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  1. If we are so fortunate to see Trump indictments, we also need to get CONVICTIONS !!!!!! Brandishing Trump with only an "indictment" label, does nothing to slow him down, as we have already seen. We need convictions and JAIL ! When that happens, i'll celebrate.
  2. Hijacked? Excuse me sir, but you need to slow your roll here.... This Thread is about Trump and we ARE discussing Trump, so no indication of "addiction" here. Who would you like us to discuss in a TRUMP thread......Pence ? 🤣 If its being hijacked its by YOU with your irrelevant comments.... Noone is arguing or attacking so not sure why you introduced THAT into this conversation. ? As for your "suck-off" joke, that didnt land either, and was totally inappropriate for someone referencing "attacks"..... Since you are so familiar with the OTHER forum, why dont you tell us WHO you really are. Most likely one of the right-wingers that got shut out when the forum closed..... Funny how things always seem to reveal themselves..... And your incessant bomb throwing with your downvote emojis is tiresome and indicative of the state you live in....FLORIDA, so that makes your behavior crystal clear, at least to me.....
  3. And Trump is incoherent when he rants his Lies. I am not sure what YOUR agenda is here Moses, but you certainly are leaning Trumpy, which doesnt make me connect with you. And you havent answered what government YOU live under. That information might make your anti-Biden rhetoric more understandable. You are dismissing the fact that Trump is only a few years younger than Biden, so basically they are both geriatric, so your argument is moot. .
  4. I see that you've swallowed the Kool-Aid, so I wont even discuss your stupid comment with you. Biden is smarter, more experienced and more mentally capable than Trump, who is INSANE. Who is YOUR President ? Putin ? Orban ? Do you even live in a Democratic country ? My suspicions are you Dont.
  5. IMO, Trump has not EARNED the privilege of RESPECT in any way, shape or form. What he should receive is disdain and anger.. To be honest, I am VERY tired of people jumping to Trumps defense in any discussion of Trumps rights and how Trump should be addressed or treated. He forfeited any rights when he decided to commit an anti-American act. Just keep remembering what Trump has done, and what he INTENDS to do if he is given the chance to in 2024. He is a twice impeached, disgraced, once indicted (so far) , convicted sexual abuser and habitual Liar who orchestrated an insurrection to overthrow American democracy. Is that the person you want to defend, respect or give any grace to ? Heavy introspection and soul searching is necessary IF your answer is Yes....
  6. I understand what you are doing and saying Mr Moses, explaining what is correct and not. But if you havent noticed, Trump is NOT a normal person and based on what he has unleashed on America, should not be afforded the same respect and grace any other person might receive, IMO. I'm not sure if you are an American citizen, and in the event you aren't, then you cant understand what the USA is experiencing and going thru with the existence of THAT man who is intent on destroying our country. !
  7. But do we really ALL have to hit rock bottom WITH HIM ? That's basically what it would come down to.
  8. Trump is not a person that IF elected will be a leader that simply makes a bad policy or two occasionally. He is an abhoration that if elected will dismantle Democracy and woo all our adversaries as allies. He will court and cater to the rich and discard all others. He will squeeze and corrupt the Supreme Court more than it is now. You are acting too cavalier and taking this much too lightly. And IF Trump is elected, you WILL be living under authoritarianism, so why not take every precaution to STOP it before it becomes reality ? Looks like we will continue to disagree, and I hope for Gods sake, you WONT have to eat your words in 2024.
  9. That reasoning is Bullshit, for a person that orchestrated an insurrection to overthrow democracy and the will of its people, the rules should be different. RESPECT ? Are you kidding me? Did you see how he treated the moderator at his Town Hall and the comments he made about the person he was found GUILTY of abusing ? PLEASE ! When you deal with Trump, you are not dealing with a normal human, and treating him as if he is one is a Travesty that all you people that make excuses for him are guilty of. You all need to STOP normalizing Trump and his actions.
  10. Trump is so deranged, referring to him as President now gives him and his bloated ego an even Greater sense of "entitlement". As does it to his fanatic followers.... Just another thing that is broken in politics - political privilege POST service. If the law is supposed to treat people as "just regular folk" post serving their terms, then perhaps stripping them of their title is appropriate ? 🤔 (Come on Mavica, I trust this will earn me a "downvote ?) 🤣
  11. Some sweets for the sweet Kevin McCarthy........ I know he NEEDS me !
  12. @Mavica, from your continuous "downvote " emojis, its hard to tell if you are a Pro-Trump plant here or an Anti-Trump activist ? 😏 Pick a lane dude !
  13. Since he respects NOONE, he should not have been given any respect either or a Title. His misogyny and sexism was on full display, and his rambling incoherence was exactly what THAT crowd wanted.... But as a respected news organization CNN had the responsibility to fact check him, and should have posted disclaimers after every Lie he told that it WAS a lie, so that the home viewing public was not mislead.... The US has run out of ammunition because of Ukraine ? REALLY ? He patted himself on the back continuously, and took NO responsibility for anything, not even the things he has been, or will be indicted for. NO. I dont think crazy Orange Don won over any new voters, but I dont think he lost any of the Old ones either.
