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  1. Kevin is alive and well. Also on Facebook. A great, genuine guy too.
  2. Few hotels in Athens check guest id. I just go up to room with my new friend with a sense of belonging. It's worked at Grande Bretagne, Crowne Plaza, Melia, ICH, Novotel, for me, anyway. As a rule I don't touch the Egyptian or N African rent. From experience it's always a hassle with demands for extra money or severe personality issues. The Cosmopolit Hotel has good st room for 10e. Better than Easy Access.
  3. I popped in to Thermas last month. It was half an hour after opening. There were next to no other clients and about eight boys. I agreed 40e for a cute Puerto rican to fuck me. Such was his enthusiasm I told him 50e after a few minutes. Very happy punter.
  4. When I was a pretty 18/20 tear old in the mid 80s I expected a minimum £60 for a short time from a pub pick up, but could get £100 to £150 from a sauna contact. In today's terms that's £200 to nearly £500. Now that the boot is firmly on the other foot I'm grateful for open borders immigration that means that prices have decreased significantly. 500-1000e is crazy, unless you're a stunner and get very lucky.
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