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Are you getting it in your own country?

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Wherever you live are you having sex in your own country?

Do you go cruising or pay4play or go on Grindr and invite guys over?

Do you go to gay saunas in your own country?

Do you have great gay saunas ?

Here in Sydney Australia we have a few one in particular very popular with bisexual guys called 357 in the heart of Sydney City out of the gay district and it's very popular,over 5 levels 

Love to know about other Cities gay saunas ,not sure if they have gay saunas in Texas ?,but luv a cowboy to fuck my daddy ass

Im too shy in the gay sauna I end up just walking around 

I can't go to Asia now until February and I'm certainly not going to go pay for it 

On Grindr I end up attracting guys of middle eastern background and their  bottoms for some reason 🙂


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7 minutes ago, TMax said:

I find myself in a similar situation as you do (small city), my tatses are very simple, my #1 preference is for Asian guys and where I live there are very few gay or bi Asians here and those that are prefer guys closer to their age. Looking at the apps there really isn't much at all in my area that takes my interest and not a lot on offer anyway, maybe I'm just too picky. Maybe if there was a good Asian masseur in Perth that offered full service I would visit there more often. It all makes my trips to Thailand more enjoyable and I am very much looking forward to my 2023 trip. 

I feel your pain. I’d love to go back, thinking of January, but money is tighter thanks to rate rises and the cost of flights these days. 

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2 hours ago, a-447 said:

I used to find rent guys advertising in the personal columns of the newspapers in Perth.

I had a list a mile long to choose from and for years I'd get in my car and drive all over town whenever I felt horny.

As I grew up in an Asian country it was only natural for me to prefer Asian guys but most of those advertising were Western. I got really excited when one day I found a guy who was Thai. I got into my car and rushed over to his apartment but was shocked to see he was a ladyboy!

I tried to escape but he somehow managed to cut me off at the pass and before I knew it I was lying down on the massage table.  He gave me a quick hand job and I then got up and rushed out the door.

I found a few guys who said they were Japanese but strangely enough, they didn't understandca single a word of what I was saying in Japanese. Turns out they were Chinese. Unfortunately, they were rather pushy, just wanting to get the deed over as quickly as possible, so the sex was barely acceptable. There's nothing worse than a guy looking back at you over his shoulder asking "Have you finished yet?"

I've lost count of the number of guys I've contacted through their newspaper ads, but again, the sex was very mechanical.

However, I did actually meet 3 guys who I really liked. Not only did they have the necessary attributes - handsome, swimmer's body, friendly personality and big, fat cock - they were also awesome in bed and best of all, they were versatile. 

These 3 guys became my regulars and we have spent a lot of time together. One is now off the scene but the other 2 are available.

The routine is, I'll call one over in the late afternoon or early evening. He has his own room on the far side of the house. We'll have sex then sit out on the balcony and watch the sunset while we have a drink or two. Then we go out for dinner. After dinner we'll sit and chat or get into the jacuzzi or have a swim. We then have sex again and he goes off to his room to sleep. He comes back to my room in the morning and we lie in bed for a while just chatting and planning the day before we have some more fun - usually just a wank, sometimes just a cuddle.

Both guys are into cars so we often go for a drive out in the country. In winter we go to the movies and in summer we go to the beach. Then it's back home after lunch and I like to just sit on the sofa and play with my Ipad and he might go to his room for a while. There's heaps of things at home to keep him busy - I've got a gym and I've also bought an xbox with some car racing games, compete with driver's seat, steering wheel, etc. All this is just to make sure that he doesn't get bored when he comes over.

Even though this arrangement is almost perfect for me, I wonder how long it will last as sooner or later the 2 guys will have to move on. That means I'll have to try and find someone else and that might be very difficult to do. 

The other problem is, they are not Asian. If they were, my life would be perfect.

Oh well, you can't have everything.

Are they paid guys ? 


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16 hours ago, Olddaddy said:

My relationship with my Filipino boy is open 

What I meant was a long-term committed partnership in one's home city. From what I read, I believe your Filipino boy is probably in a different country. If that's correct "getting it" must be pretty intermittent throughout the year.

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