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  1. Went back to Helios last night. Very good again. Royal House is open but only a couple of boys outside, pretty rough looking. They paid no attention to people walking past. If anyone ever eats at the Pig & Whistle on Soi 7 it appears to be closed. Lots of closed signs on doors and windows. The Jomtien version still appears to be going strong. It’s getting rather late in the stay to risk any manipulation of my back. I simply can’t afford for it to go completely or I will struggle to get home.
  2. 999 Massage (Jomtien Complex) Unfortunately my back has been playing up so I’ve been avoiding aggravating it further but finally decided to try this place. Set up like a standard massage place with chairs downstairs. Probably 12 guys available and decided on a one hour aroma massage so as not to push it. Upstairs lots of cubicles but not floor to ceiling. No shower before (or after ). Boy seemed to know what he was doing massage wise though was wearing underwear and T shirt. Very quickly realised there would be at lease a Happy ending as he pressed his crotch into my feet and hands as the massage progressed. Although the massage was reasonably good, it certainly didn’t last an hour. The boy gave me an exquisite BJ however so I wasn’t complaining. This may be my last massage of the trip. My back is pretty bad and I need to avoid making the trip home a nightmare.
  3. Anando Massage (a couple of doors down from Sun City Hotel) Ok, this one isn’t an M2M massage at all. I’ve had problems with my big toe nails since my Days of military service. My nails curve too much so cut in at the sides. Normally I cut my own nails and suffer a lot. Last year I got caught in a rain shower and rather than get soaked, decided on a foot massage. This was the place I was walking past. Due to either miscommunication or the middle aged masseur seeing my nails, she decided I was getting a pedicure. Long story short, she really did a number on my nails and it was a bit painful as she did it but I’ve not had a problem in the year since. Went back this time for another pedicure. Realise that I’ve been to chiropodist for years who have never been able to give me more than a month or two of relief. Soda Massage (Jomtien Complex) Since Fah Massage is now closed, decided to try Soda, across the T junction from Fah in Jomtien Complex. Probably 15 guys to choose from twink & fem types to more muscle. Wasn’t offered a shower beforehand (or after for that matter). One Hour oil massage 400b. The boy was clothed throughout and the massage was mediocre. Little strength to it and no sensuality. He had all the techniques and moves but simply didn’t apply any pressure. The place itself has little cubicles with flimsy walls and slide doors that don’t shut properly. Luckily we were in an end cubicle and I heard no other customers while I was there. The end of the massage was a bit strange, still fully clothed he finished off the massage, grasped my dick which he had studiously avoided for an hour (as well as ignoring every other errogenous zone) and tried desperately to get me erect. By this time I wasn’t horny in the slightest so stopped him and got dressed. Not somewhere I will go back in a hurry. Could just be the masseur but the environment wasn’t very conducive either. Ice Massage (Tukcom Area) I’ve walked my this place a few times over the last couple of years but never gone in. Historically, it’s always seemed only a couple of boys around. This time there were loads. Probably 6 boys outside and another 10 visible through the window. Decided to give it a shot. Presented with the standard list of massages but at the bottom of the list “Erotic Massage” 1000b for 90 mins. 500b min tip. Well, I had to give it a try didn’t I? Mostly twink and fem boys to choose from. No muscled types. Chose a reasonably tall boy, early 20’s at a guess with very thin, but not fem, frame. Showered alone and then the massage began. It was a good massage. It just wasn’t an erotic massage. The masseur was naked throughout and there was lots of body contact, it just wasn’t erotic. When I was asked to turn over, I’d pretty much given up but the strangest thing happened. Throughout the massage he had been completely limp. Even through the body contract, not even a slight chubbing up. When he turned me over though he first massaged my legs, arms and body while sat between my legs maintaining body contact then he started on my dick and groin. What was strange was that within 10 seconds of him starting touching my dick, he was absolutely rock hard. It didn’t take me very long before I was the same and we had a really great last 20 minutes with lots of play. So, overall a good massage but not ‘erotic’ and good play at the end. Will go back for another round later in the holiday.
  4. Sea massage Supreme Massage Managed to go to the completely wrong massage shop. Meant to go to Sea Massage across 2nd road from Boyztown and instead went to Supreme Massage a couple of doors down through not paying attention. Realised as soon as I was inside as it was half the size of Sea Massage but then thought wtf and decided to give it a go. Paid 950b for a 1hr body scrub followed by a 1 hour aroma oil massage. Boy was on a rota basis but could probably have picked if I’d wanted. As it was, he was cute and smiled so who was I to argue. Even though he was doing a body scrub, the boy had long baggy shorts and t-shirt on. Must be absolutely hell on laundry. The body scrub was just that though he was very diligent with it. He certainly didn’t miss any areas but I really got no hint as to how the oil massage would go after. After the body scrub, I showered alone which was a bit off seeing how hard it is to wash the scrub off some areas. When the oil massage started, he once again was clothed and I really wasn’t sure if there would be any extras or not. Anyhow, I set my arms/hands just a little wide on the table so they were partially hanging off. The massage was pretty good, medium strength which I like as it doesn’t aggravate my back and once again very thorough. About 20 minutes in, the position of my arms paid off as he was spending just too long with his groin presses against my hand. Soon we both had raging hardons though he was still dressed. As I played more and more with him a nice wet spot appeared on his shorts. He finally pulled his shorts down and he was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. The massage cubicles were those where the wall didn’t go to the ceiling. There were no other customers but he seemed terrified of making any noise. At one point the BJ caused a slurp and he froze. Anyhow, mutual BJs as quietly as possible made a great ending. Fah massage For anyone that used to frequent Fah Massage, in Jomtien Complex, it has closed. There is a “For Rent” sign right in front. Can’t have happened long ago as the outside massage sign is still there.
