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  1. Shares of Truth Social, the presidential candidate’s social-media upstart, have fallen more than 65% from their recent peak. The money-losing company was worth roughly $9 billion shortly after it started trading late last month. The company’s shares have tumbled so far this week, ending the session Tuesday down 14% at $22.84, giving it a market value of about $3.1 billion. Above from WallStreet Journal 16APRIL24
  2. So their response to plunging stock value is to dump a fresh pile of common shares into the mix? God, these people suck at this. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/04/15/trump-media-shares-plunge-after-company-files-to-issue-additional-djt-stock.html
  3. Asked if it would be risky to testify at upcoming trial, Trump replied, "I'm testifying...all I can do is tell the truth." And that, is a double lie.
  4. https://secure.winred.com/trump-national-committee-jfc/lp-hf-sms-dn-doormat?utm_medium=sms&utm_source=lp_lp_hf&utm_campaign=20240410_tnc_doormat-v1_hf_dtrump_lp&utm_content=donate&utm_term=10 There is no bottom to this man.
  5. CNN — As Mike Johnson stares down a serious threat to his speakership, he’s taking steps to show alignment with the most powerful figure in the Republican Party: Donald Trump. Johnson has made plans to trek down to Mar-a-Lago on Friday to appear at a joint news conference with the former president to deliver remarks on “election integrity” – a topic Trump cares deeply about. The development was first reported by CNN.
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