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Pattaya police crack down on alleged transgender sex workers

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From Pattaya News

Pattaya police inspected Beach Road last night, November 22nd, and took dozens of suspected transgender sex workers to the police station for identity recording in order to prevent potential crimes during the tourism high season.

The intense prostitution purge was conducted by a combined team of Pattaya police and tourist police last night at Beach Road following complaints from anonymous concerned citizens. This also comes in advance of the highly anticipated Pattaya International Fireworks Festival this weekend which is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors.

According to the leader of the operation Pol. Lt. Col. Pitchaya Khiaoplueng, many individuals whom he suspected were illegal sex workers left the road and pretended to be beachgoers strolling the beach immediately after they sighted police officers.

Nonetheless, 36 alleged sex workers were arrested and taken to the Pattaya police station to have their identities recorded. The reason for this measure was likely because Pattaya police were waging war on a rash of petty crimes allegedly committed by transgender suspects against tourists.

All suspects were released, and Pattaya police pledged to continue their crackdown on prostitution every day.


From Pattaya Mail

Indian recovers gold stolen by Pattaya streetwalkers

An Indian tourist narrowly escaped having his pricey gold necklace stolen after a gang of four thieves fumbled the booty.

Nitin Mukund Puronit, 43, reported to police Nov. 19 that he was set upon by a group of four transgender prostitutes on Pattaya Beach at Soi 13/2. One hugged him and two grabbed his hands as the fourth removed the chain, worth 285,000 baht.

But during the scuffle that ensued from Puronit pushing off the offenders, one of the thieves dropped the chain and they fled.

Pongdanai Kotabud, 29, noticed Puronit looking around for something and spotted the gold lying. He picked it up and brought it to the Pattaya Police Station where gold and owner were reunited


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