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Yangon and Mandalay spa master list

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Due to the language barrier, It is very difficult to locate on Google Maps. 

I recommend you begin to talk to the spa owner a few days ahead for booking and start your plan.

If anyone gets the exact location, please DM me for the file link or just DM me the address, I can add the location to this spreadsheet.

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Anyone who thinks things are getting better in Myanmar are sadly misinformed.

From CNN

Burnings and beheadings: Myanmar junta escalates terror tactics

Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of violence.

CNN  — 

The two young men are bloodied, their feet clamped in wooden stocks.

“What is the PDF (People’s Defence Force)?” their tormentors yell. “Dogs,” they reply.

Humiliated and dehumanized, the men are hogtied and dragged across the rough ground by their thick chains.

In front of dozens of onlookers, they are strung up to a tree and a fire stoked beneath them.

As smoke rises and the flames consume them, the two men writhe and scream in agony – their final moments of unimaginable pain and horror captured on video.

Phoe Tay was 21-years-old, Thar Htaung just 20.

The two young men had left their family farms in northwest Myanmar to join a local armed resistance group following the 2021 military coup, hoping to bring peace and democracy to the Southeast Asian country, their fathers told CNN.

But they were captured during a battle against the military on November 7 last year, and taken to a nearby village, where they were tortured and killed by a pro-junta militia under the watch of Myanmar army soldiers, according to witnesses.

CNN has built a timeline of events, using accounts from more than a dozen witnesses, villagers, resistance fighters, family members and analysts, with analysis of the video and pictures from the day using open source techniques. Those accounts and analysis point to the ruling military as being responsible for the killings, in contradiction of their public denials.

Phoe Tay and Thar Htaung’s deaths are horrific, but they are not anomalies in Myanmar, where the military is waging a war of terror against civilians as it finds itself increasingly on the back foot against a nationwide armed resistance determined to oust it from power.


Those attacks have only increased since a rebel offensive launched five months ago resulted in major losses and defections for the military, multiple sources confirmed.

By waging terror tactics including burnings, beheadings, mutilations, torching villages, and through a massive aerial bombing campaign that has displaced nearly three million people, the Myanmar military is attempting to control and divide the population through a long-established doctrine of fear and brutality, witnesses and analysts say.

Continues with video and photos




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Hello everyone,

I am new to these forums and I would be happy to get to know y'all a bit better.

I am happy to share some first hand knowledge of the situation in Myanmar.

Now as to the security situation in Myanmar (Burma) it is relatively stable in Yangon and Mandalay, stories of violence and beheadings are not happening here, and won't happen in the foreseeable future, but the situation in the rest of the country has deteriorated since November 2023 to the point where it is really not advisable to travel to other regions. The hotels in Ngapali beach are closed due to the intense fighting in Rakhine state and the land borders are also being fought over with ethnic armed groups who holds sway over the borderlands.

The junta is not in a good spot and has responded by introducing a military conscription law that has seen thousands of young men fleeing the country or taking up studies. There has also been a crackdown on the use of VPNs very recently. In practice the major VPNs (like ExpressVPN) are difficult to use and you have to juggle between several servers to find one that works. As a result Facebook, IG, Whatsapp and also to a certain extent X are not being used as widely anymore. People are increasingly using Telegram and Viber for communications, but the junta can crack down on those too. 

This means that being in Myanmar is highly context dependent. You can't rely on X, FB and the usual sources for info as they may be outdated or non-functional. Levels of English can vary widely. Schooling was never good in Myanmar and English instruction was patchy, unless pupils received instruction in an illicit missionary school. The ones that are really good in English are working abroad anyway now. The departure of western businesses and organizations also means that there are less services that caters to and accessible to non-locals.

Also note that the economy is turning completely cash based, few foreign credit cards work here. 

Grindr works and you can use it. But note that homosexual acts are illegal in Myanmar, and you should be cautious in using the apps so you don't end up being extorted by locals that are increasingly desperate.

If you want to sample Myanmar boys, you can find a lot of them in Bangkok. "Golf" that is seen on a few of the higher end massage places in Bangkok, like GooGuy or Aurora is from Myanmar (see attached pic).



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Notwithstanding the security situation, I urge everyone to boycott the country for moral reasons:

The majority that is now suffering from the military dictatorship is the same majority that supported the genocidal ethnic cleansing of the Rohinga.

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I have been there twice but never again.

I was listening to a radio interview of a Australian professor jailed for a few years by them on ABC radio , he believes they will be overthrown eventually.

As for the lady that was home detained for many years ,I used to love her bravery but she too became a wicked leader especially to the Rohingya minority 

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