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    He is a reason to plan another trip to BKK soon.
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    Some reviews from my July Bangkok trip

    I’m the type who when checking review sites looks for the really negative reviews. They can be revealing...sometimes, one person’s dislikes can be exactly what I’m looking for.
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    BKK first night

    Tout grabbed me after visiting Balcony for Kamakazi and dinner. Took me to Sweet Bananna Bar + one other (with a show). Nothing much but tips for performers in show. Went to another bar off Soi Tawan- Super A. One nice small boy I wanted very much to swallow his children. Also interesting massage place along Soi Tawan. Stopped by Fresh Boys on the way back to my hotel, BBB Inn. Some nice boys. Met Viet mamasan and tipped. Some boys cute. Also spottted Screw Boys downstairs so I stopped in for 1 drink (Red Bull). Plan to stop into Super A tomorrow again after I get my AmEx card to work...
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    BKK first night

    I agree...but always smile when you do so. A smile is often returned, but even if it's not, it is far more effective than a show of annoyance The loss of the 300bht will be a good price to pay for learning this lesson. And yes, a good supply of 20s and 100s is a must. Ask when you change money and use the 500s and 1000s in restaurants.... and 711s. I've never had any problems there, even if I'm only spending 30bht.
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    Interesting comments. Wherever we live in the world, we have to pay for accommodation in one way or another. Since Thailand has a range of accommodation to suit every pocket, I would take that as neutral. As for the appetite, well I have noticed that on a short trip of <1 month, it's tempting to see as many guys as possible. Particularly at the start & end of the trip. When my trip length increased to several months, I no longer needed to be chasing them every day. That actually has a couple of benefits. Firstly, when travelling around the quieter parts of the region, perhaps a suitable lad might only pop up every few days, so it's just as well I can do without. Secondly, this helps the budget. After a long trip, coming home is easier to cope with, particularly if I have missed the worst of the winter. Then eventually, the reality of a very limited selection of boys dawns. Incidentally, many years ago, I started focussing on getting to a "financially independent" status as early as possible. I figured a sum of X would be sufficient. Then I visited Thailand & discovered other new expenses, in particular boys, long holidays, air fares and a potential need to cover medical expenses if abroad at an older age. Hence, when I finally kicked my job into touch, the savings amounted to over 2X. I would still suggest anyone who is smitten by Thailand at an early age could consider the opportunities to improve their mobility, such as working abroad (only if the money is good), saving and investing like hell to achieve financial freedom or starting a business that could be run from anywhere.
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    It is one of the main reason i visited this forum many times daily lol. U have done most of the thing i do to cope except for one, bring your thai boy to you lol. I guess for US, itll be not so easy, since its quite far, and visa etc will be complicated. Lucky for me, thai doesnt need visa to go to my country, which happened to be just 2 hour flight away.
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    Strong baht hurting tourist arrivals

    following old advice ' bring half stuff and twice as much money ' always helps
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    The boyfriend experience

    I'm an LTR guy. I'm very fortunate to have found a long time Thai partner and have been to Thailand 8 or 9 times in the past 18 months. Last September I went out to his family home in Pathum Thani , before the ceremony held 12 months after the death of his father. I totally get the tale of the upstairs being closed off in respect of the deceased person. I went upstairs with my BF and burst into tears. The cabinet displaying a memorial to his Dad was is a terrible state, and the room was covered in bird shit. The actual ceremony was actually a happier event.
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    English language bookworms

