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  1. they can use as many question marks they like but I'm not second guessing . After receiving 2nd set of those all subsequent messages including ' can I see you in your hotel in Bangkok ? " went unanswered
  2. Day 23 Setting alarm clock was smart as I woke up at 9.55, 5 minutes before it sounded. Yes , first thing was to grab the phone, On Grindr response from Z timed about 1 hr after I went to bed so I was already asleep. I responded right away where I am and what time I will be leaving. On line message from Cambodian “ ??? “ send at 8.in the morning. So I asked why you did not show up? Only to get exactly the same “detailed” response . I left it as that, shower , packing up. I went for breakfast checking Grindr every few minutes but it was silent . At noon my taxi arrived and Z responded only when I was half way to the airport . Too late to meet unfortunately. Today I’m flying to Utapao, airport near Pattaya. Not cheapest option but fastest as it by passes Bangkok and saves time waiting for the next bus to Pattaya at Swampy. And flight is with Bangkok Airways , it means there will be a meal and it was, very tasty at that. It took 90 minutes by turboprop. As bonus seat beside me was empty, always adds a bit of comfort. Habit of flying in the back pays again. Here it is: At Utapao there were two options of getting to the city – taxi and van offering door to door delivery for 300 baht if I recall correctly. I don’t think taxi was much more expensive but I decided to take van so van it was. We got to outskirts very fast but in Pattaya itself it was nightmare- 6 pm traffic with streets choked. I got great idea when van was dropping some guys at hotel near VC hotel I alighted and walked 10 minutes to my Copa in Boyztown certainly beating vehicle which was due to drop two other people somewhere before heading my way. Evert trip I try to treat myself with some luxurious digs for 2-3 nights. This time it was King suite at Copa with bedroom and living areas completely separated by the full bathroom in the middle. I made myself at home , at about 8 pm. Bkkmfj from the forum showed up and we sat down on Copa’s terrace to exchange latest and bit dated news as it was out first meet in about 1 year. When we got hungry we decided to snack on banana pancake in soi 13/1 for half of Phuket price and then headed to Dreamboys as this was my number 1 direction this trip. One of our member was there month ago and highly recommended #37 from there. Since he is one with taste mirroring mine there was no ifs, just go to Dreamboys. There were few attractive boys on the stage but no #37. There was #36 , very handsome , tall , well built and one who was actually dancing on the stage. So I thought my friend just mixed up number and had in mind #36 . It was only one problem , he did not pay any attention to me, Bkkmfj even noticed he is not paying attention to anybody, just his view in the mirror on the wall. But there is cure for every malady so I used world renown and patented solution – vinapu tuck. Yes, red note well placed inside of his , needs to be said, well filled briefs generated smile, this generated motion to come and sit down beside , drink offer and off. You go with me? Yes, long time ? Why not? Sealed. It’s how I like it, I knew it will work well. In meantime , rest assured my friend Bkkmfj find way of occupying himself with suitable company but that is his business. We left at the same time but in different directions. Arm, my guy, suggested we visit bar of his friend for a drink and I gladly agreed , it turned out that bar in in old Vassa bar location. I sensed it was right thing to do as that had a lot to talk about to an extend that friend even apologized that she is taking by guys and mine time by yakking and yakking but I had fun listening and as I said , I sensed it was bit more that killing time. Arm said he is her best friend and I could feel some human bond between two. He was not shy to let me to hold his hand in plain view and it did not create any sensation among few other patrons who a gathered there in meantime. This is Pattaya after all. After hour or so we went to the room and fun started. He sensed immediately what I like and made sure I liked whom I had.
