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  1. Again, nothing surprising. A topic has been created that tells about violations of the United States in the field of international law. The facts are presented that the United States spits on international agreements, as well as through threats and blackmail forces international organizations to make decisions contrary to law, logic and conscience Trolls, brought up by false American propaganda, immediately ran up and began shouting: "Russia" "Putin". There is also nothing surprising here, false American propaganda has destroyed the ability to think Is there anything to be surprised about when the whole world sees the degradation of the United States. New York, Washington, Avondale... This is just a small part of what is happening in the largest cities in the United States right now... Therefore, I am not surprised by the appearance of trolls raised on false American propaganda ssstwitter.com_1711755458596.mp4 ssstwitter.com_1711759009250.mp4 video_2024-03-30_07-01-06.mp4
  2. How funny it is to talk to people whose brains are completely paralyzed by false American propaganda 🤣 Are you unable to read what I have written? The United States has imposed sanctions against ICC judges. Read the article I linked to. Or are you even incapable of that? Zombies of false American propaganda. You're so funny. 🤣🤣 Through threats and blackmail, the United States forced the ICC to make an illegal decision However, it's not surprising. The United States always acts only through blackmail, threats and assassinations
  3. Great! There are sanctions against the ICC imposed by the United States. The United States, under threat of sanctions and physical violence, demands decisions from international organizations that contradict the law, the right mind and conscience! https://rg.ru/2020/09/02/ssha-vveli-sankcii-v-otnoshenii-rukovodstva-mezhdunarodnogo-ugolovnogo-suda.html (The source is in Russian, but it is not difficult to find this solution in any language) The USA is a country of lies, propaganda and genocide!
  4. The United States has sponsored both sides for many years, supplying weapons. We could contribute to ending the war. But no, the United States continues to supply weapons. The United States does this to many independent countries. Why not? The fact is that the decisions of the UN Security Council are binding on all UN members. This is spelled out in the UN Charter, I have indicated the article above. The United States has effectively destroyed all international organizations, forcing them to make decisions dictated by the United States. The United States constantly threatens sanctions and physical violence by international organizations that begin to investigate numerous US crimes. Now the United States has declared that the decisions of the UN Security Council are not binding. In fact, the United States destroyed the last international organization, spat on international law
  5. video5197661394601788692.mp4 The UN Security Council resolution on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza is international law. It must be fulfilled, as explicitly stated in Article 25 of Chapter 5 of the UN Charter: "The Members of the UN agree to accept and implement the decisions of the Security Council in accordance with this Charter." The freak in the video, John Kirby, says that the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution is not necessary The United States is once again violating international laws. The USA is a country of lawlessness, propaganda and genocide! Only crazy freaks can support the US position video5197661394601788692.mp4
  6. As usual, terrorism fanatic No. 1 has nothing to say. As a believer in false American propaganda, he has nothing to object to the truth. Again, only propaganda nonsense is visible on the part of terrorism fanatic No. 1. He's not just dumb, he's feeble-minded, like his idol. The USA is the main terrorist in the world. The crimes of the USA are huge. The US is killing everyone who poses a threat to the ruling families The United States has the largest number of political prisoners in the world
  7. Tell dementia Joe that there is no need for amateur performances. It is necessary to read exactly what is written on the teleprompter. There are no railway tracks on the bridge and it is unclear how dementia Joe rode the train there video5195088807975733325.mp4
  8. The list clearly shows the ongoing death threats of any prosecutor, judge, or politician who does not serve the ruling political families of the United States. Two congressmen, Thomas Hale Boggs, House Majority Leader (right) and Alaska Congressman Nick Begich were killed in a plane crash on October 16, 1972; Boggs was involved in the investigation of the assassination of JFK (Kennedy). Congressman Larry McDonald from Georgia was assassinated on September 1, 1983, his ticket was booked on a Korean passenger plane that was shot down over the ocean; McDonald submitted a request to the US Congress for an investigation by the globalist Trilateral Commission and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Former U.S. Senator from Texas John Tower died in a plane crash on April 5, 1991 after criticizing the Reagan-Bush scandals. William Colby, former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, was found dead on April 27, 1996. A ridiculous story was announced that he allegedly drowned while canoeing near his cottage in Maryland. Colby has made statements criticizing American politics. Sonny Bono, singer from Sonny & Cher, a congressman on the key Committee of the Judiciary, was assassinated on January 6, 1998, having been appointed to investigate corruption in America at the highest levels. Bono was in charge of the files on judicial corruption and drug trafficking of the CIA... a fake story was presented that supposedly excellent skier Sonny crashed into a tree... even former FBI people say it was murder. Missouri Governor Melvin Eugene "Mel" Carnahan, who died in a plane crash on October 16, 2000, was a rival of the sinister U.S. Attorney John Ashcroft and won the election, even after his death. U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone from Minnesota died in a plane crash on October 25, 2002 after leading the opposition to the U.S. war in Iraq. Former U.S. Congressman Wayne Owens from Utah was found dead in Tel Aviv, Israel, on December 18, 2002, during an investigation into the corruption of the American-Israeli-Palestinian triangle. U.S. Federal Prosecutors Thelma “Colbert” (Thelma Colbert), the U.S. Department of Justice in Fort Worth, Texas, USA (left) and Shannon Ross, the head of the Criminal Division, Texas, jointly investigated crimes related to the Bush family and Novation LLC. Both “committed suicide” within weeks of each other, Colbert drowned in her pool in July 2004, and Ross was found dead in her home on September 13, 2004. The Bush cases were buried with them. U.S. Federal Judge John Roll was shot dead in Tucson, Arizona, on January 8, 2011, shortly after he ruled against Obama and the U.S. government ... a drug-addled “lone bandit” who “confessed” to what he had done, and who is more No one saw it. The media practically obscured this story in favor of other victims of the shooting, because the main goal was to intimidate all other American judges by showing them how they could be brutally murdered, while few people would know about the cause of their death. In 2018, Reporters Without Borders ranked the United States among the top five countries in the world that pose the greatest danger to journalists. There is no democracy in the United States. Only false American propaganda convinces its followers of the opposite, however, without evidence.
  9. Terrorism fan No. 1 mentions "democracy" again, although he does not understand what it is. There is no democracy in the USA and there has never been Terrorism fanatic No. 1 is delusional again, forgetting that the United States has the largest number of political prisoners in the world who are tortured and killed. The fan of terrorism No. 1 again writes exclusively slogans of false American propaganda, without even trying to look at reality
  10. Do you think that if you write false American propaganda again, at least a grain of truth will be added to it?
  11. The hatred that can be seen in all the messages of some terrorist accomplices on this forum does not prevent them from using Russian inventions. I suppose it won't be difficult for you to find these inventions.
  12. There are so many false slogans from terrorism fanatic No. 1. He's always babbling, but in fact he's constantly shitting himself. Here, above, is another wall of text consisting only of false American propaganda. The whole world hates the United States for the terror, genocide, violence and deaths of innocents that the US army constantly creates. video5465151107393146508.mp4 And this happens in almost any country
  13. Terrorist #1 of this forum is still freaking out, posting a huge number of letters. As usual, he fucked up, all he published was a lie of American propaganda. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12562031/Biden-trip-sneakers-balancing-exercises-shorter-stairs-air-force-one.html It's time to let the grandfather with dementia go free
  14. Russia has destroyed the next Patriot complexes. Now there will be fewer drops of low-quality American missiles on residential buildings
  15. You should get to gas stations in the USA. Whereas the cost of fuel in Russia does not change The terrorist man No. 1 on this forum, as usual, fucked up with his false American propaganda
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