    From Khaosod English BANGKOK — A decade ago, when Kindle was on the rise, Kaweewut Wuttiwibhu thought e-reading would spell the end of physical bookshops like his own. But Dasa Book Café still thrives as an established hub of Bangkok book lovers, especially those seeking English reading. “Thais, particularly the younger generations, are reading more English-language books,” co-owner Kaweewut, 45, said Tuesday. “It may be a trend for things analogue.” The charm of Dasa, meaning slave or servant in Sanskrit, is that you can resell the books that you buy. Customers are spoilt for choice by a selection of some 15,000 volumes. Kaweewut believes the demand for English-language books in Bangkok is growing as more Thais learn English from social media. Whatever’s behind the trend, Kaweewut and his business partner, Donald Gilliland, welcome it – it’s good for the shop, which has been open since 2004. Buyers can sell back purchased books at 50 percent of the paid price if they use the money to buy more books at the shop, or at 40 percent of the paid price if they want to keep the cash. Guidebooks can’t be resold. Books can only be resold within six months after the date of purchase, a period that was shortened from a previous rule of one year. Kaweewut explained that some customers handled books mercilessly, and he had to refuse beaten books and books that had clearly been plunged into the sea or a swimming pool. Dasa also carries some titles in French, German, Scandinavian, and Finnish. Prices range from 50 to 3,000 baht, although most books are priced around 200 baht. Used books are usually priced at half the price of new books, Kaweewut explained. Dasa Book Café is open everyday from 10am to 8pm. It is located between Sukhumvit Soi 26 and 28 Continues with photos http://www.khaosodenglish.com/life/2019/08/21/dasa-book-cafe-serving-bangkoks-english-language-bookworms/
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    sending money

    When I first visited Thailand the Boys did not have mobile telephones and email was not generally used. I used old fashioned mail from the UK to communicate with a boy I wanted to meet up with again. He wrote on a several envelopes, his address in Isaan in Thai Script and I just added THAILAND. He received the letters either in Isaan or in Pattaya, having been forwarded by his family. I was warned not to enclose money as postal workers were aware that farangs did this. In this way I was able to meet up with him during a subsequent trip.
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    OP: will look forward to your detailed report and maybe you can also include how comparable Brazil is to Thailand and the availability of all types . Thank you.
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    Bangkok Trip Report August 2019

    So you had no less then THREE guys in one day, and you did cum all three times, right? So enviable!!! I can't do it twice in the same day day lol Thanks for the great reports, very engaging
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    Drought reveals lost temple

    A clear sign of how serious the situation is. "The Big Boss" is visiting Surin tomorrow
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    Silicone Dick?

    I don't have any advice on how to handle it when you bet him to your place and see it for the first time. However, you are correct that it is not a pretty thing to see. So, I agree that it can be repulsive.
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    Some reviews from my July Bangkok trip

    U should go there and see what you have missed by not going.
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    You can always email them (despite the websites I've never booked them any other way): info (at) malaysiahotelbkk.com should get a reply within a day.
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    Dreamboy Paradiso

    Agree. That’s what is missing.
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    'Deep tissue' massage

    The September issue of Consumer Reports Health Letter advisers against getting a "deep tissue" massage if you are taking an anti-coagulant medication.
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    That’s so true Vinapu. But what about expats who have made their home in Thailand and have burnt their boats with their home country ?, They did their money sums before making the move, with pension income and probably with a lump sum from the the sale of a house, using an exchange rates that applied say from 2005 to 2015 ( in the case of the U.K. pound that would be between 70 to 50 Thai Baht) Now they are looking at 37 baht to a pound, a much larger depreciation than is the case with the USD OR EUR. perhaps they have a pension of say £1000 per month which produced in the past 60,000 baht - enough for a pleasant life particularly away from the resorts or BKK. Now it’s only 37,000 which means survival not living and the worry about medical expenses. If possible they should return to the UK, but perhaps connections with family and friends have been lost and the cost of finding somewhere to live has substantially increased. During my recent visits to Pattaya I have met several in the gay community who are in that position. Not for them the enjoyment of of sleeping with attractive money boys or racking up bar bills boosted by boy drinks. OK I can reminisce and complain about the exchange rate compared with when I first discovered Thailand (70 baht - £1) and a night in the gogos plus a boy in my bed was a trifling cost, but that’s nothing to the pain of many expats who are now struggling.
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    Power Boys

    I dont think prosthetic eyes is something u can just purchase through ebay. Its a medical procedure to first remove the natural eye before attaching the artifical eyes. That is most of the cost goes to.
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    Asking advice from Americans in the forum

