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  1. I'm surprised that you don't get charged for two rooms when that happens, since almost no reservation arrangements allow for same-day cancellations. There are two methods I use which prevent me from making that mistake. First, I have a folder at home with all of my travel arrangements, arranged in chronological order. When I need a hotel, I refer to the flights (which I usually book first), then the schedule of where I'm supposed to be. If I cancel a hotel, I keep the cancellation notice there. Also, I enter all of the data into my iPhone's calendar application. In that application, it's quite simple to change the time zone to the local one. (As a third measure, I also have a written "black book" record, which I usually carry with me, but that's overkill). This is my third measure, which I agree is simply nerdy overkill:
  2. As indicated on the posting, the diagram represents the US State Department warnings. Any country which takes US citizens hostage (with hopes for concessions from either US or other Americans) will get a Level 4 warning. Russia earned itself that level after the wrongful detentions (hostage-taking) of Brittney Griner, Evan Gershkovich, Marc Fogel, etc. Belarus is a puppet state of Russia's, and can be expected to do the same. You are correct, however, that Japan and Poland are mislabeled on that map; they're Level 1. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Poland.html https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/japan-travel-advisory.html And, as I suspected, New Zealand is Level 1 as well: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/NewZealand.html
  3. I don't think New Zealand is really Level 3.
  4. When going to Europe, we take a late afternoon flight, then some hypnotics and booze so we can sleep on our way there, arriving in the morning in Europe. 2 days of methylphenidate in the morning will keep up us during our first couple of days. On the way back, noonish flight from Europe gets us at LAX after rush hour. Just stay up until evening-time, and conked out until morning. Rarely need drugs on the way back to Los Angeles.
  5. Not with my current preferred carrier, American Airlines. Since I lived in the SF Bay Area, I used to fly primarily with United, and was in the 2nd highest elite tier with them, when I was actually seated in the seat for which I had the boarding pass. Before the flight took off, a flight attendant told me to get up, as I was being moved to another seat (further back in the plane). When I asked why she responded "I don't have to tell you," to which I answered "And I don't have to fly United again." I never flew United again, and am now a Million Miler™ with American Airlines, and have had Executive Platinum status with them for the last several years. I take my hubbie with me, of course. I have occasionally flown with Delta or Alaska since dumping United. For example, when we went to Iceland, Delta and United, but not American, fly to KEF, so we went on Delta, and went we to Alaska last month we flew Alaska Airlines from Burbank to Victoria, and then back from Fairbanks to Burbank. That incident with United wasn't the first time their flight attendants had been rude with me (not due to anything I did), but it was the straw which broke my willingness to keep flying with them. I will add that the ticket I had on United was a regular ticket I purchased on their website (not Priceline, etc.), and I had no interactions with any of the other staff or passengers on the plane, so it was definitely not anything I'd done.
  6. I remember a taxi driver probably tried to trick us when we were leaving our hotel in Ipanema for the airport. We asked the driver to take us to the airport, and he asked "Dumont?", a small domestic airport which he must have known was not our destination. Fortunately, I knew the name of the international airport, so I said "Não, Aeroporto do Galeão." As for airplane tickets, in the US at least you have 24 hours to correct your mistake for a full refund. That being said, one has to check everything very carefully, especially connection times, and so on. When airlines send updated flight info by e-mail, once again has to be very careful in reviewing these, including connection times. If the connection is too tight, you have the right to ask for rebooking to different flights, with no additional charge. You also have to review your seat selection online as well, as you may be mysteriously moved out of your chosen exit row seats, etc.
  7. Well, the second she said "I take full responsibility" is the second she needed to resign. Had she said "I asked for more funding, to allow for more staff, but my requests were denied," or some other exculpatory statement, then it would require more investigation. When she admitted the fault lay squarely on her shoulders, she had to resign. That was pretty straight-forward, in my view.
  8. Dude, you constantly use insulting language when arguing with others, and definitely not just with me. Calling someone a "right wing crank" is not said with the intention of toning things down. When @Moses chimed in, you deflected around Putin's atrocities, which have nothing to do with this string, nor of anything he was saying. I don't expect someone who isn't a physician, RN, or PA-C to know, but one cannot "test negative" for Alzheimer's, or any other form of dementia. It's not like you can tell someone you had a negative blood test for syphilis, or a positive urine test for gonorrhea. As I've mentioned previously, the diagnosis has to be based on the patient's past and current behavior. The MOCA questionnaire is a tool that can sometimes assist in making the diagnosis, but it's certainly neither necessary nor sufficient for the diagnosis. It works very poorly, for example, for those with IQ's under 100 or over 140. One item in the test asks someone to subtract 7 from 100 (and keep going). Well, I've had patients who dropped out of school in the 4th grade and were never able to hold down a job. They'll do very poorly on that test, so one has to go by other clues. Therefore, anyone who says that he or someone else "tested negative" for dementia is merely trying to deceive. In the last year or two of his Presidency, Reagan was clearly stumbling over his words, saying some pretty silly stuff (as Trump and Biden are doing now). This was a clearly observable change, and solid evidence of a significant loss of cognitive function. I certainly wasn't the only person to notice. The fact that he or his family only chose to share the diagnosis years later is certainly not evidence the illness wasn't present earlier. Reagan pointedly stayed out of the public eye after leaving office, probably for good reason. It may very well be that Biden has not been diagnosed with Parkinson's. However, I can't imagine that he hasn't been diagnosed with something, and if it's not Parkinson's, it's probably something far worse. His neurological deficits are quite obvious. Today's "Candorville" strip hit it on the nose:
  9. Your friends agree with you P.S. Carnac the magnificent predicts that the diagnosis will be made public within the next few years. He also predicts you won't admit what a fool you were in this string.
  10. Then it's really very simple. You said that I said Biden had Parkinson's. That was a lie. Be a man, admit it, and apologize. Oh, but you're not a man. Sorry. (While the letter is irrelevant to the fact that you lied, you're one of the few people dumb enough to take it at face value. Do you really believe all of the stupid shit Trump's doctor says?)
  11. This is a lie, since you keep bringing it up. I cannot know for certain his diagnosis, obviously, since I don't have access to his medical records. His movements are definitely consistent with PD (which is common at his age), but could also represent Lewy Body Dementia (which is quite similar), Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, or other conditions. What I can say, with almost complete certainty, is that he doesn't have "no diagnosis," as you claim (without access to Biden's medical records).
  12. I knew you wouldn't apologize about your lie when you stated that I knew Biden had Parkinson's, when I didn't make that statement. You're just being you. Only you have the arrogance to claim to know the unknowable (namely, Biden's medical records). At least I have the honesty to acknowledge when I'm making inferences about what is known. And only you are foolish enough to believe unsubstantiated statements (i.e. that Biden has "no diagnosis"), when such statements are obviously contradicted by what we do know. Of course, so many people believe that the earth was created in 6 days, though the facts say otherwise.
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