were taken to Koh Chang by a falang a year or so before I met him. It must have been about 2002. They had a great time and loved the chalet/hotel right on the beach. Being with a friend was very important. It's important that the guys have time-off...that is, time to socialize with friends, go the laundry, clean the room, talk to Mama or just relax without being with the falang all day. One of P's friends related a tale of woe which involved his spending a week as an appendage to an elderly falang, given no time off while remaining in Pattaya. For much of this time, he said, he just sat around, the falang not being very active. Yes, he was well-paid....but very miserable. If only, he said, he'd been allowed a couple of hours a day to do his own thing. And by the way, I know another guy who was taken to the Banyan Tree in Bkk (very nice too) but walked-out after two days, despite the financial loss, for much the same reason.
  19. iendo

    Thai Pass

    Me too! It was more or less instantly. Not different than in Novembar last year.
  20. I've been to Medellin in December and in January. That place was saturated with boys.
  21. Boy69

    Silom bars

    It was a risky move indeed to take the diminutive Lao boy upstairs and fortunately you didn't take him to your room otherwise you might destroy your good reputation among the hunks in Silom area forever.lol.
  22. Thanks for sharing. I visited inhouseagencia before, but I can only choose from photos. In sauna, I can see the real person first Other than that, the massage house is a good alternative
  23. SP massage houses first Then 117/202. They now get almost the same crowd. Then Lagoa - still worth it but not a must.
  24. This is very good news but this year my first trip abroad since the Covid begin will be in Colombia, I just hope I will have a great time as I had in my beloved Thailand.
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