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Found 8 results

  1. This is an interesting article (with a few dimly lit photos) in the Sunday 17 November 2019 issue of The Rio Times about the recurrent gay sex parties (and the individual party "flavours") that take place regularly in downtown São Paulo. https://riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/sao-paulo/the-mysterious-gay-underground-world-of-sao-paulo/ I get the impression that the author personally enjoys these parties and is not a Bolsonarista or Evangelical zealot trying to do an exposé of the orgies but I could be wrong about his motives. There are a few points the reporter makes that might present concerns for some of us: • He considers the parts of São Paulo where the parties are held to be dangerous. • Party drugs and alcoholic beverages are consumed at these events, substances that may impair one's judgement. • Condomless sex is the norm at these orgies. While the author makes the point that PrEP is now more widely available in Brazil, lowering one's risk of acquiring HIV when used properly, PrEP does NOT prevent acquisition of other sexually transmitted infections via barebacking. • Perhaps this author is blind to the financial transactions of other soruba (orgy) attendees. That said, he makes the point that there is no sex being exchanged for money at these parties and that it is all about "free sex". Sorubas were popular at one time in Rio de Janeiro and I've been to a couple of them in Catete and Glória. But these São Paulo sex parties appear to be events of an even greater magnitude. Have any of you attended the parties described in the author's review in The Rio Times?
  2. Long time Rio resident headed to Medellin for 3 months ( Dec - March ) to escape Rio heat and tourists. Planning to better my spanish and enjoy the famous weather and local boys.... Looking for tips on where the fun might be found. Any recommendations?
  3. Hi all I'm in my twenties 100%bottom gay living in thailand with my thai boyfriend. I have BDSM fantasy and my boyfriend never wants to do for me. He fuck me great and often i come without touching my cock. But i want to be dominated by someone and get fucked. He refused to do it so i ended up start looking for escort, massage boy, and massage shops. I went to "'my hero" and turn around and came back home. I felt guilty by just searching and thinking of cheating him. I have no idea what should i do. + He never ask me to do his fantasy and he told me he doesnt have any fantasies. How should i convince him to do as i wish. No clue. Help me
  4. For my next trip to LOS, in October/November, I'm thinking of wandering a bit further than my usual haunts of Pattaya and Bangkok. I'm currently thinking of spending a couple of weeks in Chiang Mai. Anyone with experience there, can you recommend gay friendly hotels or resorts? Also, is two weeks too much? Would appreciate any recent experiences. Thanks.
  5. Guest

    Prince Sauna

    With difficulty, we found Prince Sauna last night. It's a nice enough place with a glass window to keep the masseurs from lunging at you. There were plenty of them, and they were plenty masculine. Minimum tip on an hour massage is 1000 baht. Oil or cream ran almost as much for the room. I chose Bee, who took me to the room and left me there while I showered. He then came in, showered, and my one hour cream massage began. The legs got the most attention, but soon there was massage in between them. Bee seemed to want me to show the goods fast, and I guess I did, since when we were finished only 35 minutes had gone by. He is nice looking, and got hard, but I am not sure why.
  6. Guest

    Thank You, Gentlemen

    In recent weeks I have found myself coming here more often. I enjoy Thailand, and I enjoy reading about it. This forum is freer of the attitude that some other places have. It's also not dependent on one or two fellows to keep it going. One site lost its "two fellows" and now is a shadow of itself as they were the ones who provided much of the content. Another site I look at has so many rules that I have to come up for air once in a while. It thrives, but does not respect its members. So, Gay Thailand is doing well, and its members deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. You also receive my personal thanks for doing the job right. I hope that I can keep up with you.
  7. Well I should hopefully be able to book my trip within the next week or two, just wanting to tie up one more loose end first, still looking at October for a couple of weeks. I really miss having massages and the extras that follow, this time I will be flying in from a different route and that will get me in to Bangkok mid afternoon rather than the evening so I will be booking a massage at Bonny (4 hands with two tops, have been in touch with them by email about making an advance booking when I get to Bangkok) to start my trip off with a bang. I will also be revisiting Hero for my usual good time there and will also visit Adonis, closer to the end of the trip though, as I like the idea of one their hung boys give it to me good (I should be loosened up nicely by then).
  8. Hello, I have a boyfriend and he’s gonna move to another city for 6 months. Don't think that I’m obsessed, but I don't want to lose him, because he’s my only love. Could you please help me and advise which app to choose to remotely keep an eye on him!? Maybe somebody use such apps?
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