    Thanks a lot for highlighting these two places, which was not in my radar at all. I feel like i can easily cover nyc, fire island, boston and province town to fill the week lol. Thanks for highlighting all the shows in vegas. Ive been to vegas 2-3 times and ventured to grand canyon and hoover dam as well before. But i was never much of a show guy before since those visits were during my univerisity years hehe, and most interesting shows for me at that time were more of shows like blue man's group and chippendales lol
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    yes, rest assured it will
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    Tarntawan Hotel milestone

    I noticed that on last minute booking some hotels are extremely expensive in comparison to booking in advance but others reduce the price substantially if you booking at the last minute probably to fill empty rooms. In my upcoming trip I will book only the first days of vacation at Pattaya and will book the rest there .
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    Khao San rd. to get facelift

    while I agree that Khao San is a tourist magnet I always wonder what is the pull of the place other then desire of young travelers to be in a company of their own kind. Like people are traveling all the way from say , Germany or USA to meet other Germans / Americans . Very little local color , no prime attraction nearby, inconvenient to get to and not very attractive part of town , honestly I'd be happy if somebody explained what is the reason for a place being such magnet
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    Bangkok's Best Gay Fuck Shows

    Last week (23 July) i went to Dreamboys. TBH450 entry with a glass of coke. There was only a guy i kept looking on him - handsome, no tattoo and lean body. He hadn't had a number tagged to him. He performed a mop dance and just showed his butt crack. The 2nd performance was in skimpy swimwear. Well, i enjoyed myself but Moonlight and Jupiter are still on top of my choices.
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    You have to take into consideration that October is the most rainy month in the year so don't plan in advance anything .
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    From touristy stuff I recommend Muang Boran (Old City ) in the outskirts of Bangkok with miniatures of most famous buildings of Thailand, Snake farm just across the road fro BBB Inn and Wat Hualampong not far from there , with live cows. Hindu temple on Silom is quite interesting.
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    First Time in Bangkok

    welcome to the forum and keep in mind there are people with good memory here. You will have double fun because there's no time like first time. Because your trip is long make sure you do a lot of regular touristy stuff, even without boys and bars Thailand is very fascinating country
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    First Time in Bangkok

    You are young at your age you'll have plenty opportunities for free sex through apps and clubs I doubt you ever off someone from the bars.
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    Some reviews from my July Bangkok trip

    I've stayed in just about every AirBnb on Silom soi 3. Ranging from £30 per night to £80. Its a much better experience for stays more than 3 nights. Silom Lofts and Baan Pipat are the best. Quad Suites next to Holiday Inn Express are dark and dismal. Klaas Silom Condo are very small, but modern. Best value has been the slightly shabby "penthouse" on the top of The Oasis.
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    BKK first night

    And avoid those parked outside hotels and tourist spots. I remember being told that Tarntawan to Babylon was 200 bht. The metred cost is about 70 bht And when there's a row of them, prepare for a cartel.
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    Tarntawan Hotel milestone

    Many--if not most--Bangkok hotels will offer discounts to locals although not many publicize it. Thais know it can be commonly obtained by simply asking. I don't think it has anything to do with worthiness and I don't begrudge those who receive it.
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    BKK first night

    that 100 at closing time from Patpong to Malaysia is my experience also , few times even driver refused to go for that much / and I refused to pay more, plenty moving taxis in BKK at any time/ Otherwise you seem very frivolous with money, nothing wrong in being in spending mode on vacations but your money should go to the boys , not waiters , mamasans or tuktuk/ taxi drivers unless you have some designs on those.
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    The Gay Cruise