  3. Day 22 I woke up at 7 as at 8 I was supposed to join the tour and wanted to eat some breakfast. I found some restaurant already opened on the main street and had quite opulent breakfast for 200. Returned to hotel only to find out that van is already waiting . Since I had my day pack with me I did not even go to my room but got into van to find insider already family of 5 , all my compatriots. It turned out that only other family of 4 is joining us and one stop, few more minutes later we were on the way to the pier. But schedule is schedule so all that fast pick up meant only longer waiting for boat departure. Fortunately there were some snacks , coffee and tea available for free and beer for purchase for 60 baht so waiting was spent nicely. Main goal for me was James Bond Island with famous and photogenic rock but first stop was rock with bat cave . We went there on kayaks and yes , bats were there and stench was so intensive that few people almost threw out. Than another stop at some picturesque mid-sea rocks with another sea kayak round. On the way to James Bond Island we were served lunch and it was filling and tasty. Throughout the cruise some drinks were free and beer was available for purchase. Surprisingly perhaps majority of ship passengers were from Middle East with very strong Omani contingent and it was interested to see cultural differences as some of their ladies were covered had to toe plus face but there were few who were dressed I no more than dental floss sized bathing costumes. Even more interesting , both groups interacted freely and obviously friendly. It must be Thai air dissolving prejudices. On James Bond Island we were given some free time , island is very small but there are numerous nooks and crannies to explore plus several souvenir stall to browse. There are toilet facilities and men’s urinals are truly ones with the view. After ;leaving island there were brief stop for sea swimming by some lonely rock and as sun started to go down we returned to the illustrious shore. By time we were delivered to Patong it was dark. Cruise was truly enjoyable and highlight not only of Phuket part but whole trip. And I had beaten my cousin to the Bond’s rock , seeing which is long dream of his. Life is fair, he dis not see rock, I did not see even one Bond movie. In hotel I refreshed myself and went to have some dinner ( you know what I had ) and ordered taxi to airport for tomorrow at the same kiosk I bought both of my tours.700 baht which seemed price posted in few other places as well. At 10 pm I went to ZAG welcomed by waiter of my adoration yesterday but today because it was much more crowded then yesterday he was much busier to keep me company. Not that I needed it as soon as I gulped my beer I went to Grinder and saw Z, hero of one of my pre-covid trip whom I met in Jomtien and took with me for few days to Bangkok. In covid time he disappeared from the scene and now , unmistakably it was him. Wasted no time to send him a message and basically whole evening and night I was checking if he responded to no avail. At 11 as yesterday we were invited inside where I tipped 100 baht one of their models. As soon as he left scene he came to me and wasted no time to exchange Line as well as extract few drinks from me. We were supposed to meet in my hotel lobby after club closes . I left solving puzzle what happens if Z also responds to time it will actually happen. Shortly before club closed at 2 am I went to lobby and till 3 nether Z responded nor my new Cambodian friend did show up. So I gave up , made stroll through deserted Paradise sois, checked Grindr and Line for messages again to find nothing and went to bed but not before smartly setting alarm clock at 10.am. Not particularly successful night but I was not disappointed nor upset , just tired.
  4. When we met it was day before my trip to Sukhotai with K so it was likely all was on my mind. Phuket part this trip was more afterthought. Sukhotai is definitely worth a visit and as I said earlier , on day of departure from there I had a feeling I can start all over again there. You did not miss anything other that possibly beer and ice cream by skipping tiger sanctuary
  5. With just two full days and three nights spent there I wouldn't put much weight on what I say on the subject of Phuket. I'm glad I went there, not being much of a sun and sand person did not partake in beach activities at all but beaches seemed nice and water clear and wet enough. Definitely scenery on island is impressive as always where mountains are meeting the sea. Another reason I'm glad I went is I like to see new places. Definitely it' was very tourists infested, much more than Pattaya in my opinion. I don't mind that as I did not encounter any problems with fellow travellers but my forum friend who said ' at times you will forget you are in Thailand " was on something. Some Thais and farangs were complaining abut dominant Russian presence but as everywhere else I never had any problems with Russian tourists other than visible reluctance to talk to strangers, even talking to them in their language. But that I noticed in other places , including where I live. It seems that those tourist hordes are driving prices up. I mentioned 80 baht banana pancake on main street , I saw another one in side soi for 50 , still more than everywhere else. Prices of tours seem to be inflated but from why I overheard it's very easy to bargain it down, sometimes discount is just given. Island tour priced at 1400 I got for 900 before I even asked, on another hand cruise to Bond island ( still to be written about ) I got for list price of 1800 but family of 5 who was on the same tour got it for 1450 a head - volume discount perhaps ? Smart bus from the airport seems great idea as it takes us everywhere for 100 but taxi to airport was