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  1. Good points, @Slvkguy BTW, though, if the guesst’s post is removed I am not sure if it will disappear from the expandable quotation of it.
  2. Oh I really liked this film, and could relate to some of it experientially, obviously on the ‘nancy’ side of things and in terms of navigating boundaries, not really client repression. Can’t say much more without plot-spoiling. I must catch up with Peaky Blinders where DM is listed in the cast of Seasons 5 & 6. I think I left off at the end of 2 or 3, will have to look at the episode synopses to determine where to jump back in.
  3. It’s on Amazon Prime, in Canada anyway, included in the annual subscription. I just downloaded it. I don’t think we get Hulu up here but certain Hulu productions land in Prime or sometimes our Crave channels, which seem conjoined to HBO and Starz. I’ll never sort it out. But if I want to search a production up here I use an app called JustWatch; it seems to automatically outline production access for Canada specifically.
  4. I believe there are two ways but each is a request made to board admin. You can report an offensive post, for example, and admin may delete it. Or you may decide you want to remove your own post perhaps after the 1 hour edit window. Similarly you make a request. Each post has a distinctive URL that you can pull up whether it’s yours or another’s. If you press and hold the 3 dots you will open a few options (eg, see attached screen shot of your very own post here at the end of my post). If you choose copy and paste you can attach the post’s URL, as I do with yours here … https://www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/37921-deleted-posts/#elControls_335512_menu I think that is simply what you do, making a request to admin, and copy/paste the URL that they can make vanish. Apologies if I’ve got this wrong.
  5. Good point. I received primary Yellow Fever vaccination at 65, weighing the risks and benefits. It was also a lot easier to interface with a nurse and be in and out quickly. One can pursue a Certificate of Contraindication as an alternative, but that seems to involve jumping through a lot more hoops and likely a physician evaluation. I had still been waiting for the province to assign me a primary care physician through the provincial health care system. Eventually enrolled in a fee-for-service practice. I had also recovered from a sobering fluke bout of dengue acquired in Rio 2 years previously. The risks are also not literally, say, 10-fold comparing age 59 and age 60. They are stratified across three broad age categories with a theoretical gradient of adverse event susceptibility. The differentials are summarized in this document. Unfortunately PDF version not available. The link may open in the relevant scrolled position: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/healthy-living/canadian-immunization-guide-part-4-active-vaccines/page-25-yellow-fever-vaccine.html#p4c24a10c
  6. Riobard


