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  1. Probably, as you love attention while not worrying if a joke lands. It may have been on one of your better days when you may have had a breakthrough and written something semantically accurate like: ‘Have I asked if you speak and write similarly?’ Whether and if are often acceptably interchangeable but whether usually denotes an alternative and you were implicitly dismissing the alternative to your assumption none exists. However, if I am to take you at your word today I would say that my vocal cords are typically not activated as I write. I say typically because I find myself uttering “asshole” as I write this.
  2. Yes. I just now edited a bit before timing out. Renaissance is in Jardim and walkable. Though it was an impromptu plan due to disappointment in Rio, which actually just as well fits the general impression IMO, whatever is the antonym of triumphant. 4 actions in 2 weeks. Again, not a huge deal as I need extended escape from northern winter anyway. I think, though, I may need to revise the drawing board for 2024. I wouldn’t at this point recommend Brazil, for venue-curated trade as central to the travel agenda, to anyone I knew and cared about.
  3. Recently coming off 3 nights, 3 visits, 1 action at Lagoa in São Paulo, close to being parallel with you experientially. Tipped 1 gogo. More Renaissance made-to-order club floor breakfast omelettes than boys this trip. I’ll just come out and say it: the space blows; I didn’t as much as hoped and planned. Finally broke into garotocomlocal, grudgingly but satisfactorily. Also adaptively neutral; nothing halcyon or otherwise lasts forever.
  4. Everybody should honour their personal comfort level, for sure. I have only used this venue for fellows whose identity I truly know, whether from 117 or elsewhere within the escort scene. On top of that, my belongings are of the same ilk as when attending 117, etc, and there would be neither much of a take for a ne’er-do-well to anticipate nor complete absence of formal management keeping at least half an eye out. Additionally, perhaps you haven’t yet witnessed from a small distance an example of a sauna escort getting hot under the collar (figuratively) and staff not particularly keen to mediate unless last resort.
  5. As some will know, this is a love/sex motel directly across from 117. The receptionist was male this time and accommodated a brief tour of the 4-hour suite use options: BRL100, 140, or a singular 160 unit. All are well-appointed for what they are, have ceiling mirroring, and seem to have undergone a facelift since my previous use 3 years prior. Back then the base rate was 75 reais. The pricier options are a bit larger and include one of those curvy fornication benches. There are also overnight options but I did not track those prices.
  6. Yah but look at where one’s attention is drawn … FullSizeRender.MOV
  7. All were preemptively thanked, I presume evenly.
  8. I don’t recall such. It would have been of some interest to me. However, I did post info a while back specific to Brazil where they are prolific and have some ad infrastructure. That may be the memory you seek jogging for. I did post a little bit of info about Bogotá, having utilized Motel Las Palmas in Chapinero, around 62 and 14. There is a cluster on that block.
  9. No wrong plan here. Six of one, half a dozen of another. As I said above, I ditched São Paulo for Rio a year back. I recently did the reverse. Don’t worry about FOMO. I frankly don’t grasp why attempts are made to project onto you.
  10. The issue, incontrovertible, is that assertions of how unbelievable you will find the talent are bang on … you would do well to be skeptical of the actual existence of a parade of genuinely hot $30 prostitutes, benignly competitive with one another for business, in any brothel anywhere in Brazil.
  11. I am not using the temporal comparator approach, ie, ‘then and now’. I’ve clocked a few dozen visits to Lagoa over the past 13 months. Last winter I cut out two weeks of a 6-week extended São Paulo stay and moved on elsewhere, leaving some $2,000 in prepaid accommodations behind on top of bearing the cost of revised itinerary requirements, because I got tired of watching and waiting for worthwhile trade. I had just begun to dip my toes into the ad-based and spa-based options and now currently continue to breach my previous longstanding avoidance of those alternatives for programa acquisition, to my surprise more satisfying than my earlier assumptions about their merit. I typically arrange these encounters outside of the usual window of sauna venue hours, and still go to relax, gawk at the inventory, and determine if any foray outside of the Lagoa context (as you know, pricier, though that’s not much of an issue for me) were to have been needless at any given time. I also need to physically see a gogo in action before making any attempt to subsequently reach out. Not once yet have I regretted spurning the Lagoa lineup, say for example an impressive specimen turns up that prompts me to think I should have held out that day and banked on the hope of a reliable Lagoa provider that ticks my boxes. I simply have not been moved to erotic interest by the fellows working there. A person’s particular taste may make a difference. Think about the actual quantity of posters here giving rave reviews. Those numbers tell the story. Even if it’s bad form to present a view that seems contrarian to a majority, there is no guiding majority. The breadth of it is not the tip of the iceberg; it is the iceberg, and you can witness the evidence firsthand as to what proportion of clientele on site is actually hiring. Certainly no call for an in-house ophthalmologist based on the volume of positive assessments, but some might consider arranging ad hoc vision check-ups.
  12. [decided to redact; cannot delete topic heading it seems]
  13. In case one is a bit stymied about operating nights as reflected on social media, they are now Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat; free suite Wed though I am not sure if that’s just the first half hour. At all times the massage suite is included in the massage fee paid to the provider.
  14. Erratum: strike my post. Sur (not Sul) and may only be for bilateral trade etc, not like € common currency.
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