    From South China Morning Post Gay Chinese find a place to be themselves on ‘Rainbow Cruise’ to Vietnam Workshops, talks and advice on LGBT issues are on offer during five-day return journey from Shenzhen to Da Nang With more than 1,000 gay Chinese and their families on board the ship, it’s also a place for some to come out On the deck of a cruise ship in southern China, two grey-haired men stood in silence, shoulders touching, looking out to sea, as other passengers bustled on board and settled in for the journey to Vietnam. Among them was Yang Yong, a 35-year-old banker who boarded the Costa Atlantica with his elderly parents. He told them he got a cheap deal – his mother was pleased, but his father was less enthusiastic. For Yang, it was important that they join him, so he did not say much about the trip. They thought it was just a family holiday. Aged in their 70s, Yang’s parents had been worried about their unmarried son, even arranging blind dates for him in the hope he would meet someone and settle down. Sitting with them after breakfast on the second day, Yang dropped the bombshell. “I want you to know, this will have an impact on our lives,” he said, tears welling in his eyes. “I thought about not telling you, but I want us all to live together in the future, so I have to say it.” His mother asked if he was ill. His father asked if he was attracted to men. They were on the “Rainbow Cruise” from Shenzhen to Da Nang, along with more than 1,000 gay Chinese and their families. During the five-day return voyage, they could attend workshops, talks and activities including speed dating on board the cruise ship, and get support and advice on LGBT issues. It was also a place for some, like Yang, to come out. In its third year, the annual event in June was organised by PFLAG China, an NGO based in Guangzhou that supports the LGBT community, their parents and friends. It is held on a cruise ship because it is difficult to find a venue for a mass LGBT event in mainland China, where homosexuality is not openly discussed. It was illegal until 1997 and was removed from an official list of mental disorders only in 2001. Attitudes towards homosexuality remain generally closed in Chinese society, in part due to a traditional Confucian emphasis on marriage and having children. Although the LGBT community is estimated at 70 million people and vibrant gay scenes do exist in the mainland’s large cities, for many it is a struggle to be accepted by their families and society. Stories are rife of people being forced to have so-called conversion therapy or entering into sham marriages. The theme for this year’s cruise was “Be yourself, discover a brand new world”. For Yang, it was inconceivable that he could “be himself” when he was younger, a time when he felt ashamed of being gay and wanted to keep it a secret. But that all changed after he moved to Guangzhou for work eight years ago and came across PFLAG China. Continues at https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3020289/gay-chinese-find-place-be-themselves-rainbow-cruise-vietnam
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    AmEx credit card

    On the fourth floor of Silom complex you'll find several major banks that have branch offices.
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    I believe that Christianpfc may have posted about this site on his blog a few years back. From the Bangkok Post The Makkasan train depot in downtown Bangkok used to be the country's main centre for locomotive maintenance. It means more than a final resting place for old locomotives and carriages as it has preserved the architectural integrity and beauty of a bygone era and united the spirit of the railway staff. (Photos by Patipat Janthong) The idea of an adventure walk through a run-down train yard overgrown with tall trees may not be everyone's cup of tea. However, under the partially obscuring canopy lies what once was the country's main train maintenance hub. Indeed, the 497-rai Makkasan depot has retained its significance even today, albeit for quite a different reason. Peeling off the depot's rusty facade reveals its charming architectural designs inherent in the old maintenance building while the sheer size of the place that has fallen into neglect and been taken over by trees makes its one of the city's largest green spots. However, a blueprint is on the State Railway of Thailand's drawing board to commercially develop the area. The plan could very easily spell doom for the depot's architectural charm, its green existence as well as the communities living there. To avert doom, the rail worker unions and architectural experts have agreed that developments do not always have to equate to the destruction of what came before and should be preserved. Having marked the 109th anniversary of its establishment late last month, the depot is being integrated into the 220-billion-baht high-speed train project linking three gateway airports -- Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang and U-Tapao. The Makkasan depot is eyed as a hub for the high-speed train scheme. Earmarked for development is Zone A, which is home to the maintenance operations. Most of buildings at the depot showcase striking architectural beauty with the oldest building, the Ror For Por 2465, having served as the maintenance centre for steam locomotives in the bygone era and for the diesel engines today. Old maintenance tools are kept at the buildings while two nearby warehouses store many types of hard and precious woods, including teak, phayung (Thai rosewood), shorea, and hopea, which were formerly used in railway construction. Continues at https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/special-reports/1719855/back-to-the-railway-future-
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    Tarntawan Hotel milestone

