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  1. For 128th time I repeat , always go and see for yourself as OP impression of Dreamboys seem to be much more favourable than mine from few days ago
  2. Moonlight on Wed just before show about 1/2 full, quite a few new and attractive at that, boys. New model Jack not nervous anymore. Did not stay for the show because guy I wanted to off was there, decided to grab him and run. Thursday morning some idiot left his phone at Foodland. That idiot was me. It pays to be loyal and well known customer as when returned soon after realizing my day pack is somewhat light they waved at me smiling. So did I, no doubt. Needs to be said losing phone has advantages as one of boys I met is literally bombarding me with messages of how great I'm like I don,t know that myself. Surprisingly sparse crowd in soi 4 in the evening, despite of dry weather. Hot Male at 11.pm, few spectators inside but surprisingly even less boys. Seems plenty were offed as can, t believe that many were no shows. Unfortunately none of those left appealed to my heart and upon entry I had at least 6 in mind as possible offs so it looks it was good evening for their boys.
  3. Forgot to add, drinks at Freshboys 400. Yesterday visited Dreamboys, drink 500, boy drink 400. 3 rotation of boys about 12 per rotation but unfotrunstely it ,s just a number.when comes to selection I,d not be sure I entertain option of offing 3 if that much, in fact only attractive to me tired eyes was #11. Rest it,s choice between out of shape, obese, bad teeth or ready to retire. I,m exagerrating.but not really that much And extremely loud music to add to experience. Half an hour here was enough.
  4. Visited Screboys yesterday with another member right after they opened for a night. At least 16 boys on duty already. All twinky but some bit better built. At least 3 offable for me, #26 looked the best and was subject of vinapu tuck of 100 baht note. Did not show, any resistance. Boys in boxers, most bareceted, drink 350 Then went upstairs to Freshboys, right in time for show to begin. At least 20 boys on duty, best looking shockingly also #26. At least 6 acceptable for possible off. Show progressive, simulated sex but cock certainly not simulated, stimulated, possibly by machine, for sure though. Big cock show with parade of solicitors of feel for a tip. 8 participants. Sexy shower number. At least 20 spectators in the beginning with more arriving later. One spectator, nice chested and seriously drunk tried to imitate vinapu tuck after seeing how it, s done distributed at least 12 red notes, some using mouth to mouth technique. It was fun.
  5. There are more pressing issues here in Silom at the moment. Can't figure what problem is being busy preparing for world peace discussion this evening with well known expert in the field. Calling people names lacks sophistry, you can do better and force yourself to.
  6. No it,s not list cause. Like everything in history reclamation of looted artefacts needs to wait for it,s time. Jews waited 2000 years for their state , Greece may wait till 2341 to get Elgin,S maRbles back. Dandolo was not archbishop , he was Venetian Doge( spelling? ) No man is despised by history, only by those who write her. Look at Chengis Khan, genocidal ruler and conqueror , now adoring pedestals and banknotes
  7. Surely colonial powers had any rights to loot them but that was replaced but all looters old friend - might and local corruption. They didn't t have any right to keep it but they will umtil might will be on their side. I m not supporting looting but just stating fact. How we handle legally obtained art pieces both with money stolen from laborers by fat capitalists.? What right Turks have to Haghia Sophia? They did not built it neither for 925 years dud not pray there. But now they do
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