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  1. They better act fast before warnings and advisories will appear on government and airlines websites.
  2. It's called Foodland Patpong and adjacent restaurant whewre you ate is Tok Lae Dee or something like that.
  3. what stops you from jumping on ?
  4. vinapu

    Boystown noise

    should be easy just to google it to find an address
  5. vinapu

    sending money

    I'd not call them lazy , enterprising rather. I don't blame them for those requests, after all most of them are poor by our standards and often by Thai standards as well. All of us rather make twice as much in half demanding job than we have so we can't blame guys for taking easy highway. It's up to us to succumb to requests or by-pass them. as much as I sympathize with their plight I'm in reject camp , mainly because I tend to pay them generously when using their company when there and quite often they can make more money off me but they rather have fun somewhere else. ( "I can't do long time because I go with friends , I can't come at 2 p.m. because I need to go to gym , I need to go at 6 am because of traffic " being most common type of excuses ). At end of day this comes easy for me as I usually don't share my contact with guys and few times I did , yes sooner or later I was invited to support their lifestyle one way or another.
  6. I'd still engage him, every boy has a dick but only some are very well built and attractive
  7. Rainbow Bar, check tittle of the thread
  8. Edit no, but you can always add this or that as a separate post.
  9. those boys are supposed to be professionals but they are damaging their most precious business asset and potentially creating future health problems.
  10. go the nearest church, all the way on your knees and thank Almighty that you don't know. Some guys injected silicone into their dick to increase size and result usually permanent and unsightly damage , engrossed cock having nothing to do with sexy. There was one in XBoys Pattaya which was memorably just awful but it seems poor guy is gone. Still , if rest of guy would be attractive I'd off him and find activities to keep us entertained.
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