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  1. I agree with Deputy Boonma at least in little-used part, it's still nice walk though but partially over smelly canal so hopefully they clean or drain it too. Walking from Lumpini on the left close to walking bridge is interesting Holy Redeemer Catholic church, if not cross atop it could be easily taken for Thai style Buddhist temple
  2. I never stay at AirBNB anywhere but my understanding would be that if I rent an apartment it is all I get- an apartment only and all other services like cleaning, changing towels or bed, cooking breakfast etc,. are on me. Isn't it how it works ? Honest question, not trying to be smart
  3. up to few years ago it was actually possible to go up to the top ( by bribing guard I guess), ChristianPFC not only managed to do it but in process was bitten by wasps. After some Swede committed suicide atop few years ago access is now sealed
  4. what this is supposed to mean? Very fact of being back after long absence brings feel like ascending to a heaven or winning gold medal. Just try it
  5. you are right , I had them asking for taxi on such short distances like Moonlight to Tarntawan or Tawan to Chong Nonsi BTS. On another hand I once took 30 seconds trip on motorsai taxi from Senso to Silom but it was for fun, he just stopped there to unload somebody and I asked " how much to Silom ?" , 20, ok
  6. at least there's enormous monument of that crisis easy for all to see - shell of Sathorn Unique building by the river right beside Saphan Taksin BTS station.
  7. it's precisely why I like bar / massage experience better that apps not only because, as you said brightly ' camera hates the guy" but also because I'm bad reading people from the pictures, even those I know very well sometimes look for me as somebody else
  8. no doubt and nothing wrong with it, one never goes wrong with being generous. My issue is not money, garland is
  9. one of our members does the same as a way of telling guys he offed previously " sorry I did not off you this trip"
  10. thank you for the explanation , Certainly fun area I'm yet to discover it seems expensive way of achieving boy attention , something 100 baht placed strategically using vinapu tuck would do.
  11. I'd try NewTwilight, you never know if you don't look and see
  12. Ichigo, try to work in rice fields for a while and you may become slim and lean
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