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I can't figure out where to stay in Bogotá

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That hotel is located in bottom centre of Teusaquillo, considered to be among the safer districts, but most of us are inclined to stay a few kms northeast in Chapinero. Either way, if you are taking in tourism venues you will need car transport and will not likely be walking around the hotel area except to get food. 


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On 5/12/2024 at 4:35 PM, Menaughty said:

Does anyone know if this is a good hotel and a safe area to stay in?

NH Bogotá Urban 26 Royal

Carrera 33N # 25F-18, Bogotá, Distrito Capital, 111321

Yes and yes.  The University area is very desirable and you are within walking distance to Palmero which is a trendy and upcoming neighbourhood for cafés and restaurants in Bogotá.  The area is mostly residential (the home of the original Ugly Betty is nearby and a big tourist attraction) but there is a nice scene emerging in that zona.

The BH hotel chains are in every Colombian city and are a modern, comfortable option for a hotel stay. Great choice and very central if you want to explore the city outside of Chapigay. The one drawback, while not major, is crossing El Dorado is a pain as a pedestrian. Make sure your taxi driver knows what exito to take from El Dorado to arrive at the hotel before they start the meter. Other than that, enjoy Bogotá.

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