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  1. That's what happens with elections in dictatorships.
  2. Schrodinger's Biden. Is he a dictator or is he a frail old man with dementia?
  3. Actually, I attack the sociopathic rapist that is Trump, sometimes that means defending Biden from the idiotic lies that people propagate. Biden is a terrible candidate for President at this stage but still infinitely better than Trump who has his own set of serious mental defects and simply wants to use the presidency to escape his crimes and take revenge on people he believes have treated him unfairly. The US is a Republic, though also supposedly a representational democracy. Whether it will remain one very much depends on the election this year as Republicans seem determined to destroy voting rights. Calling Biden a dictator is pretty stupid and shows how little you understand. As conspiracy theories go, that's possibly the most ridiculous anyone could have dreamed. You're going to tell me next that Putin had Navalny poisoned and sentenced to decades in a Siberian prison to protect him from Biden's goons. The West don't need the death of an opponent of Putin to trash Putin's reputation he's done that successfully himself.
  4. Don't be a bigger moron than the rest of this thread shows. You know nothing about me other than I don't like murderous dictators and you love them.
  5. Exactly who is it letting killers out of prison to fight in Ukraine? Certainly not the US or UK (England has not been a standalone country for over 300 years).
  6. And you get your rocks off every time your murderous leader threatens to nuke people.
  7. You really have to be stupid to think every news organisation in the world other than Russian are lying. There is corruption in all media but if you think polonium and novichok poisonings, defenestrations and random opponents of Putin dying in plane crashes, prison, random muggings, etc then you're more stupid than I thought, which in itself is quite an achievement.
  8. I'm not American so your prodding means nothing other than your village is missing its idiot.
  9. Not sure what this has to do with the topic other than your typical deflection.
  10. Jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny dead, says prison service - BBC News
  11. Emmaroid, you're a boring and broken record.
  12. Emmaroid please note, playing golf every waking hour Trump isn't breaking the law isn't doing something.
  13. Trump could shove a shotgun up someone's ass and pull the trigger on 5th Avenue and all Emmaroid would say is "Thank you sir, could you do it again".
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