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The incredible dorama / k-drama fever in Brazil affected my sex life!

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My personal hypothesis here is that the human brain is wired to fuck things - probably for evolutionary purposes - that are different.  Grindr definitely works much better for me in Brazil than it does in hometown USA which is the main reason I keep return again and again and again to Brazil.

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15 hours ago, endlessdream said:

Im finishing up my three-week trip in northeast of Brazil: Fortaleza, Natal, Recife and Joao Pessoa. I’ll maybe do a full report later when I have time. But now sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Rio, I’ll just report a bit the hilarious dorama situation here. 

Dorama basically means tv soap opera from Japan, and K-drama (or dorama coreano) from Korea. It seems it has been quite a hit here, especially amount younger crowds (I’d estimate up to late 20s). Now when I look back at my previous trips in other parts of Latin America, it might has been a more general situation. I got quite some attention walking on the street, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, etc, especially from young girls. They would giggle among themselves pointing at me and occasionally brave ones would ask me for a selfie together. I never put too much thought into it, until this trip. Things got a lot weirder. 

I am neither Japanese nor Korean. But I do have a typical extreme-orient look, pale skin, slender built, and longer hair (mostly because I’m doing long trips and need to style it with products). I’m over 40 yo yet with a boyish face. Most of Dorama’s actors are of my age anyway, playing roles much younger. Lol. 

Since Fortaleza, I started getting messages such as ‘oh my gosh. You look so dorama!’ I actually had to google dorama to know what it is. I have zero interest in it and consider it a bit waste of time. But the more photos I check, the better I understand their confusion. At first I would reply something like ‘I’m not Japanese nor Korean’. After I while I just gave up and replied simply ‘thank you’. 

I was extremely popular among young guys here (probably even more among young girls if I were in a different app). I don’t know if I should feel flattered or annoyed. I kept on feeling that I were cheating and would disappoint if I met with those fans. Then I found out, lots of the guys I met, who didn’t cream ‘dorama’, actually met me for the very reason anyway. 

The most ridiculous situation was the last boy I met in Joao Pessoa. He was staring at my face the whole time, while we were talking, while we were taking shower, and above all while we were fucking. He sucked me staring at me. He fucked me staring at me. And above all, he only wanted to be fucked on his back so he could stare at me. I started to understand the ‘no bbc fantasy’ attitude of some Afro-Americans. 

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I actually am very grateful that my Japanese and Korean brothers created this illusion of oriental beauty. 

I'll be hitting Fortaleza and Recife in the coming months. Looking forward to the latest updates on the cities.

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East Asia is rising and having its moment. China, I believe, has replaced the US as Brazil's and Argentina's biggest trading partner. Asia-chic is now big around the world. 

But well before this, I think Latin Americans, in contrast to Northern Hemisphereans, are just more open to new and different things and people. "Hmmm, I haven't had THAT yet. Let's see ..."

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