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  1. this can be sensed that you are happy man, good for you ! Thank God for a heat wave so we can be treated with your report almost in real time but we understand that vacation fun always comes before forum duties
  2. What about girls from soi 6 or soi Bukaow ? I wish that womanizer Vessey will chip into discussion here as we may be theorizing bit too much
  3. consider it done, LOL I hope your Yoyo from Screwboys is one I'm also familiar with and it that's the case I second your opinion, he is good and handsome boy. Have a good luck in Arena !
  4. strange , but only now seeing picture above I realized that it is all true,
  5. original poster asked for place with muscular guys so it was hard to direct him to Lucky or Fresh Boys
  6. finally after 18 trips to Thailand , all of them included multiple visits to soi Twilight I finally learned name of that imposing mamasan. Never had any problems with her as she invariably reads my usual ' I like girls" statement correctly as ' leave me alone"
  7. I find hard to believe you are a monk ! thank you for great and very detailed report ,. now I can envision those newly relocated bars. All this interaction with Lucy must be by-product of being tired with long trip and lacking energy to send her away ASAP. Waiting impatiently for more and hope it will be much more !!!! After all it only your first day
  8. vinapu


    it can be done but not in every bar nor to every boy. I never saw anything that intimate in Moonlight not Jupiter but guys in Tawan sometimes even initiate such a move. In Sunee bars in Pattaya it much more common and kind of encouraged
  9. check apps, some may be there, no personal experience though Out of those three places - Tawan , Tawan and Tawan , Tawan seems to be your best bet still
  10. Don't underestimate Thais, when MyHero was announced to be opened at that and that date in old Hero location I went to check site just few days before and it was nothing than construction site so it seemed fantasy. Yet few days later with another forum member we went there on supposed opening date and yes, it was opened, smelled fresh paint and few boys on duty yet operational as announced.
  11. long gone , I think it was in the same soi where Golden Cock and Super A still are but I may be wrong. OP is just recalling his first trip 23 years ago
  12. vinapu


    while I like to see great bulge it's not fool proof indicator, first there are growers, second sometimes boy try to cheat by stuffing something into their undies to look attractive , third and worst, bulge may indicate presence of mook or , horror of horrors , silicone enhancements
  13. other than already mentioned above , Suriwongse, BBB Inn, Pavillion Place, Nantra Silom, Fah, Baan Silom soi 3, D'Varee Baily Silom, D'Varee Pula Express, Glitz, Wall Street Inn, Red Planet, VSpace, Take-a -Nap - all from personal experience or from recent reports of established posters on this or other 2 gay Thai forums, all within 6 minutes 42 seconds walk from Patpong 2
  14. vinapu


    Fully agreed, it's why I'm not one of those who are complaining about boys on the stages of Jupiter or BBB being partially dressed. Even if I don't wear jeans myself i find guys in jeans sexy looking
  15. vinapu


    why trouble if first thing you will be inclined to do is to remove those sexy strings anyways?
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