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  1. not sure what moistmango says but in my opinion , depending on guy their performance is worth between 2742.83 baht to 3517.56 baht , talking about short time
  2. one still can come up with old shoe instead
  3. while you are right, throwing towels out doesn't mean rubbish bean. Leave them on the rack and after we vacate room I'm sure room service finds home for them.
  4. that's advantage of the chase. You go and never sure whom you find. While some people are photogenic and look in pics better then in flesh there are those who are other way around. Going all the way to Kman or Jey Spa and see who is available is not a waste of time.
  5. I posted some picture of Furama Xclusive "executive room" in my Dec 2021 trip report, day 13 , page 5 https://www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/37210-third-time-lucky-december-2021-trip-to-thailand-in-covid-time/page/5/ It was really like regular apartment. Scott's suggestion of splitting stay between two is very sensible. I probably would do as hotel jumping is my favorite pastime( last trip excepted).
  6. good to know although for me staying in say, Baan Silom probably will be still more economical to buy 1-2 towels a day and threw them out. On another hand I'm tempted to try Meridien after so many good feedbacks, Most trip I like to treat myself with 1-2 night in multistar shack or big room in cheaper one. My soft spot are spacious rooms.
  7. you right but I haste to add I don't need to be treated better than I was so far. Smile and reputation for being handy ATM certainly helps
  8. definitely correct and minimum tips as well as massage fees are reflecting that. But everybody is welcomed and usually there's somebody who speaks bit of English so no reason to skip visiting those shops fully agree, I only use ATM when my cash inevitably runs out toward end of trip . Even then I try to withdrew 20000 or 25 000 if machine allows to reduce impact of those fees ( 220 in Thailand and 125 here per withdrawal ). I can also buy baht here locally and rate works to about the same I'd be exchanging money in the airport before customs ( better rates at train station but those booths are closing at night and often most pressing need after arrival is money for taxi.
  9. I'm surprised that such level headed guy as Mr. Kenyon quoted by gaybutton above could come with such a nonsense. Coup d'etat over taxing affluent resident foreigner's income is surely thing neither Andersen nor Grimm brothers or other fairly tales authors would have invented. As for international financial confidence closing any tax loophole rather strengthens it than weakens. There's nothing unknown to science about taxing foreign income earned by residents as general principle although a lot of strange regulations can be found. We just need to find if they apply to us or not. That's all. Another example of strange quirk : if in my country I received pension and interest income from USA ( I wish) and each had some tax deducted by USA before paid to me , I can claim against my obligation tax deducted from pension but not one deducted from interest . Why ? because USA is not supposed to deduct tax from interest paid to residents of my country. Simple? Easy? Now you know what I mean about cool head.
  10. Definitely issue raised hell of debate and no wonder, it's about money. My country has very well established laws and procedures related to taxing foreign income and still often there's confusion and rightly so. Double tax agreement and tax treaties are following usually similar principles but devil is in particulars. It's why my advice to everybody who is or may plan to become Thai resident is to find out if there's tax treaty between his country and Thailand, obtain copy from the web and study it carefully with COOL HEAD, without any preconceived notions. One may find that his income is clearly listed as exempt and stop worrying right away but also surprise may await that is was supposed to be taxed where he resides and fact that he was never asked about the matter or was not aware of may not be relevant, at least for last couple years , depending of Thai statue of limitations. Don't assume that if say, Vanuatu pension is exempt, Samoa one also will be. It should work that way but it is not. There was recent discussion about British pension received abroad and we know that if received in Canada or Australia is not indexed but if paid to USA or Slovakia it is. Logic? no. Fair ? again no, but taxation is not about fairness , is about extracting money from general population. Another issue which may affect your tax situation is whether you maintain home in your other country or don't have permanent residence there. So calm down everybody and do your due diligence.
  11. nothing wrong with taxis, I just personally prefer train, not only because is cheaper and in Bangkok traffic not necessarily slower but also because I get grasp of being in Thailand right away. Luggage is no problem as I travel usually with just carry-on but I agree with heavy luggage taxi is better option with all those walks and stairs at connections at Makkasan or Phaya Thai. Between midnight and 6 am train is not running. Tolls are 70 baht if I recall correctly and going FROM the airport there's 50 baht surcharge. Last few trips I discovered charms of taking taxi from / to Pattaya. Much more expensive than bus but halves travel time between two. On 2-3 weeks trip every hour counts.
  12. both, in the past some of discussions about tipping were bordering on insane. In last few years it cooled down for simple reason - people posting travel reports learned the lesson and are skipping actual numbers. we are not particularly bad here , in real life I observed the same , lots of heated comments about newly acquired cars or houses etc. or opposite ' he makes a lot and why he is driving 17 years old car?"
  13. You did right thing. If you answer yes they will use so called "dynamic exchange rate" which is less favorable for you . You decline , your bank will use their exchange rate and you end up paying bit less for your amount of foreign currency . The same applies when purchase is done by credit card , always decline conversion to your currency and get charged in local one, be it baht , tala or taka
  14. I was talking about anonymous opinions on Trip Advisor. you are right , here I'm not anonymous , perhaps even to active for my own good
  15. I rather set my own welfare fund than fund somebody else's . As things are now I don't see any reason to try to spent that imaginary million as fast as I can. But I would be happy to win it , if only to know how people suddenly lavished with good fortune feel
  16. you see what I mean. There's no sticky note yet and already we can't agree on it's meaning so perhaps we better leave things as they are
  17. not mine. I was shy and mamasan sensed it so he told me 'take this guy, he knows where short room is" and before I nodded buy was beside me. Likely he was primed to be gentle because he was sweet , obliging and hot. After session I tipped him then long time rate because somewhow I did not know there's difference between shot and long time and I can hear his happy squeek to this day. Ever since when passing by now abandoned corridor on the left with those short time rooms in dark passage leading from Suriwong to Moonlight I look into that darkness and smile.
  18. Thank you for your report. Don't feel discouraged by first experience. It was just mismatch . Nothing wrong or weird with soft stuff like cuddles, kisses and flexing, very few guys will consider it strange . Muscle guys love to flex, it boosts their ego if you ask them to , that's my experience. Missed call could be mistake but not necessarily so , After you left he could realize that for him it was easy buck. As Caeron says above , try Tawan Bar, guys there are friendly and easy going and definitely heard and saw it all and even more.
  19. I never stay at Pullman but it seems to be more upscale that Furama Xclusive Sathorn. My vote goes for Furama though, affordable, big rooms (executive suite is in fact full appartment), bit dated but half Pullman price I liked buffet breakfasts at Crowne Plaza and Quarter Saladaeng (former Siri Sathorn). Of course it always will be question what ' delectable ' means
  20. clearly both members trust us more than anonymous opinions on TripAdvisors, no?
  21. I'd say it's rater worldwide phenomena that graduates don't want to work in factories etc , that's the whole point of taking studies. as for your example ( I corrected lesions to lessons, auto corrector must screw this up) while no doubt it's true , keep in mind that statistic sample is too small and we are talking about graduates of foreign university whose job hunting was no doubt easier. Who sends their children to study abroad, I doubt taxi drivers , plumbers or provincial school teachers. about propaganda , that is the problem with it, even if true , a lot of people won't believe it anyways. If having sex would be reason for dismissal then who would be working ?
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