still costly at 700 and it's only 30 kms from Patong , roughly Silom -Swampy distance. As for the gay scene everything is close in few sois of Paradise Complex. My two massage experiences were less than thrilling ( too greedy , another too speedy ) but it's only statistic sample of two so perhaps I had bad luck. ZAG club was both nights packed, I had fun but again did not get lucky hooking up with somebody, not for lack of trying , mind you. It seems boys there are skilled in extracting drinks from customers but perhaps I was not attractive enough to get that 'wink, wink , where's your hotel? are you travelling alone? " paradise leading questions. I did not try that new club CRUISE and I'm spitting at myself in the mirror when shaving every morning for good reason. After I left I learned that they had grand opening celebrations at time when I was there and one of guests was Arthur Rangsit , one of my favorite Thai porn actors. Stupid people never had it easy I guess. Nicest thing about Phuket was that airfare out of Bangkok was extremely affordable, sadly it can't be said about flying from Phuket to Utapao (Pattaya ) but I guess volume is not there. Hotel and restaurant prices were I'd say in line, perhaps bit higher but again , my sample is too small. All in all I think for what I need I like Pattaya better but if opportunity comes I can easily envision visiting Phuket , specially Patong with it's gay scene , again. It probably would be nice to rent a car or boy with a car and have sightseeing done at my own pace as opposite to tour rhythm.
  6. Ivan the Terrible would be surprised that what we call now Kaliningrad , Kamchatka , Sakhalin and Vladovostok are part of Russia so not exactly clear what was great writer's point
  7. you would be busier joining them
  8. Solzhenitsyn, Khruschev's son and Stalin's daughter were happy in USA and no doubt so would you. Shackles are shackles, even if cooked in patriotic sauce and worn to a tune of " Shiroka strana maya rodnaya"
  9. that the fate of immigrants in most countries.
  10. Day 21. Morning air and view was quite crisp. Being good friend I went to the lobby to say goodbyes to my friend whose car was already waiting then returned to my room to pack little I have since I won’t be returning there after the tour. My van arrived at 10.00 as promised but it took more than hour to collect all other participants from 6 or 7 hotels. That is one of reasons I’m not big fan of this type of tours but my time at Phuket was short so decided to do some shortcuts. Hiring car with driver would be more expensive but also more time efficient. As usual it was blend of tourist sights – Big Buddha, Wat Chalom and Phuket Old Town and commercial part – honey farm, cashews farm and jewelry shop plus two animal tormenting sites _ Tiger camp and elephant camp. Big Buddha is impressive site with beautiful view but was very crowded, Wat Chalom newish but very colorful and old town the same like Buddha Hill , colorful but crowded. I did not bother with neither tiger nor elephant concentration camps , I don’t like this type of entertainment even if I’m not animal lover I don’t support enslaving and drugging them for somebody’s entertainment. From commercial part I like some offerings at cashews farm- they sold cashews in several different flavors, I found truffle one particularly tasty but not exactly cheap. All in , I still enjoyed tour as it gave me some idea how Phuket looks like. Since I’m changing hotels I alighted in Patong’s center and walked to Paradise Complex where my hotel The Corner is located. Looked as newly built or renovated place intended to work as budget version of Royal Paradise Hotel , towels even bear that hotel signature. I can recommend place as location is perfect , on the , you guessed it, corner of soi where ZAG and new CRUISE gay clubs are located. Aquarious hotel and sauna and massage spas are all within 100 meters or less. Paradise Complex main soi, The Corner is where those green planters are Cruise club across the soi from my hotel, The Corner ZAH club Royal Paradise Hotel is truly landmark, picture taken from door of The Corner As budget place had some , how to say , simplifications? No elevator, no kettle and no safety box but otherwise everything was perfect, AC was working , bed was comfortable and definitely I would stay there again. After setting in I went to eat something, bought cruise to James Bond Island for tomorrow and stroll soi where M to M massage shops are located where I spotted nice looking muscular guy so enrolled him for massage. For some reason he was in rush to finish session , in about ½ he we were done , massage , afters and stamp collection . Second massage in Phuket and second not so special . Too bad as guy was good looking , muscular, exactly of type I like and if he took better care about business I was ready to invite him for private sessions of length of his choice. After dark I went to ZAG for few drinks and watch the show outside. Had fun as on eof their waiters was kind of cruising me and I was cruising him, you know , drink here, wandering hand there. After 11 all were invited to move inside where show continued on the stage broken from time to time with models parade. show at ZAG I tipped two of them red notes and as soon as they finished their part they came to my table to thank me , I offered them drinks so more discreet and not so discreet touches but at end of day or rather night nothing materialized . Thay had other adorates as well , waiter was pretending to be busy so at 2 am I went to hotel alone. Bit excited decided still to do some walking and went to Bangla Road, Patong’s main strip and I was shocked indeed to see how busy at that late time it was , imagine Siam BTS station at rush hour. It was probably 3 when I returned to the room to catch few hours of sleep.
