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  1. +1, although it's not backpacks , it's what they carry in them
  2. Fully agree. I almost exclusively off long time and situation when long time is cut shot happens from time to time. My view on that is more cynical - almost always when they ask for early departure it's premeditated and decided well before we closed door. They agree for long time to secure the deal and then invent some idiotic make -believe to let them go. Roommate needs the key, motorbike parked in wrong spot, sister calling from bus terminal and needs to be picked or they are hungry and promise to return in 10 minutes ( with that my experience is 50/50 i.e every seconds case they return after short while.). No sense to resist just let them go and try to extract some monetary concession. Some guilt ridden even offer substantial discount but there are assholes who are ready to make scene if they don't get fully agreed tip. I don't resist but remember and next time they approach me for an off, they and all around may hear 'no' and explanation why. But I show ,mercy' to those business oriented who suggested lower tip in exchange for early leave. No need to dramatize as that is fairly rare . Friend who rather never offs long time has opposite problem , guys are suggesting they want to stay till morning, usually hoping for bigger tip I guess. In his case it's boys who are disappointed . When we compare our proverbial notes I still think asking for an extension happens bit more often than deceitful cutting session short.
  3. it does happen indeed and usually malicious intend is involved while other way around is more pleasant as it involved more of good will if not outright mutual attraction.
  4. brazen act with so many people around
  5. and for sure you would regret, one doesn't not go to paradise to watch CNN ...................... better option is to tidy and secure things BEFORE one sets off for bars and we really never know whom we bring and for how long. Converting short time to long is popular occurrence. It could be pretty awkward to start hiding things while guest it there. On another hand no need to be oversensitive over issue as theft by boys is very rare but as they say "God guards you when you guard yourself"
  6. That enormous understatement, like saying Antarctic is quite snowy continent
  7. STD can be cured but vacation days spent in the bathroom will never be retrieved and are lost forever
  8. us? from this forum ? you must be kidding !
  9. classic move from the handbook of Third World kleptocracies and post-Soviet autocracies
  10. If you like ruins go to Sukhotai and/ or Kamphaeng Phet. I was there for 3 days in January and missed it before even my plane took off from local airport. easy to get with two daily flights from Swampy. Take boy with you so your bed stay warm
  11. I on another hand buy some grilled snacks from than on almost daily basis and never ever had a problem. I guess Hong Thong helps ( for uninitiated or sophisticated, Hong Thong is cheapest Thai 'whisky"). I always try to have small bottle of it at hand just in case some guest will visit me to check my stamp collection or something
  12. watch what you wish for. When he will place you in nursing home it will be one between steel works and waste treatment plant, right by busy rail track and facing 8 lane highway, 8 lanes in one direction mind you
  13. not my idea. I read about it in some book about Thailand customs and then heard it from one BBB Pattaya boy named , you guessed it rightly , Bank
  14. businesses like spas will send you occasional or daily feed of their selection quite possible as many guys are freelancers and featuring in roster of several establishments and in some cases also on Grindr etc
  15. because parents believe in will bring good money luck to such named son
  16. that's diversification, China, Russia, India and the US in one basket,
  17. and it will certainly help Cambodia to be more indebted and more colonized by Chinese after those two mega airport projects. I still marvel at fact that new Siem Reap airport did not have any sign in Khmer, just English and Chinese like Chonquing or Harbin airports. On merit, I think railway would better idea and less disruptive to environment than canal able presumably to carry ocean bound vessels. Expected cost of 1.7 bn will for sure be twice as much if not more when completed as all big infrastructure projects are.
  18. I hope curiosity prevails and you will venture there as so far we never had reports from that shop. On another hand from experience I can confirm that gut feeling , whether about the places or particular boys quite often is remarkably accurate predictor of things to come. But at end of day if we don't try, we don't know.
  19. correct, I just wanted to point the fact that in politics at times high level visits are made to and received from unfriendly nations. We can mention Adenauer's visit in Moscow in 1955 or Obama's in Cuba few years ago. Ribbentrop's visit gave Germany free hand in attacking Poland and USSR free hand in swallowing Baltics and big chunk of Eastern Poland and created real fake peace between two countries.
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