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  1. I'd say all go-go bars with men in Bangkok and Pattaya are boy bars rather than gay bars
  2. prison with the poll ? that's something ! on top of Jomtien Complex hotels mentioned in report there's The Venue. apparently Agate rates are much lower when one books through the their own website , not booking sites , I was told by one of our members
  3. logic but unlikely , he cut me on time but I DID NOT CUT HIM ON TIP so he should assess issue proper way
  4. first, he cut my session short second , when I visited Senso about 2 weeks later he went to trouble of making sure he doesn't even look at me in the lobby. I got the hint and took another guy
  5. it was supposed to be ' male staffed places", excessive technology help
  6. I don't intend to take it anywhere else than Thailand and /or Cambodia and spent it there on deserving manly specimens
  7. I tried , I'm just not a beach person , water is usually too wet for my taste. But I agree Koh Larn is easy to get to and much better beach place than Pattaya or even Jomtien.
  8. not quite secret language , being massaged you suppose to lay still , it you start getting close to his skin , he gets a signal. Don't sweat over this , all will come naturally.
  9. if you don't make move and they try their just say clearly 'no' . Guy may be disappointed as he will feel his tip will be lower but will understand. Happened to me in Senso on last trip , boy said " I will fuck you now ?' I answered ' no ", penalty boy served to me was cutting session bit short ( 70 mins for 90 mins session). I still liked him but obviously he did not like me, lol
  10. my apologies if you feel offended, I have no idea how tall you are so it looks unintentionally I picked up wrong example of fairy tale to believe. I'm genuinely sorry indeed. Otherwise, for the record, I still believe you were wrong calling Peter what you called him and patently wrong by being Putin's apologist and being loud about it. George W perhaps was not any better but you can say that without fear of reprisal which clearly is not a case about saying anything bad about Putin in Russia. Yes, for us in the West is easy to be brave and thanks God and our politicians for that.
  11. no, bkkmfj2648 returned to his old standards, search for his equally fabulous report of trip from Chiang Mai to Kanchanaburi taken by car few years ago
  12. going to Pattaya for the beach sounds like novelty for me, I need to try that one day
  13. you sound like my twin brother as I probably would do the same although jumping for 1-2 days to Pattaya is nice distraction from Bangkok charms
  14. I just returned 2 weeks ago and almost right after went for few days to Mexico so now I feel bit overtravelled and don't even think about next trip. First 4 months of year are usually out of bounds for me to travel as out of greed I still work and March with April are patricularly creamy. Saying that I would love to meet you as well and one day such opportunity will come I'm sure.
  15. i agree but in massages action sometimes takes its own course, touch here , brush there and all of the sudden. idea of just massage is abandoned. In male stuffed places if one opts for oil massage it may be taken as indication that more than just a massage is expected so after several minutes masseur may start some sinister moves and wait for your reaction. Unless of course we already scratched his knee or something.
  16. PeterRS is able to defend himself but your comment is offensive. Force yourself to be nice , otherwise don't waste any opportunity to be silent As for believing in Putin's terminology I wonder if you still believe in Santa Claus not to mention Sleeping Beauty and her 7 dwarfs, one of them , third from the left mind you, was named gayinpattaya I believe.
  17. did you tip yor drinking friends as well ? just curious, no need to answer
  18. no place will force you to use full set of extras, try one of places in Silom soi 6 , I don't think they have min. tip policy and if they do it will be at lower end . Alternatively travel to Saphan Kwai and there you have G-Beat or Kman right beside station , both with low min.tip policy
  19. for early arrivals or late departures I'm trying to find some cheap hotel and book the room there precisely in order I don't need to wait for check in time or being forced vacate room at prescribed time , I rather pay up for whole day and don't use it in full but at least have an access to shower e.t.c.
  20. one should never mix work with amorous stuff
  21. that's ok as one should never mix work with amorous stuff
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