    Interesting...the hotel's website now shows a discount for Thais... For those who are not Thai the prices are slightly higher than before the renovation. BUT on Agoda they appear to be the same as before - within a few baht of The Raya. I'm planning a November visit and will soon start being serious about what hotel to choose as my base camp.
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    I kind of refuse to go to mainland China. Hong Kong is a place where I've transited several times. I've also managed a layover of about 24 hours there which is enough time to see a couple of things and/or get a massage. The train from the airport is fast. I like Seoul, but ICN is a long way from the city. Even on the "express" train it takes at least an hour. I don't mind connecting at NRT but I've never had more than a couple of hours there. As noted it's a long way from the airport to Tokyo. Some airlines will allow you a free stopover of a more worthwhile length. I think Korean Airlines has restricted or curtailed the practice but I've used their free stopover a couple of times. First time for a week. And on my trip over this fall it will be 10 days. I'd check to see if Cathay or EVA or China Airlines (Taiwan) allows it. I think Qatar Airways allows a stopover too if you're dying to see Doha.
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    My Thai friend speaks English well enough to have moved beyond the sort of Thai-based constructions mentioned above. But he just cannot pronounce the letter V. I've tried to convince him that there are simple methods to learn consonants that don't occur in Thai (e.g. put your upper teeth on your lower lip...) but as is often the case he just doesn't believe me. So I get wacation and wery and wisa. And Wolwo. Ten years ago I told him if he could say Volvo I'd buy him one. We're still driving the same old Honda.
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    Money boy doesn't want money

    Wasn't there a whole thread about trying to ensure a more successful off? I think this is an easy part of that. If your place isn't truly close by local standards, then indulge the guy and make him feel a tad bit better by taking a taxi or tuktuk. If it's your first time with a guy, they are also wondering about what kind of person you are. If I'm heading home alone, I happen to walk, because it's nice. But if I'm with someone, I don't impose by 10,000 steps a day (or whatever) regimen. I'll usually take a guy back with me by tuktuk, even though tuktuk's aren't really designed for someone my height, just because that way it's sort of a fun amusement ride for me. That way everybody's happy and my guy has saved his energy for the fun stuff. Separately, I'll note that Iv'e gone trekking in forests, climbed mountains (literally) and walked all over for hours at a time with different guys. I know one guy who regularly runs half-marathons, another particularly good friend runs in Lumpini Park every day, and another who rides his bike there. And one needs only go to a night market (or similar) to see that the local guys can walk for hours and hours. I like to walk, but I have friends in NYC who would rather die than walk a mile, so we take taxis there. Same same.
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    Yes..I guess he got hair transplant..which Tum really wants .. for him it’s good :-) but for Babe these artificial work was NOT necessary... will ask him what was going on..
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    I miss myself, the one in BKK who didnt mind if 9:30 meant 10 or even sometimes 10:30.
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    Guys - VCK is a brothel. So is Prince. (For that matter, so is Bangkok Massage, Myhero, etc., etc., etc.). So are most of the other shops we discuss. They don't provide much training, don't advertise as having trained-and-licensed masseurs. You might fid a guy who gives good or great "legit" massages, but that's all upside. Don't go in expecting it. These places offer erotic/sensual "massages" for relaxation and foreplay, plus sexual services. That's all that you or I can realistically expect at these places. That's what you get for the advertised price. If you go with those reasonable expectations and understandings you will more likely than not have a good time. Asnstudent has it right. There are other shops that advertise or try to distinguish themselves more on massage skills, or that don't so much hire the pretty boys so maybe the massages might be a tad bit better. If that's more important, then don't go to VCK, Prince, etc. It's really that easy. If you don't like the cost - don't go. Go elsewhere. And be happy. Asnstudent also has it right that 9:30 meeting means 9:30, not 9:35.
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    I did not reward him for his substandard performance, but I did it for some good memories that I had with him.
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    I can imagine being turned on by the looks even if performance leaves a lot to desire. There are guys out there who are pleasure to be with just because of their looks, personality or even just cock size or shape even if everything else seem to be substandard. On another hand all may seem to be perfect - looks, performance and big bulge but whole experience may be ruined by bad breath or just our own headache
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    Thank you so much for your understanding. Indeed there was not much to reveal but i guess i dont want to be a spoiler so decided to leave his admirers in the world of their own imagination and fantasy.
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    3 bars, 3 massages in Bangkok

