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4 hours ago, reader said:

News article out of Phuket reports that the crackdown was fallout from human trafficking arrests in a Patong bar that had ripple effects, triggering spot checks in Pattaya and Bangkok.

I first read this as "nipple effects" and instantly wanted to know more. I would have joined those spot checks! 😁

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19 hours ago, emiel1981 said:


Thank god your lad was right. Closure of the naughty bars only lasted one night. So I could go out again. First on my list was to check out the new DreamBoy location. Big improvement, because there's no big pole anymore obstructing the view. Temperature good, music loud but for me not too loud. Massive stage, full with about 50 (!) boys. All types. Show at 22h30 was same same as always and everywhere. 

Lots of boys and for sure also some that I liked. But it was still early and wanted to check out other bar also. So to the other side of the street to Hotmale I went. Show there finished already. Only a group of 3 Asian customers with buckets off alcohol drinking with some of the boys. About 15 boys working. I was told 10 boys were already taken earlier that night just after the 22h30 show. Because no customers, no 2nd show tonight. Boys all wearing red long sport trousers on stage. Some even kept their shirt on. 

Invited a cute smiling boy with good body over to have a drink with me. After some talking, touching (feeling his 6pack) and groping decided to take him home for the night. 

By the way, if you're going to stay in Quarter Silom Hotel than you could request a room in "tower 3". Entrance to this building is separate, you or/and your boys will not have to pass reception for greater privacy. 



In September I met this goodlooking half Thai / half Dutch guy. 

He told me to contact him again when I was in Thailand the next time. So off course I did. And this time was as good as I remembered from September. His mouth and hole hungry for my dick. Active but submissive. And very friendly also. 

A real afternoon delight he was. Even better: he plans to come to the Netherlands for summer to visit his family over there. So for sure we will be able to meet again than... Lol

What were the boys wearing at Dreamboy and Hotmale?

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I am staying at the Silom Quarter in a few weeks. It was about the same price as the Tarntawan but has a pool and gym which is a definite upgrade. I saw your comment about trying to get a room in Tower 3 so you don't have to bring your guest past reception. Aside from being stopped at reception and your guest being asked to leave an ID do you think there is any problem in having guests over?

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