    The PAHO has declared an emergency alert even if the WHO does not decide such a similar status next week. Now wondering if my upcoming Montreal-Brazil direct flight will be grounded due to epicentre status. I doubt my Imvamune certification will be worth the paper it is stamped on because it will take forever to line up these types of contingencies. It is apparently likely travel restrictions will ensue from a WHO ‘emergency of international concern’ designation. Interesting comparative tidbit: Quebec province has reported at least 20,000 new SARS-CoV-2 cases over the same period, likely an undercount, and 225 deaths.
  7. If you have an International Certificate version for Yellow Fever vaccination it likely states 10-year expiry or ‘lifetime’. Not too long ago the World Health Council adopted a resolution such that no booster for folks in this category is obligated to enter any country; 10-year status is equivalent to lifetime. That said, many countries vaccinate to control spread domestically, not to facilitate travel of their citizens to nations with entry requirements. They may get fractionated doses that suffice as long as uptake is widespread, and receive a domestic certificate, and may need or get boosters, etc. It’s complicated and variable though this aspect is not relevant to Board members here unless they get Yellow Fever vaccination in a country with less than the international certification standard.
  8. Phew. Enjoy Colombia. If your old passport is affixed to the vaxx certificate or immunization booklet by masking tape or staples it should still be adequate. [Teasing] If you meant that your new passport number is not the same as your old one (odd though, I think) and is not written on the certificate, you probably know to make sure your signature is on and matches in 3 locations: both passports and the certificate. Word to the wise, a certificate of vaccination to enter Colombia must be International version, not a Domestic version such as may be issued in Brazil. I suspect that if the inoculation was obtained in Colombia and if Colombia issued a Domestic version, that certificate would suffice. Saving grace was cleverly getting the YF vaxx there in this case. [I also probably erred about transiting through Panama on a flight out of Colombia. I don’t think the chances of being required to show it to go through Tocumen are greater than for flights from Brazil through Panama, wherein I have never been asked to produce it. Copa Airlines users may want to check.]
  9. Good catch; I hope it’s been done and is moot. Though there may be worse things than São Paulo Pride Weekend. Or needing to fill an accommodations gap of a few weeks in Brazil rather than losing more than the Colombia return flight and possibly leaving money on the table for Cali and Bogotá accommodations. This is an example of where attention to detail in posting is important. The revision had mentioned “ditching Colombia” and moving up Brazil, increasing Brazil to two months, when it appears the original itinerary holds with Colombia (Cali?) this Saturday and then back to Brazil July4-Aug10. Otherwise, Brazil 2 months additively would not be met by a stay merely from May25 to now. This revision would have necessitated Yellow Fever inoculation no later than June7 if done in Brazil. One of us may have caught it earlier, had it been clear. But “ditching” is not the same as tacking on more weeks elsewhere at the front end. Foreign nationals can access it in Brazil though it could be a crapshoot requiring CPF, and an internationally recognized regimen, as opposed to an apparent domestic version that does not yield the yellow-coloured certificate or may be exclusively digital and inadequate for boarding to Colombia. Since there are only 4(?) origin countries I am pretty sure I would have missed this detail myself had I planned some years ago a trip to Brazil that included Colombia immediately subsequent to Brazil. I fly from Colombia through Panama this year and expect I may be asked to produce it for the first time ever, though I believe it’s not needed for less than 6 hours airside at Tocumen or perhaps just remaining airside even longer and not entering the country through airport border control.
  10. Riobard


    Apologies. Imnavex (same vaccine but European name) above should read Imvamune.
  11. Routine vaccination ended in Canada in 1972, and discretionary vaccination for travel or other purposes ended in 1980.
  12. Riobard


    More accurate in terms of taxonomy, less colloquial in the disease vernacular, perhaps more neutral, draws on Latin roots; eg “coronavirus” due to the spike halo effect presentation of that virus … not ‘crown’ virus, not Wuhan virus. Jackasses on media accompanying the name with images of children in Africa. SIV is not ‘monkey immunodeficiency virus’. Actually, by rights, it should be named Human something-or-other Pox so the faster getting some distance from the inappropriate nomenclature the better.
  13. Riobard


    New case incidence is slowly edging up in Montreal, considered a/the North American epicentre of Simian Smallpox (seemingly the province’s preferred term). It was officially announced that all cis-/trans- gender men in or visiting the city can receive the Imnavex vaccine. Apart from the walk-in clinic above, additional sites here and likely in Quebec province (eg, getting inoculated sufficiently ahead of coming to Montreal) will open up. The booking portal, ClicSanté, for COVID vaccination, has added Imvamune, perhaps because scheduling demand will call for a balance of queue waiting and first-book-first-serve. I have no idea how easy it is to register in the booking portal. Frankly, I do not think you need to register an account or log in, as you can pick a slot and you will fill in the requested info and be sent a confirmation by email or SMS. You will need to enter a local postal code; that is simply to list available sites by distance, not for purposes of corroborating a home address zip code. Perhaps enter your accommodations code, or just enter the code for Hyatt Place that has a soft opening today. In any case, COVID vaccinations here were/are accessed by appointment or by walk-in, so my sense is that there is no need to book online. But you can view the time slots regularly prior to making an actual booking in case you want to plan a very brief trip and get a sense of openings within your planned window, and perhaps obtain a guaranteed appointment. The portal’s address for the clinic I attended is #955 but I think it should be #965 (as in the flyer) unless they happen to adjacent public health offices.
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