  11. Day 20 Of course we forgot about sunrise and parted ways quite a while after that. Today I’m off to Phuket. It’s my first time there. Few people mentioned that ‘ you will forget at times that you are in Thailand “ . On another had my friend is there ( not gay)now and he swears by the place spending most of his time in Thailand there , often bypassing Bangkok entirely. So bottom line is I’m very curious. Since my said friend is there but leaving tomorrow morning I’m booking 1 night in hotel he is staying to keep appearances and tomorrow I will move to Paradise Complex. To Don Muang by usual combination of BTS+ MRT + SRT red line, in airport smooth. Flight with Air Asia uneventful but not very comfortable due to cramped seats but at 50$ for 90 minutes flight I’m not one to complain. In the airport I followed signs for ‘public bus” , there called Smart Bus. There are 3 different lines with schedules well posted and mine, in direction of Patong was departing quite soon. Left half empty by but time we reached Patong in about 1 hr it was filled to capacity. I alighted somewhere central, not sure where as it was my first time there , later on I learned it was quite close to Bangla road and to get to hotel I took motorsai. He quoted me 150 , I as instructed by my friend counter offered 100, immediately accepted , still too much for 6 minutes ride , even if uphill but I was in no mood to haggle for another 20 baht. Got room with quite a nice view with Royal Paradise Hotel well visible in a distance so knew immediately where in relation to gay area I’m. My friend was waiting impatiently being hungry so soon after we were climbing to nearby recommended restaurant with the view and one of best chicken with cashews I had this trip. Then we went downhill to central Patong to get grip of the place and as always when one is freshly arrived, curious of every corner and another one already 14 days there who been everywhere dozen times it was basically waste of time for both of us but at least we stopped by one of many booths selling tours and I booked grandly named Tour of the Island for tomorrow morning. Listed price was 1400 but I got it for 900 without even bargaining – lady knew my friend from few tours he booked with her so gave proper price right away. Bottom line there it seems is don’t pay listed price but if you have time , bargain down and if necessary see another 1 or 3 places and see what their price will be. There are tons of offers but it means there’s customer pocket friendly competition. Or at least it’s what it seemed. Seeing my friend is itching to return to hotel as he is leaving tomorrow morning and needs to pack I gladly suggested we do , if only , after refreshening to return to Patong for further exploration , this time alone. Of course first steps to Paradise Complex, I located my hotel I will be moving in tomorrow, Cruise club across it , big Zag club beside in the same soi. Soi seemed full and busy then surveyed parallel soi with massage shops where one of the guys caught my eye so I enroll his services. 500 for the shop. Further compensation was discussed inside in the process already when my suggestion he can remove his clothes as it’s too hot was countered with 3000 request. Sorry I only look as first timer so told him , no, just go on with massage. “ how much you give me ?” he still had hopes for business , “l000’ was my offer and we settled on 1500. To be honest , still too much for what I got but it’s OK, finally my first Phuket boy. After that I treated myself with banana pancake for 80 ( I just paid 30 few days ago at Sukhotai for the same ) , went to see famous Bangla Road and was amazed how crowded it was that late. Certainly Patong visitors like their fun and after declining proposals from 3 or 7 ladies of the night there I returned to hotel.
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