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  1. Upload TekTrak HP tracking software, its free for Android, may be IPhone4 Easy to setup, tracking your HP is a breeze. One know the exact location, even with Photo of location - building. Can upgrade to premium for USD4plus with remote access to wipe out phone data. Web link http://www.tektrak.com, only - point your movement can be tracked down if other aware of your password.
  2. Just got my Samsung Galaxy SII which launch in Spore Beginning of Jul. Quite Slim, faster than Samsung S1. Back cover is filmsy, well once can add on a Silicone back cover. Battery power drained out faster comparing to S1, hwvr adaquate for the day use. Fast response. Pricing with 2 Yrs contract Bht6,100, w/o contradt Bht19,600 Editing of contact using Kies is easy, modify thru PC for upload to handset is simple. Was choosing between 2 models IPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy SII, ended up with SII as IPhone 5 or now 4B rumours launching sometime Sep in USA, so Asia probably by End Year or early next Year. One added feature for SII with simple function scientific caculator, the rest still yet to explore. Tracking of phone via GPS is simple using Tektak (free software).
  3. For Songkran, ChiangMai is the most well celebrated in Thailand. Beer Stage around the Moat/City, people swinging all their ways. Battle of Splashing is seen everywhere. You hv to be in the mood to joint in the Fun, for Thai is a Blessing event. Be cautious not to walk to near to the canal as the locals get their water from the canal. Its a common sight Farangs hired Tuktuk with a big bucket of icy water making their rounds around the moats. Fesitval wise, you have to be in Nongkhai - Phon Phisai sometime 3rd week of Oct to witness the FireBall shot from the Mekong River. See for yourself, its not gimmick as I witnessed it last two years. Enjoy
  4. It really depends on how your tkt was issued in a Single set or two tkts. If its two sets of tkts then, chances u hv to clear custom/immigration and re-checkin agn for the domestic flt to CNX. If its in a single form, check with the CDG Counter and request for thru baggage right up to CNX. Also look at the BKK/CNX Sector, if tax, misc reflected - practically u hv to recheckin. A word of cautious as the Airport is gigantic involve lots of walking, ample time allowance for the domestic sector as claiming baggage at least 1/2Hr from Intl Flt. If in the case u need to checkout/checkin, upon exit to public gallery, turn right u take the escalator up 3rd Level (pse check) for domestic counter. Take care
  5. Witnessed the shots of fireballs from the mighty mekong river @ Phon Phisai - Nongkhai (NE of Thailand). Event happend last day of Buddha Celebration Full Moon on 07Oct06. Missed the 1st three in a roll around 7+ as it happened over the other bend of the river. Around 8+ single shot 4 times 3/4mins apart shot up near the Laos Side (Mekong separate Loas and NE Nongkhai abt 500m width). Then finale around 9+, in front of us middle of the river - mny mny people Thais, US, Koreans, all nationalities saw a row of 5 fire balls shot up from the river, followed next instance roll of another four. Its brightly Reddish with pinkish centre, shoot straight highup - no smell, no sympton. Not that man made type of phenomenen - like meteor type of happenings. River is rough - not possible of planting fireworks beneath the river, moreover its not firewokrs types of happenings. Its great to see this event with comfort if u planned ahead - stayed at Guest House with happening at doorstep, cud enjoy in the compound garden with friends for a drink/meal, talk, no need to crammed with others as read on some web posting. Nognkhai is also a heritage place to visit - its a mixture of multi Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian culture. The historial park is huge, Stone Garden is great. Food is Cheap and Good.. Nearest Airport Udon Thani is more developed with Shopping Mall, Nite Markets...
  6. Great to hear of your experience, reserved the last room @ Big Snake Guest House which the happengs just at doorstep pior 2 days before shot of the fireball. Its 42Km away from Nongkhai. I guess One has to endure all weather factors and looking forward to this auspicious day. Might rent a bike to move around as a local friend is joinning me who has also never been there. Will adjourn to Udon Thani probably 9/10Oct. Crossing the friendly bridge is also in my itinerary. Tks for your good advice.
  7. Planning a trip to witness this unusal phenomenon shooting of fireballs from Mighty Mekong River coming 06Oct~08Oct. Understand best location is at Phon Pisai. Your comments and assistance appreciated.
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