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Bangkok gay guides from Siamroads.com

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Meanwhile new feedback on Sunny's tour to Ayutthaya from Bangkok:


We had a wonderful time with Sunny touring Ayutthaya.  I would highly recommend booking a private tour with Sunny!  Lunch was perfect and we ended the evening with a couple drinks at the bar in our hotel.   Thanks again for the wonderful experience!  We won’t hesitate to book with your company again in the future.

Thanks again!

C**** B******



Sunny's profile and photos are here: https://siamroads.com/guide-in-bangkok-sunny-thailand/


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Siamroads Got 2 reviews on Mac's tours:


MAC is a very nice guy, very friendly, attentive, full of good will and good vibes, he knows the city well and has always good tips for his customers, he always endeavours to please them so that they have the best memories of their tour with him. It would be even better if he was a bit better organized because he tends to be a bit messy. But since he is still fairly young, he will learn to improve himself on that point, in his own interest and that of his customers. Ian


I have recently completed a trip to Thailand.

I had Mac as a companion/guide. I cannot recommend him enough!

His communication via WhatsApp prior to my arrival was excellent. He assisted me with transport arrangements and was happy to help with anything by request and as it happened. I was able to enjoy some of the most beautiful touring sites, get in a lot of the best shopping available. Mac also showed me around the nightlife areas in the later hours whilst advising me on everything i needed to know to safely enjoy the entertainment, also the dangers and traps that lurk for foreigners and how to avoid them.

Not only is he a wonderful, caring and client focused young man, he is extremely knowledgeable about everything from Thai history, culture and customs. He even advised on the best times of day to visits certain areas and when to employ different modes of transport to avoid untimely delays in traffic or otherwise.

When you employ a guide for 14 hours in a day, they will need to eat as well. Mac was happy to source inexpensive food from street vendors to save me money, However I insisted he join me inside the beautiful and cost effective Thai food establishments that he introduced me to. Even then Mac would only have a very basic dish, forever keeping and eye on my expenditure.

Mac, if you read this thank-you! You are an absolute angel and a truly amazing tour companion. I will use him again and again on my future visits.

Cheers Rob

Mac's profile and more photos are here: https://siamroads.com/mac/


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