  14. Well, my dear slut sister, it pretty much seems like the "hand-picked" Town Hall audience was "buying what Trump was selling"..... And Trumps command performance was being televised to an enormous crowd, many of whom I would guess bought it too !
  15. Was it by design that the moderator kept referring to Trump as "President Trump" ? Was that also a measure to legitimize him and what he was saying ?? As well, the audience stacked with his "supporters" also referred to him as President Trump when asking questions and thanking him for coming. He is NOT President Trump now. He is Mr Trump. With that said, his "performance" was the usual Trump trainwreck, a boiling cauldron of Lies , misinformation and conspiracy theory. What he said should have given EVERYONE that was watching or listening some food for thought. Instead what we got was an audience filled with stupid, delusional people, that hungrily lapped up all Trumps "spilt milk", while laughing at Trumps mocking of EG Carroll, and applauding his pledge to "pardon" Jan 6th charged insurrectionists. It was an outrageous and disgusting display of Trump grandiosity, and a glimpse of things to come.
  16. No matter how many downvote emojis @Mavica gives my posts, I stand by them and think CNN selling out to Trump is a shameful, disgusting travesty, since we all know what Trump is going to use that bullhorn for...... Regardless of Trumps right to free speech, there is no point other than $$$ that CNN is doing this for. And anyone supporting them doing this or their right to do so, is sorely misguided.
  17. I would bet my life that Trump has committed EVERY single criminal act that Santos is now charged and indicted for, and there is even first hand evidence for most of it. So whats the deal with the DOJ ???? Now, I'm really getting pissed. Are they afraid of charging and LOSING? Or, are they like everyone else and AFRAID of Donald J. DUMP ? Keep in mind, with all the piles of shit coming down the pike on Trump, he has more INCENTIVE than ever to become President (to stay out of jail). and even if he loses 2024, with a NEW batch of criminal cronies already in place in the states, he may just have the right formula to STEAL a win this time around. It's his ONLY protection.
  18. In a surprisingly shameful and disgraceful move, CNN, the formerly left-leaning news platform has invited the former, twice impeached, once indicted (so far), convicted sex ABUSER on the network for a specially "curated" Town Hall, in which Trump will be free to spew all his angry, hateful lies and insults. Its an unprecedented turnaround for the network, that explains the move by saying that Trump is important in the political arena, and every Candidate has a right to have their say.. No doubt, Trump has specified that he has to "approve" every question, and every answer will be designed to make the ex Insurrectionist look his Orange best. So basically, this will be the Trump Show. In giving Trump this "gift" of airtime, CNN is basically giving legitimacy to the con man which they hadnt done before, and I am afraid this action will DUPE the CNN viewer into believing that CNN is supporting Trump. Nevertheless, we know what to expect from Trump, but we dont know how this will land with Independent voters. It airs TONIGHT. Will you be watching ?
  19. They got him already. Santos already in Federal custody TODAY after being charged in a 13 count indictment ..... including seven counts of wire fraud, three counts of money laundering, one count of theft of public funds, and two counts of making materially false statements to the House of Representatives. Now, doesnt it make you wonder WHY its taking so long to nab Trump, after all the forward facing evidence, much of it coming directly from Trump. ? Still gives me doubt the DOJ is willing to bring out the big guns with Trump ? It will be the biggest travesty IF he is not charged by Fani and Jack.
  20. As we wait for the Federal criminal charges that the DOJ is scheduled to announce tomorrow. Thats just pulling the plug out of the SWAP, now it just needs to be DRAINED.....
  21. True the time is NOW for DOJ and Fani Willis to dump ALL the indictments on Trump. As the list grows longer, maybe, just maybe Americans minds may be swayed a bit.. I mean afterall, how much can one person really ACCEPT ? Pair that with the Dems hammering home on guns and abortion, and it may be a winning strategy... AND add to that the Dems must continue to paint the Supreme Court as a corrupt extension of the Republican party, and as ethics and legal violations mount for the court, voters can make THAT connection too, since the opinion of the court is already at an embarrassing low point. !
  22. I wish they would have found him guilty of RAPE too..... He will use that not guilty charge as an "out" for ALL the charges and spin it as E Jean Carroll being a liar.... But does the fanatic Trump voter CARE about this verdict ? NO they dont care and will STILL support him undyingly. Will the GOP still support him ? OF COURSE they will. .
  23. Lets look at candidate motivation. I truly believe Biden wants to serve to HELP our country and its citizens in need. On the other hand, Trumps motivation is political cover against criminal prosecution. Is there really a conscious choice here between these 2 candidates ? One wants to serve, the other wants to stay out of jail.... If you take age out of the equation for most SANE folk, the choice would be a no-brainer. Would I like to see a new age of candidates ? YES, but it is what it is and we should make the choice that makes most sense for our ideology and the well being of our country and Democracy.
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