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    As always I enjoyed reading your most recent post.  ...decided not to mess up the sequence, so I'm writing here instead of on your posts.  Many of your photos brought back memories of my four to five travels to BsAs.  Although I had independent local gay guides (one very professional)-- I truly enjoy the culture as well as the men in the city.  ...went alone to the Teatro Colon and had a gorgeous tour-- took a cooking class with Terisita (name misspelled) to learn how to make empanadas, went to INSIDE Restaurant (twice or thrice) which is non defunct, etc.  And all of my sexual encounters, excepting one, was phenomenal.  In fact, I received the best fucks of my life from a guy on 3 occasions.  Twice: he and I and the third one with his amigo Chorch, a former porteno escort who worked in BsAs as well as in the States.  From your writings bring up some of my escapades and cultural outings.  In fact, I visited almost all of your very good art museums alone.  I'd hail a taxi, give the driver my place of destination, and off I'd go.  My professional gay guide Marcelo complimented me, for I think I took in all of the cultural attributes while visiting his city on those 4/5 trips.
    I do hope to return in 2023 to retrace some of the steps I took during my earlier travels.
    I'll stop and write that I hope your trip back will happen.  I truly appreciate your sharing many of your adventures while in Buenos Aires.  Enjoy your remaining days and be safe.  That's the word for all of us during these strange times.
    Tchau-  Axiom (Edward)
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