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I am arriving in BKK on Monday and looking for restaurant recommendations....

Definitely visiting the @vinapu rated 5* venue and will be taking the chicken and cashews. 

Where are the other reasonably priced star venues? 

I can go eat high end and I am sure I can get great food on the street - I am looking for those places that are not flashy or trying to hard. Somewhere I am not going to feel out of place wearing whatever I want to wear...

and ideally close to the boys in Silom, but not exclusively if I can get there easily...

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Here are a few suggestions from my to-do list, they're scattered around but everything is close enough to a train station or other attractions. I think almost all of them are casual restaurants or street food, some of the list was made pre-covid so check google maps if they're still there.

  • Mango Tree            
  • Silom Square Food Center    
  • Prachak Roasted Duck    
  • Yong He Dou Jiang    
  • Bangrak Food Center
  • Meng Phochana Chicken rice    
  • Sala Rim Naam
  • Inter Thai Food             
  • Savoey    
  • Favour Café    
  • Make Me Mango @ Tha Tian        
  • Krua Khun Puk        
  • Krua Apsorn - recommended for tiger prawn curry with lotus stalk
  • Ruen Urai        
  • The Emporium Shopping Mall - Recommended food court
  • ปู๊ตี่บะหมี่เกี้ยวกุ้ง หอศิลป์วัฒนธรรมแห่งกรุงเทพมหานคร    Wonton / Char Sui Pork - Level 3
  • ICI.BKK Desserts - Desserts Michelin Guide    
  • Baan Khanitha & Gallery    - Highly Rated
  • Som Tam Jay So
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open front sea food restaurant across the street from Raya ( name escaped me )

I often dine there with my guys and universally we both are leaving happy and full . If you go there with boy watch what they order as some sea food treats are pricey indeed.

Not just sea food , they have regular stuff ( I don't eat sea food other than pork chops )


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Lots of excellent suggestions!  I would add: Somtum Der on Sala Daeng Rd, near where Senso used to be.

Mango Tree has always been a default option for me but, on my last visit in early, pre-Covid 2020, the food was good but the service was poor, especially in view of the prices.

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Pre covid I've always enjoyed Mango Tree, going early (6 - 6:30pm) and avoiding the crowds I have never had any issues with quality or service. Likewise I don't mind G's on Soi 4 to mix it up a bit, I used to like Roadhouse but that is a bit too expensive but will still drop by at times for the lunch specials. I have also had some good meals at Happy Beer Garden over the road from the Raya hotel. 

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10 hours ago, vaughn said:


  • The Emporium Shopping Mall - Recommended food court

Worth a visit to the top floors (7th and 8th?) of the Helix section of Emquartier.

Literally dozens of restaurants arranged round a helix climbing the two floors.
Also on the same floors, I think, are the amazing gardens, to be honest, I never found the gardens but saw photos from a friend who did.

The ground floor has inside and outside coffee shops including a(n) Harrod's Ice Cream Parlour.

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9 hours ago, vinapu said:

I often dine there with my guys and universally we both are leaving happy and full . 

if i am not mistaken, it opens only for dinner or must open quite late in the afternoons. 

After I was introduced to that place by your (and my) favorite moonlight model once, I went back there myself on the next day for lunch around 11- 11:30 am, and they were closed. not sure if it was because of a special day. 

I liked their food and service was quite good too. 

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thanks for the info. unfortunately google says it is permanently closed if it is the one you meant. 

many other japanese restaurants on surawong and thaniya have also gone, probably damages made by this pandemic. 


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13 hours ago, khaolakguy said:

I second the recommendation for Le Bouchon for when it reopens. I always enjoyed the ambiance and the food, and it was very convenient for the bars afterwards too! Less so in it's new location sadly.

but closer to soi Pluk Chit and it's Sabaidee and Sanctuary by A massages 

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