    Hmmm, those Freshboys aren't gonna stay fresh for very long if Screwboys are under them, know what I mean...
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    To continue my report, this is one of the most exciting experience I had in Bangkok, I went to Prince Massage. Finding this place is like finding a treasure in a map. Actually, I screenshot the map in their website so I could navigate it easily since its only walking distance from my hotel, but I still got lost, lol. Its a very good thing BKK people are very friendly and helpful to tourist & after asking a lot of people, I already saw the sign of Prince, its a hidden gem actually but its really, really worth it when you found it. Upon entering its courtyard, it got lot of plants and greeneries which can immediately make you relax. This is the classiest massage place I've ever been. The walls are in glass and upon entering the glass door, you can already find a lot of hot guys in glass, some are working out at the gym, some are playing billiards while the others are seating in sofas busy with their smartphones. What a very lovely way to greet their guests, with a lot of muscles to see since they really got well-defined bodies and a lot are good-looking. I was greeted by this soft-spoken manager (or receptionist?) wearing Prince shirt. Then the guys, just like in other massage places, lined-up when I was already talking with the manager who explained to me the services, rooms & tips. When I already decided on the type of massage, he asked me to pick a guy as my masseur. Wow, this is so exciting. I really had a hard time selecting a guy since almost all of them are hot. I really look on this guys one at a time from face to muscular bodies, then going back staring again. So I just said to the manager if the very hot guy from their website is available and I show him his picture. I noticed he is not on the selection. Unfortunately, he does not report today, sigh, I really, really want him I said to the manager. I'll call him Mr. Hot Guy. Its a very good thing the manager was so accommodating he called Mr. Hot Guy and asked him if he will come later. I almost jump from excitement when the manager told me Mr. Hot Guy will arrive in an hour, and if I could wait. Of course I said YES with a smile. Then he confirmed it with Mr. Hot Guy on the line and asked me to wait on the couch and gave me a glass of water. While waiting, I read some free gay magazines on the hottest gay spots in BKK complete with map and list of places, and also features the hottest Thai guys. I remember having copies of it before so I asked the manager if I can have a copy as a guide, and he nods with a smile. While waiting for Mr. Perfect Guy, I noticed the other hot guys are trying to catch my attention by lifting heavy dumbbells and barbells, but I just smile. It also gave me the chance to check again the other hot guys filled with muscles. Ah, this place is heaven, ha ha...and very classy, I like the interiors btw. Alas, the manager said that Mr. Hot Guy has arrived and it got me excited. He shows me this corridor with glass mirrors and from there I saw Mr. Hot Guy. He's shirtless and wears a pants. I could see the muscles which made me hard and his flawless skin. Wow, he's hotter in person, I even said that to him and he smiles when he heard it. He guide me to our room while I kept glancing on him. The room was also very, very nice. Its the standard room btw with a small table where the oil for the massage and tissue was placed, hanger for the clothes and at the end of the bed was the shower in silhouette glass divider with sliding glass door. Mr. Hot Guy asked me to shower first. I said "Yes" but in a very sweet voice I said "But can I touch your muscles first?" And he responded with a smile "Of course". I wasted no time touching his muscles and abs, wow this made me really hard. He even said that he didn't have that much time to go to the gym but I said no way, ur gym fit which made me smile. After enjoying his muscles, lol...I started undressing so I can hit the shower while he excuse himself and left the room. While