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  1. If they cleaned the carpet occasionally it would help.
  2. For some reasons I’ve never had a good experience in any of the ones in Boyztown. Liked Narcissus nearby before it closed though mainly due to one boy that worked there.
  3. I often use both Hornet and Romeo and have had some very good success with the apps (as well as some duds). I still like the massages houses too though.
  4. 72 hours and I should be settled into my hotel and having my first wander of the year through Patts. I can’t say the bar scene has ever really been a favourite for me and much prefer the massage scene, preferably full service. I must admit that on my last trip I was somewhat disappointed in that regular haunts had disappeared and others either the quality was significantly lower or I just had a really bad run with bad masseurs. Ones I tried last time were Fah massage twice... first fairly good, second really crap. The place around the corner from Fah, very mediocre. Scandic, bloody awful and will never go back. Does anyone have any recent positive experiences with any? Have Helios on my list to try. Enjoyed the place very much when it was Blue House but didn’t go in last time.
  5. forky123


    Can anyone advise which are the most popular apps this year in Patts? I normally use Hornet/Romeo, but both seem to be locking things down to fewer and fewer guys to see without paying premium.
  6. Aye, don’t turn the lights off just yet. 3 weeks till I go.
  7. Hope someone who’s stayed there can assist. I’m currently booked in there on my next trip but will need a reasonable WiFi connection in my room (normally I don’t really care). Anyone any idea if the WiFi here is acceptable? Thanks.
  8. I really don’t understand the point of the censorship. They might as well have simply banned the film as his battle with HIV and AIDS was kind of central to the story (although the timeline in the film was way out of whack).
  9. Turnout was around 72% which is slightly better than a typical general election. No idea what is going to happen as both Government and Parliament appear to have their own interests at the forefront and not the interests of the UK. Totally sick of all the lies being told by both sides. It’s time that there were serious repercussions for deliberate lies or misrepresentations while an MP.
  10. Sounds just my thing but, unfortunately, I won’t be in Bkk next trip to try him.
  11. A bit of a shame as it’s a good aircraft and pretty comfortable especially if I can book my favourite Economy seats. Prefer the Dreamliner though if I had the choice. Will be interesting to see what this does for Airbus wing production in the UK. Will they take the opportunity, with Brexit as well, of moving production elsewhere.
  12. Ok, it seems that it’s the main site that is e-mailing me rather than the forum. Can I safely turn my profile off there and still access the forums?
  13. I’m being e-mailed often by the gayguides.com system saying I should put on a profile picture. It’s happening often enough to become annoying as I dislike spam. I don’t particularly want to upload a personal photo so have tried to upload something neutral (a rainbow flag) just to stop the system e-mailing me. For some reason it’s been rejected which is really annoying. I don’t really want to have to add gayguides to my junk/spam filter as occasional messages are fine. Anyone got any ideas?
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