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  1. this is exactly what I thought reading post above yours
  2. never too many threads about soi Twilight, I agree it was interesting to read all those rumors and speculations and compare to future reality. Painful reality for me I haste to add because not only I like soi Twilight but at the same time I don't like soi 4. But I guess if we don't have what we like we must like what we have
  3. keep an eye on developments for us. Sad duty but we can only hope that something interesting and fresh arise from soi Twilight ashes. Perhaps in 5 years we even say that we like what we have, fingers crossed ! Any word of what will happen to Bangkok Massage? I will miss tat place the most
  4. good example how we humans are making complex even simplest tasks
  5. I think you can simply hang garland on the boy's neck without applying for permission to any authorities, hung or not
  6. plenty other fish in the sea
  7. When visiting Borobudur in Java I was positively mobbed for that purpose and I must be on at least 50-60 of those selfies including whole class , one by one with teacher first
  8. Perhaps you have memorable wallet ? As for main subject I agree that often I was surprised how deep their memory goes but I don't credit it to skills unique to Thai bar and massage boys. I think people working in places with constant change of faces develop this kind of memory, it's why our teachers years after seem to remember at which desk we used to sit in class. And by no means boy's memory is universal. Few years ago I offed guy from now defunct Adonis and he was my longest off ever possibly, from 10pm to noon next day. Next trip , only 6 month later I met him by chance at barber at soi Twilight RIP and he did not recognize me at all, after while thinking I was his English teacher. On another hand some are really half geniuses. My prize goes to Wes from Arena whom I offed LT to BBB Inn in Dec 2014. For him it was kind of milestone because it was his first time he went with client to client's place. Never saw him after until Jun 2018 so 3.5 years later and still he not only remembered me but also fact that we went to BBB Inn
  9. it's good to be best in something I guess
  10. vinapu

    G Boys

    nothing wrong with that
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