showering, I heard Mr. Hot Guy returned to the room. I can see he's already undressing as I saw in the mirror in front of the bed. What a view!!! I'm surprised he join me in the shower in his naked glory, haa haa. I immediately said to him if I can soap him and he said okay. Wow again. I'm a bit shy that I had an erection, lol. Then he also soaped me, even my very hard m*nh**d, and I also does the same to him to break even, ha ha. After showering and drying ourselves with towel, he asked me to lay on the bed, face down. He started with my back. He is really good in massage, I guess from experience, and we're having a non-wholesome chat while at it. It tickles me when his m*nh**d brush to my body. I'm surprised its also hard. Then he asked me to turn. And I can see he is indeed hard, wow. I also could not hide my full erection, he he. Then he massage me at front. Then came the most awaiting moment for me. He immediately kiss me on the neck which sends shiver to my body. He's an expert I can tell. And he moved to my nipples which made me moan and groan. Mr. Hot Guy is really an expert in l*ck*ng. And I was surprised he kissed me on the lips, I even felt his tongue moving on my mouth, which also made me do it. Wow! And to my biggest surprise, he gave me a bj. And he's very good to s*ck to my surprise. And if it still not enough for a surprise, he raised my legs and gave me a r*m, my 1st time actually. I'm really trembling with lust at that time. Afterwards, he asked me if he can penetrate me but I said wait, wait, wait, he said I can manage his size. Then he asked if he want to f*ck me or I want to f*ck him, only one, he said, so in a very sweet voice I said "can I f*ck you?" which he responded okay. As I lay on my back, he slipped a condom to my m*nh**d and put a lube on it and at the same time on his h*l* while he's on top of me. While he's getting ready, I keep glancing on his muscled body and flawless skin and I can't believe this is happening (a dream came true perhaps). Then I can feel he slowly inserts my m*nh**d on his h*l*. He's starting to sit on it. And I'm not sure if he's getting hurt or enjoying it with his reaction. Slowly I'm getting inside him and I hope he does not get hurt. When I'm already fully inside him, he paused for a moment. I enjoyed seeing this in the mirror. Then he started p*mp*ng slowly first then get's faster and faster. I could even hear his *ssch**ks slapping my skin. What a moment! After a while, I asked him to stop first and while I'm still inside him moved him so he lay on his back with legs raised up. Now its time for me to p*mp hard. I can hear he is enjoying it now. I moved on a maximum speed. I also admire what's happening while looking in the mirror. Then while still inside him, I slowly turn him on a side position, raising one of his leg. I teased him slowly again then in full speed. I can see in the mirror how hot this scene is. After that, I slowly moved him in a doggy position and moved closer to him so can penetrate him deep. We're both catching our breath this time. I glanced again in the mirror and I like his reaction with this style while I moved in and out faster again. Lastly, I lowered his body, face down while I'm on top of him without removing mine. I ask him if he's okay and he said "yes, yes". I p*mp*ed slowly again then faster and faster and in every thrust I can hear his moan & groan. When I'm about to c*m, I removed my m*nh**d on him and let him m*st*rb*t* me. My c*m sprayed like a fountain. Ah that was nice, very nice! I also j*rk-*ff him til he c*m. Then we showered together and soap each other. Of course I doubled the standard tip since I'm really, really satisfied. Then we hug each other and said "I'm gonna miss u" and then we kiss on the lips, no tongue this time, he he. Then I left the room, walked on the corridor with mirror and the manager thank me and I also thank him in a Thai hand gesture. I left the glass door with a smile on my face. Looking forward on my next itinerary @ night MOONLIGHT...TO BE CONTINUED LATER
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    Bangkok Trip Report

