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  1. I really don’t understand the point of the censorship. They might as well have simply banned the film as his battle with HIV and AIDS was kind of central to the story (although the timeline in the film was way out of whack).
  2. Turnout was around 72% which is slightly better than a typical general election. No idea what is going to happen as both Government and Parliament appear to have their own interests at the forefront and not the interests of the UK. Totally sick of all the lies being told by both sides. It’s time that there were serious repercussions for deliberate lies or misrepresentations while an MP.
  3. Sounds just my thing but, unfortunately, I won’t be in Bkk next trip to try him.
  4. A bit of a shame as it’s a good aircraft and pretty comfortable especially if I can book my favourite Economy seats. Prefer the Dreamliner though if I had the choice. Will be interesting to see what this does for Airbus wing production in the UK. Will they take the opportunity, with Brexit as well, of moving production elsewhere.
  5. Ok, it seems that it’s the main site that is e-mailing me rather than the forum. Can I safely turn my profile off there and still access the forums?
  6. I’m being e-mailed often by the gayguides.com system saying I should put on a profile picture. It’s happening often enough to become annoying as I dislike spam. I don’t particularly want to upload a personal photo so have tried to upload something neutral (a rainbow flag) just to stop the system e-mailing me. For some reason it’s been rejected which is really annoying. I don’t really want to have to add gayguides to my junk/spam filter as occasional messages are fine. Anyone got any ideas?
  7. If I had to wager, I’d bet the boys get messed about far more than the farangs on the apps. If they’ve gone quiet either they think you are wasting their time, they’ve got something else to do or they’ve got a better offer. Move on to the next. I tend to use apps and massage shops much more than bars for boys. I find there are as many boys who look better in RL than they do in an app picture as look worse. Also, looks are all very well, but I’d rate good massage and good sex above looks any time.
  8. Was this thread really about Trump or was it simply a troll creating a deliberately divisive topic to foment argument? To me, it was the latter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about everything but, if their only contribution to the forum is destructive, then the mod button is the only option.
  9. I buy a 28 day tourist SIM card for my UK phone in the arrivals hall at Suvarnbhumi. Give them your phone, 2 minutes later they will give it you back with the tourist SIM in and your own SIM card separately. If your own phone doesn’t have a SIM, buy a cheap phone and keep it for visits. If you’ve got an expensive phone you are better off buying a cheaper phone for Thailand anyhow as phones are targets for thieves/pickpockets as I know to my cost.
  10. Although I’m a biker I won’t either ride an MC taxi or hire a bike in Thailand. I’m firmly of the belief that unless you’re wearing full protective gear, being on a bike is Russian Roulette. 1) helmets need to both fit properly and never have been dropped. Most of the ones on MC taxis are old and very battered. 2) come off a Motorcycle at 30 miles an hour without proper gear and you will likely lose your skin down to the bone. Google motorcycle road rash injury.
  11. I also find no correlation between looks and performance. In fact, other than the odd exception, the best offs I’ve had have been with App pickups of slightly older guys (mid 20’s) rather than younger and cuter guys in bars.
  12. For a 4 handed massage to work there needs to be coordination between the masseurs, preferably they need to have worked together before. The strokes need to still flow and pressures need to be similar. Otherwise it ends up being distracting rather than relaxing. If you are wanting a good 4 handed massage picking two boys yourself is unlikely to work.
  13. Not sure it’s that far short of what old heroes was. Used to be about 3000 baht including tip for VIP room, and 90 min scrub and massage unless my memory is playing tricks. I guess the difference was in old Hero good experiences were common whereas now it seems a lottery. Old Hero was one of my favourites. I haven’t tried New Hero but no doubt will next time I stay in Bangkok.
  14. forky123

    Next Trip

    Thanks, it’s the Resort & Spa I’m looking at. Previous trips I’ve stayed at Baan Souy or Agate but the price at Zing is just too tempting if it’s any good.
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