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  1. Parents can and SHOULD certainly have a say in the education of their kids, but the issues only seem to be ones that GOP are bringing to the forefront especially involving rights of Gays and people of color. This is surely strategic on the part of the GOP... What is enraging is that they are against Drag queens reading to kids and the teaching of black history because they call it "dangerous", but GUNS killing kids in their classrooms seems perfectly fine for them. Any of you HERE agreeing with their discriminatory agenda are complicit and as deplorable as the GOP are, and it appears that most of the parental dissent is coming from those leaning towards Christian Nationalism and its agenda aligned with the GOP..... So those claiming NOT to have "read about it" are reading with their eyes CLOSED, probably ON PURPOSE ? .
  2. If you search hard enough you will always fins some loophole or excuse for spinning a story. Bottom line, it should have never happened. We are not speaking of the teacher discussing a xxx dick pic from Only fans. Its a significant centuries old work of art that all of a sudden has become a problem for people in the MAGA universe. What the teacher did was cultivate the fine arts curriculum and should not have needed parents approval for something that was NEVER a problem before. Its silly, a waste of time/resources, and just another cultural and moral grievance the GOP has latched onto to compensate not having any purposeful legislation to speak about.
  3. Knowing the GOP, they will probably put up Majorie Taylor Greene if it aint Trump ? If they are so adamant about hanging onto that MAGA base, they'll give them the top of the shit pile......MTG..... The GOP shows no desire of expanding their base. They seem happy with the extremists, eventhough its proving to be a losing strategy for them. But if its Marjorie, and she LOSES, at least you know you'll get one Helluva Insurrection that will put Trumps 2020 one to shame.
  4. He's been FIRED. A Christian Nationalist and rabid Trump supporter, Good Riddance to him....(although I wouldnt turn down a dick-pic from him) 🤣
  5. The fact that DeSantis isnt a flat out ANARCHIST doesnt make him potentially electable IMO...... He has shown himself NOT to be a man of ALL people, and those of us being overlooked or attacked by his legislation just DONT like it. Not at all...... He has the potential to be more dangerous than Trump, and have a longer life span. And White high go-go boots only look good with mini-skirts, not wit Dad-jeans.... The man has no style !
  6. Those are the groups that have been supporting suppression of the arts, books, film and imagery when they are getting onto the school boards, encouraging DeSantis to bring all this ANTI legislation using kids as their mission stmt. Its a movement. All they are doing is HARMING kids by depriving them a well rounded education..... They hide behind the church but are the biggest hypocrites. They shouldnt BE parents. And perhaps you are listening to FOX News, which is why you probably havent heard about it. I suggest switching to a more truthful news station.
  7. The ridiculousness of this is bordering on LUNACY...... All these repressed Catholic National Conservatists need to exile themselves to a private island where they can execute and enforce whatever Extreme mandated bullshit they want. They dont belong amongst us "normal" folks that dont see an inanimate piece of marble as "PURIENT". .
  8. DeSantis and his white rubber go-go boots can NEVER succeed on a National stage. He doesnt have the appeal, eventhough he is trying to emulate Trump on steroids with his extremist stunts. . Hes a wooden, racist, homophobic gnome, but really isnt MAGA enough for the Maga's in terms of anti-Democracy. DeSantis has never called for violence against a country claiming it denies its citizens so must be taken back. For him to succeed, he must ramp up the personal "grievance" of it all and really make his base feel like Shit. ......
  9. At this point Trump is BEGGING for SOMEONE to indict him... not only would it increase his base' sympathy for him, but it will also increase his coffers. And he knows he can still run for President, stay front and foremost in the public eye, and in his warped mind he would never be convicted by a jury..... This entire TRUMP SHOW and "imminent indictments" by several offices is a Trump Master Class and an insult to the American people, rule of law and the judicial system. You Go, RICH WHITE MAN ! Rest assured it will be Groundhog Day when this all replays in the 2024 Insurrection, and our government will stay focused on "the needs of Trump" for another 4 years instead of the needs of Americans. Legislation has basically stopped and its all about TRUMP now.... We should all STOP paying our taxes....
  10. Of course I AGREE with you, but I said "should be" not "what is"...... Our country is one of privilege for the rich, and most especially the WHITE rich..... until THAT is fixed, all these investigations and public facing theatrics are just BULLSHIT.... Trump will survive to pull-off Another insurrection in 2024, so the Dems better hunker doiwn.
  11. Handling Trump with kid gloves is only making him worse because he interprets it as them being Afraid of him..... This is a country of laws, and if someone breaks the law, WHOEVER they are, they are prosecuted and tried. And regardless of there being no precedent for this, he MUST be indicted and charged, regardless of whether it prevents him from running. If we can get rid of cockroaches, there must be some way to get rid of Trump ? Imagine 2020 replaying over again in 2024 when he loses and does a Repeat act of 2020, only THIS TIME he may work in his favor....I am so fucking sick of this guy and the attention he seeks every single day. We must get past Trump !
  12. I'm sorry, but Desantis DOES give off a strong GAY vibe himself, and perhaps all this theater is just him being another closeted, self hating Gay man who thinks that by staging all these "performances" he is detracting from himself ? "They cant think I am GAY if I try to persecute ALL gays".