    Back in my room eating mango sticky rice noms as I wonder what to do until the night gogo bars start to open. Decide to write about my trip, years ago I learnt a lot of valuable info from this forum so hope this helps any newbies etc. Also this is just a place for me to write abt my trip like a diary for future reading and enjoyment, and not meant to be like a super informative guide, but hope it helps! Day 1 So landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport and the queue was terrible... almost 30 minutes for immigration. Took airport taxi which ran by meter to my trusted Le Meridiem Hotel on surawong road. About 280 baht + 75 for highway toll + 50 for airport fees. Ive been to bangkok at least 7-8 times since my very first trip in 2014.. typing all this on my phone so abit hard to link to my first trip report, but if ur keen u can click my username and see my threads, otherwise ill put a link when im back home. Le meridiem hotel is my go to hotel, ive stayed here on all trips except once (didnt hv the dates i wanted) and i hv no complaints. No issues with bringing a friend overnight, good in room food service all day long, theres a small gym/pool area which is not bad with nice shower facilities (i use it when i have to checkout but staying in bangkok a few more hours till my flight), nice spacious room. Abit pricey though, but if within your budget, highly recommended. Went off for a massage first at arena. Walked there from the hotel. It opens at 11.30am but went there about 1pm+. the mall its in looks very rundown with shops that appears to have closed down. But fret not, head to level 3 and you’ll find arena. Once in, about 20 shirtless guys were standing around and I had a hard time choosing. The selection of guys were more older, less twinky im fact 0 twinks, but more rugged kind of guys. Paid 600 for the room for 1 hour and headed up. Room was not very nice/looks abit dirty but it dosent matter to me. Chose a guy called Sam and had a good hard massage for about 45 mins before moving on to hugging/carressing/licking for a short while heh. gave 1500 in tips. I would say arena dosent have the best facilities compared to senso/prince, abit dirtyish but good enough for me for a massage. Selection of guys compared to senso/prince i would say is more older rugged kind of feel, sweaty kind of vibe. But ive been here every trip and i would recommend it. Price of the rooms is the lowest. I then headed to the prince. Took a long walk through the streets of silom, had a long tiring walk under the sun and was all sweaty.. nearly took a cab but i told myself how dare i, after all the decadence i was going to have, i had to work for it heh. Prince by far probably has the best facilities, but higher prince for the room. paid 1100 for 1.5hr room. The guys are behind a glass wall, gymming/playing pool, but will stand in a line once a customer comes in. Given a ice cold drink as well which was much needed. Selected a cuteish looking guy called Fem. guys here are more muscleish , theres young hunks & older as well. didnt rly see any twinky ones. Selection was hard cuz there were lots of hot muscle bois =) but eventually settled on Fem. found out that he was gay while chatting, probably explains why we were making out almost the whole time hee. Not much massage to be honest, went into the after massage bits fairly quickly, but oh well, not complaining. tipped 2000 and headed to senso =) but i was hungry and decided to cab to silom to take a bite. actually just wanted to cool down abit, sun was rly hot, and headed to haagan daz to have an ice cream and air con. Next walked to senso. Everytime i go to senso i have to walk past 1-2 times and then walk back again haha because senso is the most like exposed massage place, sometimes im too shy to enter straigt away. I remember my very first time, i walked past it back and forth at least 3-4 times before quickly entering. Its on a busy street and anyone can see u enter it. But after awhile i didnt care anymore haha and i just walked str in today. Senso has a mamasan as a host, had about 10 guys standing very close to you (1m away) all lined up, shirtless and sweaty from their gymming, and smiling at u oh boy.. but i quickly chose Tim, my go to senso boy. Had him at least 4-5 tims before and have no complaints. He does a hard massage, and sensual too. 1000 for the room, 1500 as tips. Senso has decent facilities, comparable to prince. Main difference between senso and prince i would say os that in senso, the boys are 1m from you without any glass wall. You can see them up close and sometimes a bit intimidating as well but fun i guess. In prince u can be sitting 5-10m away, although if u want u can definitely go up close and have a look. Quality of boys largely the same kind of muscleish jockish young guys. Headed out and bought mango sticky rice from this lady just at the main silom road outside senso street, shes been there since 2014 at least when i first went to bkk, and i love her mango sticky rice! Headed back to hotel and resting awhile before deciding which bar to go to tonight heh... Am considering trying out a new massage place for fun, any suggestions? Ive always been to arena/senso/prince only on my past few trips for convenience (i always stay at le meridien), all walkable distance. I did went to the old hero, but not the new one.
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