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  1. I read in some media that the active phase of reconstruction will begin on March 1 (But I didn't find any confirmations). They plan to finish everything within 2 years. These billboards are located at the beginning of Jomtien.
  2. Perhaps this is the joke of the day! Look for lists of banned publications in the USA. Censorship and propaganda reign in the United States.
  3. During the large-scale renovation, Jomtien Street 1 will become one-way. The traffic pattern in the picture.
  4. As it is said correctly. There's not even anything to add.
  5. And his rival is a murderer and a maniac, and even a drug addict. He is currently suffering from dementia. "God save America." 🤣
  6. The traditional replacement of phrases and facts for American propaganda. Although why wait? American propaganda rejoices at the loss of life in the war that the United States unleashed
  7. Oh! I see the fertilizer issue is bothering you a lot. This is not surprising, in the United States, more and more people are becoming suitable only for fertilizer. By the way, your troops fertilized the soil of Afghanistan with their bodies in vain, the Taliban restricted the distribution of drugs after the Americans cowardly fled. But drugs were so lovingly grown by American soldiers on the graves of friends
  8. I don't expect such victims of propaganda to understand anything. Zombies are not able to understand. You don't have access to other points of view. In the USA, the most severe censorship, everything that does not coincide with official propaganda is removed. The American authorities are most afraid of the truth and are making every effort to ensure that no one sees the truth. The media in the USA, England and its colonies, in Europe belong to the same political forces, respectively, everything is written according to the same rules and censorship But you are funny, it is always interesting to watch zombies 🤣 video5373246168832684797.mp4
  9. Yes, yes. The sect of witnesses of freedom of speech in the USA is already included. They believe in what is not, in freedom of speech in the USA, funny
  10. You should stop taking strong drugs. They make you look like your puppet dictator with Biden's dementia. We don't know each other. Although your illness probably tells you otherwise.
  11. You already have 77% of young people just fertilizer. They are good for nothing else. And the dream of your dictatorship is to do so all over the world. That's why you start wars, murder and violence. It is clear why your propaganda writes this nonsense. He needs the zombies from the USA not to suffer so much. Still, it's nice to see how the truth makes you sick.
  12. Oh! You are a worthy slave of your propaganda. You act like all American media.🤣
  13. All the media that is imposed on you are censored. You are only allowed to read propaganda. And your propaganda will not tell you about the prisoners of American political prisons who are being tortured and killed. As everyone knows, the United States has the largest number of political prisoners in the world. You are not given the opportunity to see events from other points of view, so that you never start to think. Your hosts don't need this. It's easier to control zombies. In general, it is necessary to go into the Politics of this forum less often, otherwise it is very funny to read American propagandists. You can't laugh so much.🤣
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