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  1. nothing but I wouldn't like to see people copulating in crowded subway as they could take too much space
  2. cooler weather makes for cooler heads perhaps
  3. that would be me, it's how I boost my self esteem
  4. I don't complain because I don't engage those I consider too old, ugly , fat or girly
  5. as older then us obviously you remember those days better
  6. Really, ? you are claiming that some of Jey Spa boys appeal to you and still while millionaire you would deprive yourself pleasure of meeting them because they are 1000 baht overpriced. How many lives you are expecting to live ?
  7. ....... I'm surprised Immigration takes seriously such excuses like drunk driving or illegal work is permitted everywhere with exception of Thailand , Tuvalu and Togo
  8. those stupid parent would do better if they talked to their children if only to find out what they already know and what they see on internet when parents are not home or already sleeping. if such things can happen in one of most technologically advanced countries no wonder about Taliban stoning adulterers in Afghanistan, novelty soon to be imported to Florida I guess. Floridarob , better run for cover or at least change your nick here !
  9. I sometimes wonder how Ted is doing, hope he is OK and still married to that fat dentist
  10. Right ! Glad to notice that it makes life pleasant and easy to carry on. Very few people like being around of those complaining that water is too wet and sun too glaring.
  11. don't worry , one day you will be rich
  12. but this is supposed to apply to passenger cars only , no ?
  13. Why ? What's wrong with American dollar ?
  14. You are not far from truth but still not there, did I ever report going out with katoeys ? No doubt they have pulse and cock, often very sizable. The same goes with 30+ board members I already met, no doubt they have both faculties but I control myself not to make any suggestion of more intimate meetings that bar hoping , gossip exchanging and dining together. I need to say that one of members who left us long ago, before covid, confessed once that , based on my posts , he had urge to kiss me but when we eventually met face to face that idea somehow left him. But obviously yes, I'm happy with overwhelming majority of boys I met, it may be owing to low expectancies as you suggest but also to distant possibility that I have good hand in picking up who shares contents of my wallet. Either way I can live with being happy.
  15. and thanks God Almighty for the underscored part , otherwise this forum will become non readable, if that's the word I'm sending my heartfelt congratulations to whoever understands post above and even more , to whoever understands why it was written. As for rejected visa I guess you must be American or Canadian and may not know how visa system works for either country for good reason you don't need visa. Sole decision of admission rests with immigration officer at point of entry thus somebody flying all the way from any country, citizens of which need the visa with said visa in the passport is not sure of admission until immigration officer in , usually airport , lets him in. Small but existing percentage is turned back , it's why return ticket may be required before boarding aircraft. For practical purpose as well as for religious reason I call it rejected visa and if you prefer to use other term , feel free as long as at least 23.15% of readers will understand what you mean. Hope it helped
  16. I liked your post because way it's presented although not necessarily agree with the statement above. Perhaps your statistic sample is is bigger in size or tiping practices you described may have something with reason for your statement. Boy may agree to go with us again but not necessary it means he was happy with previous experience or tip he received, it may be simple case of ' better 500 baht now than 1000 who knows when ". On another hand I agree with what you stated elsewhere quite a few times - level of tipping has very little with service received, I think we both can agree that chemistry seems to be more important
  17. IMHO = In My Humble Opinion IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion hope it helped
  18. no offense taken , English is only my third language but as compensation I swear fluently in seven
  19. me being 'manipulative troll " ? , gee I don't hear it every day , feels like Christmas. On more serious note I'm not on war course with you , only have suggestion to read your post before you publish it just to make sure message you trying to convey is clear and will be received as intended.
  20. you are right on both accounts, even attractive boys have empty handed streaks going without offs for days on. as for ickiness , my supermarket guy told me he is quite selective when comes to customers and no, he is not going with everybody who engages him over Grindr , using similar tactic some customers are using - meeting first outside of hotel and yes I can say I was semi witness of that - met him on the street on my way to Patpong and his to meet client in somewhere in soi 6. Soon after I saw him walking alone along Suriwong so I guess , no deal . But bottom line will be, unless we spy on guy 7/24 we don't really know how busy and how compensated they are. As we all know refrain ' no customers" ' is most often repeated statement we hear from boys and this is accompanied with frequent posts on social media showing them dining in fancy places , basking in the sun in fancy resorts etc. and showing off new motorcycles. Because of that I'm not really concerned , trusting that they, having most accurate information are making informed decisions about their careers.
  21. one of my boys working in supermarket, not sure in what capacity told me he brings 10800 / month. Since he did not ask me for anything i assume it must be accurate
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