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  1. Never been butch myself. But, I do adore a mean looking tattooed guy just out of Rikers.
  2. Nope. My friend likes younger more feminine twinks. I am flexible with all and prefer tougher looking guys.
  3. Do any have LINE or FB photos they keep current? Or, just go and see. I have a top only looking for a bottom and me (flexible).
  4. What are the best gay massage shops with live gay guys to pick and choose in Bangkok (not picking in advance or on IPad) but live and in person?
  5. Arrival in Seoul: A Historical Introduction I touched down in Seoul, eager to dive into its rich tapestry of history and culture. My first stop was the majestic Gyeongbokgung Palace. Built in 1395 during the Joseon Dynasty, this grand palace was the main royal residence, a fact that Jinwoo, a local I met on Grindr, shared enthusiastically as we toured its sprawling grounds. Finding someone on Grindr was easy and the night before, just logging in, I had multiple messages. He was sexy, cute and around 30. Afterward, we wandered through Bukchon Hanok Village, admiring the perfectly preserved traditional Korean houses. These hanoks date back to the Joseon period, giving a living history lesson on the architectural style and urban planning of old Korea. Exploring Royal Legacies: Changdeokgung and Insadong With Jinwoo as my guide, I spent the next day at Changdeokgung Palace, another estate known for its beautifully landscaped gardens and as a favored residence of many Joseon princes. Its Huwon (Secret Garden) is a masterpiece of Korean garden design and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site, which was designed to work in harmony with the natural terrain. Later, we strolled through Insadong, a district famous for its art galleries housed in traditional-style buildings, antique shops, and tea houses. Each shop offered a piece of Korea’s artistic heritage, from delicate ceramics to intricate metalwork. Modern Vibrancy and Historical Views: Myeongdong and Namsan Seoul Tower Venturing out alone, I immersed myself in the bustling streets of Myeongdong, a stark contrast to the historical sites. This shopping haven presented an array of modern Korean fashion and beauty products alongside traditional street food vendors. That evening, Jinwoo and I reunited to visit the Namsan Seoul Tower, located on Namsan Mountain. It closes at 11 but we got there MUCH earlier to see the beautiful lights. The tower offered panoramic views of Seoul, beautifully lit against the night sky. Relaxation and Romance by the River: Hangang Park with Hyun-sik Midweek, I met Hyun-sik, another engaging Grindr sexy hunk who introduced himself with a passion for Seoul’s green spaces. Together, we explored Hangang Park, a vital recreational space for Seoulites developed during the massive urban planning initiatives of the late 20th century. He wanted to bicycle the river area but I said I was too old for that shit and passed. That evening, Hyun-sik led me to the Banpo Bridge to witness its famous Rainbow Fountain show. The bridge, built in 1982, features over 10,000 LED nozzles that create a spectacular multicolored water display, beautifully illustrating Seoul's blend of technology and aesthetics. A Day of Contrasts: Gangnam's Modernity and Bongeunsa Temple's Tranquility Hyun-sik showed me around Gangnam, an area synonymous with modern affluence and dynamic culture. As we navigated through its high-end boutiques and tech hubs. We ended our day at Bongeunsa Temple, established in the 8th century during the Shilla Dynasty. This Buddhist sanctuary offered a peaceful retreat from the buzzing cityscape, with Hyun-sik highlighting its historical significance as a center of Zen Buddhism in Korea. But, he was Christian and driving from the airport, I will assume that there are MANY there as there were so many crosses and mega churches, I felt like I was back in Alabama but with a bunch of Asians. Reflective Farewell: Itaewon and Last Supper My final day in Seoul brought me to Itaewon, a district known for its diverse international community and vibrant nightlife. Hyun-sik and I indulged in a variety of global cuisines, reflecting on my journey through Seoul's past and present. We shared a heartfelt farewell dinner, promising to remain connected across the water. I stayed at the Grand Walkerhill Seoul which also had a casino and many restaurants. I loved the tea house and the buffets there. But, things were so much more expensive than I remembered. Seoul has gifted me with profound historical insights, contrasted beautifully by its modern vibrancy. The friendships I've formed here with Jinwoo and Hyun-sik not only enhanced my experiences but deepened my appreciation for this multifaceted city. I invited both boys to visit Bangkok and both said they would come, (we will see).
  6. He was naked, he was hard. He was willing to get sucked and to fuck me. I had asked for something different. Nice lad as I said, but not what I asked for that day. I asked some someone good at oral. I think that mean for them, he was good at getting sucked. But, giving out nothing, did nothing for me and I tipped, said thank you, and ordered another boy.
  7. Twitter (X) has now started flagging all posts as sensitive and I have to click each one. So fucking bad!
  8. The massage was minimum tip 1500 baht for an hour. He was naked and hard the entire time. Nice lad, just limited.
  9. Been there about 20 times and always a good time. The rooms are clean and the guys are good. Today was first bad experience. Not bad in I didn't tip. But, the boy did nothing. Quick massage, no kissing, no oral, nothing. I could easily have gone to the lady spa in the mall and had a better massage. But, that is life and you live and learn.
  10. We first tried to see the BoyzBoyzBoyz show at 10:30 but all tables reserved except for the horrible ones to the side of stage. They said they had to hold the others so we left without a show or drinks. Toy Boys was second stop and boy Tawan boy and I both found boys we liked and had them over for drinks. Mine was from Laos and cute and on a normal night, I would have taken him but I can to celebrate the beloved's BD so I let him pick someone. Needless to say it was a fem boy. But, very sweet and good English. We brought him back to the hotel and the BF had about 2 hours of fun with him. When I asked why I only get 45 seconds of fun every time, he said, "that is you and not me." Oh well, age has both advantages and disadvantages. We had stopped here after a trip to Sunnee. It was good to see that NiceBoys still has that photo of Charlie. Wow. He was such a fun guy and good to that bar. As for ToyBoys, honestly, there were at least 4 or 6 guys I would have taken on my own. Some cute and well defined bodies. I did get my drink boys LINE as he said he comes to Bangkok some and wants to spend Songkran there.
  11. Jeeze, I knew you had all the answers! LOL
  12. Yes, famous for muscle but also had a fair share of twinks if you got there at the right time. The bar was not closed because of the cabaret. I have never heard of the police closing for shitty performance. Otherwise, I don't think any would be left. I just don't like the shows though. Luckily for me, the "love of my life" who I met at the bar is still with me for many moons and he keeps in touch with all of his friends and I have had quiet a few muscle boys in my place as of late. @floridarob I know you were a skeptic for the love but it is almost like singing Celine Dion when he wakes up each morning (loud).
  13. What is the name of the first bar in Boyztown as you enter. It is on the left and has many gay and fem boys in it?
  14. TotallyOz

    Nice Boys

    Agree that should have happened. Boy liked the the boys he saw in that area.
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