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  1. So, I'll try to break it down for you. When you said Thai guys, Myanmar guys, viet guys, etc. I was letting you know that there are many people that hate them too just because of where they are from or the color of their skin. In America, do you know how Asians have felt over the past many years (during and after Covid). The hatred is rampant and it is not just against Americans and Russians but in all places people make quick judgements based on where someone is from. That is the point I was trying to make but if both you and PeterRS don't get it, I must have said it wrong or not have explained myself.
  2. Wrong again. That is because you are in Thailand but if you were in the USA or many other countries, hated for those would exist as well. (But, not the Brazilians)
  3. Warning to all, stay on the original topic and not politics. Further discussion about Russia in this thread will be removed. Moses is allowed to have his viewpoint on politics and that need not be brought into Siam Roads threads each time. For the record: Russians are hated. Americans are hated. French are hated. on and on I could go. I think we are all hated by some to a degree. Except the Brazilians. Damn, that is either amazing or they are so fucking hot no one cares.
  4. I would say just open something that makes you happy and let a Thai boy run it for you. You will never loose money if you are not looking to make money. And, they are all so experienced in helping older guys like us to dispose of our income. It is a win win if you ask me.
  5. Inappropriate comments like this get a ban for 3 months. Next time, one year.
  6. Took me less than 12 hours to figure out you are not someone we need on this site. So, bye bye. This is truly the way forums work. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  7. You know, where all the other malls are because opening another giant mall is going to ease traffic congestion on Sukhumvit.
  8. This one should be great with two Gordon Ramsey restaurants and tons of other delicacies. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/general/2685239/imminent-opening-of-the-emsphere-helps-wrap-up-em-district https://www.timeout.com/bangkok/news/so-far-these-are-the-restaurants-that-are-opening-at-emsphere-111523
  9. Have seen several guys from here and had a good time with each. Here is a review of a great guy.
  10. I think he is disappointed by the massive amount of communication issues?
  11. Senators and congressmen take money from anyone. IMHO, the only reason for me to vote is for President and to keep control of the Senate. Those are the ones that elect the SCOTUS and that is why I vote. But, back on topic, I trust Russian aircraft as much as I trust a big Chinese aircraft. Both have high ambitions but can't deliver the same quality as companies that have been around for ages and when I travel, I like to be safe and secure. BTW, nothing about either country as I have been to both many times but would need to see many tests with other people first.
  12. How many do you count that is going to be on the ticket?
  13. No, I would not fly on one as I always use flights that connect to USA and through Delta or AA. I don't see them allowing these planes to be used until the invasion of Ukraine comes to an end. But, that also depends on if Putin's puppet gets elected (big possibility IMHO). In the mean time, I have even had a hard time getting flights through China right now and not sure if that is political or they have not bounced back yet.
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