  5. Would have been around 1900. Didn’t see, or hear, any other customers through my visit though the nature of the foam massage room means it’s not as quiet as most massages. There were definitely more pairs of flip flops outside than there were boys if that helps any.
  6. I’m not going to do a diary type thing as I tend to have chill days where I like to do pretty much nothing. It’s a holiday after all and I need the downtime from work. Also, I very rarely go to the bars so my focus this holiday will likely mainly be on Massage places. If those have no interest for you, move on and read some of the other fine threads here. Helios I hadn’t been here since it was Blue House massage but, having read somewhere that it was the only boy massage place that does a soapy massage, thought I’d give it a whirl. The outside now really doesn’t seem inviting. I guess I’m inconsistent because I also hate being grabbed by the arm somewhere as I walk past, but for me having a few boys outside smiling is welcoming. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad massage at Blue House, but then many of my visits were to see Ken who was very good. On entering, the boys gathered. There were only 5 of them and a mix, a couple were youngish (probably very early 20’s), the others late. 20’s or likely older (it’s so hard to guess age sometimes). Last holiday I spent going for the cutest guys and had very mixed results, this time I went back to the adage ‘go for the biggest smile’. One of the early 20’s guys was smiling really broadly, the others either half-hearted smiles or none at all. Though the smiling boy was cute, with a toned swimmers body, he was more tattooed than I might usually choose. He was the one I chose though and an hours ‘foam massage’ as they call it rather than soapy. He left me to grab an initial shower while he collected the bits. There was a fairly large waterproof mattress on the floor, otherwise the room was like a large shower room. With massage places, I rarely ask in advance what someone will “do”. I really like the not knowing how far someone will go. Sometimes that leads to disappointment, other times to unexpected good times. We were both naked from the start which is always a good start but not always indicative of how things will end. Having never had a soapy massage before, i wasn’t sure what to expect from the massage itself. It’s obvious that there will be lots of body to body, what is probably intuitive but I wasn’t 100% sure on was how firm or otherwise the massage would be. The answer was that it was mostly sensual body to body massage and little firm massage techniques. He started with a back massage before turning to bum and legs. How a masseur treats your backside is always a good indication to me of how far they will go and what they are up for. If they give your crack a wide birth, chances are anything later will be perfunctory at best. This guy very early ran his fingers deep down the crack of my ass paying close attention to my asshole and on to the base of my dick. Though he didn’t linger too long it was a good sign. The massage progressed with a lot of mutual contact and a lot of feeling up. He was hard as a rock in not too much time and took great delight in massaging my ass crack with his dick. Once he turned me over there really wasn’t much massage, it was almost entirely frontage. He still had a smile on his face and it wasn’t too long before he got a condom and lube out. I do wish he’d used more of the lube as he was a very aggressive top in multiple positions but I wasn’t going to stop him once he got started as it was so fucking good. After about 15 minutes he came and lay on top of me finishing me off. Overall, I could take or leave a “soapy massage” but if the sex in it is always that good then it’s well worth the time. 1 hour foam massage was 600b. Minimum tip was 1000b but I gave him 1500b. Well worth it.
  7. If they cleaned the carpet occasionally it would help.
  8. For some reasons I’ve never had a good experience in any of the ones in Boyztown. Liked Narcissus nearby before it closed though mainly due to one boy that worked there.
  9. I often use both Hornet and Romeo and have had some very good success with the apps (as well as some duds). I still like the massages houses too though.
  10. 72 hours and I should be settled into my hotel and having my first wander of the year through Patts. I can’t say the bar scene has ever really been a favourite for me and much prefer the massage scene, preferably full service. I must admit that on my last trip I was somewhat disappointed in that regular haunts had disappeared and others either the quality was significantly lower or I just had a really bad run with bad masseurs. Ones I tried last time were Fah massage twice... first fairly good, second really crap. The place around the corner from Fah, very mediocre. Scandic, bloody awful and will never go back. Does anyone have any recent positive experiences with any? Have Helios on my list to try. Enjoyed the place very much when it was Blue House but didn’t go in last time.
  11. forky123


    Can anyone advise which are the most popular apps this year in Patts? I normally use Hornet/Romeo, but both seem to be locking things down to fewer and fewer guys to see without paying premium.
  12. Aye, don’t turn the lights off just yet. 3 weeks till I go.
  13. Hope someone who’s stayed there can assist. I’m currently booked in there on my next trip but will need a reasonable WiFi connection in my room (normally I don’t really care). Anyone any idea if the WiFi here is acceptable? Thanks.
  14. I really don’t understand the point of the censorship. They might as well have simply banned the film as his battle with HIV and AIDS was kind of central to the story (although the timeline in the film was way out of whack).
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