  13. Trumps announcement about his impending Tuesday arrest was just him taking his supporters temperature, and testing what the reaction would be in social media and if he still had a posse that would risk jail time for him..... Trump seems to know how to manipulate everyone especially the media, and I am starting to believe all these cases against him will fall flat, and he will go on to be the GOP 2024 nominee. Can someone please tell me WHY the judicial system is so afraid of Trump, even when they have slam dunk evidence against him ? Somethings wrong with that !
  14. Of course Fox viewers will NEVER believe the truth about the network, because if they did, it would make them out to be bigger Yahoos and fools than they really are.... They would rather be Fox conduits than sane human beings.
  15. Seems all the Santos hoopla and outrage has died down, and it appears like nothing was done about him. Afterall we are putting all our outrage energies into the impending but Never coming indictments of Trump. Guess you cant be outraged about 2 things at the same time ? Its all just politics and headlines . I dont really think anyone is concerned about accountability for anyone ?
  16. I would have to vet the Receivers to make absolutely sure they werent Republicans !
  17. There is no doubt Trump is trying to CONTROL the narrative over his indictment, and as is usual for him, make himself look to be the victim, doing Nothing wrong yet hounded and pursued by the left and the justice system.... If you have a snake, you need to cut its head off to stop its destruction and indicting and convicting Trump would do just that. I would be very surprised that after ALL this, there is not a single prosecution of Trump.... It certainly would be a slap to the faces of Americans and prove to them that their country is NOT in good hands. and that.its all just political theater in the end. and the most corrupt will always have the power. .
  18. Since Biden is such a Pro-democracy guy, and Trump is in favor of destroying it, I cant reconcile the notion of Biden EVER pardoning Trump for his actions of attempting to end democracy and the rule of law. And Biden needs to be cognizant of his own base and not focused on pleasing Trumps base. Bidens base would never re-elect him if he let Trump off the hook after everything Biden has said about him and him needing accountability. Where is there accountability in a pardon ? That is just ludicrous.
  19. Those people need to be weeded out and exposed.... Surely there are enough underccover Pro-democracy agents that can find and expel those Pro-Trump Maga's? The swamp is everywhere and it must be cleaned if we are to make any progress with a stable democracy.... And all of those like Kevin McCarthy nthat are working to further a Pro-Trump agenda must also be erradicated from public office. They are only serving the Maga's, NOT the majority of America.
  20. Of course he will, but thats the best part, when Trump is on the Defense and has a huge platform and spotlight, he rants and rants and rants, and the things he says usually INCRIMINATE him, so let him bury himself. And we should NOT fear his base. Our police force and military is MUCH larger that his radical base and can take that group down in a nanosecond. If those people continue their stupidity and make that choice to rebel, then they should pay any consequences. As I've said, FEAR is our only enemy now and feeding Trump ALL his just desserts will show his minions "WE dont play !" Its a good step to ending all this nonsense we've been buried under since 2015 . It will also be interesting to see and hear how Putin and all the other worlds Dictators handle Trumps indictment. Come on Tucker, bring it on ! CLEANSE OUR COUNTRY, CONVICT TRUMP !!!!!!
  21. Lets start a "drinking game". Everytime Trump is going to say WITCH HUNT in the upcoming months, lets all take a drink... But be aware if your libation is alcoholic, with as many times as he will be saying it, you'll be dead drunk on the floor pretty quickly...... Also, keep in mind, that if you listen closely to Trumps rhetoric lately, he is setting up his base up for COUP 2024, and his plan to STEAL that election is already in motion. And NO DOUBT, DeSantis is just as despicable, but I am not sure he will go to the same lengths that Trump will ? If either gains power, we will be living in RUSSIA....
  22. The problem here Is that you WILL hear from him again, and again and again, until he accomplishes his goals of making America TRUMP WORLD..... Regardless that the case is SMALL, what he did was illegal and he MUST be shown there are consequences. The only reason he is the destructive force that he is IS because he was allowed to escape any punishment for for his past illegal behaviors. I dont care if he stole a Snickers bar from the bodega, I want to see him PROSECUTED... And any public uprising that may come from it MUST also be dealt with. We cant show these morons that we are afraid of them... Fear is the enemy now. We have to start somewhere, and I truly believe once the first shoe falls from Bragg, ALL the other shoes will follow, and Trump will be Buried in indictments..... Its like putting your little toe in the water first before cannonballing into the pool.
  23. That's what Marjorie Taylor Greene is asking now that she is on a crusade to help the imprisoned insurrectionists from Jan, most of whom HAVE PLEAD GUILTY.... In the GOP's attempt to whitewash the narrative of Jan 6th to clear a path from Trumps 2024 run, she is leading an investigation on the imprisonment and prison conditions of those found GUILTY. She is maintaining they were WRONGED and are simply patriots with bad timing who found themselves in the wrong place on Jan 6th.... Sarah McLachlan singing that sad, sad song In the Arms of an Angel would be the perfect face for her campaign.... The only person that should really be locked up in a prison cell is Greene herself... or maybe she can find a job with Fake Fox News ?
  24. As long as Fox maintains the "audience" it has and the "green" keeps rolling in, NOTHING will happen here except Fox will incur huge financial damages. Their audience loves to be lied to and validated by Carlson and the other "sly foxes" who KNOW the truth but will Never tell it.... It you watch closely, Tucker always has a little smirk on his face when he is spewing out his "knowing Lies".....He knows he is getting over on them and that they are clueless fools.
  25. The answer, NO, but they surely ARE different kinds of Crooks cut from the same cloth....
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