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  1. I did not get an impression you are that shy, he, he.
  2. don't worry about anything and just go. Forget statistics about the island, after all so many people in Pattaya jumped from balconies and somehow you are not one of them.
  3. when one is thinking about moving permanently to another country and considers tax issues as one of primary importance, my first advice would be to re-examine his priorities. Taxation should be not primary , not even secondary consideration, tertiary at the best if not even further down. My comment is not directed at anybody but comes from well rehearsed personal experience in both areas as those who know me can attest.
  4. you beat me to him, that's sure thing. When comes to an access to boys , no doubt you as local are in much better, enviable position
  5. robbing bank seems to be easier, after all that is where money is
  6. I meant incentive to Keithambrose. Certainly I'm not in position to spent serious money on accommodation in Dusit Thani or any other 5 stars
  7. Day 8 As it turned out neither bkkmfj nor me had breakfast companions so he invited me to use fact that his breakfast included in room rate was for 2 people. Then I visited Silom market, post office on Charoen Krung and XOne to make last money exchange and returned to the room . At 12.30 we were supposed to meet with reader at Unesco but they were surprisingly busy and reader suggested we move to some coffee place on Suriwong past “Tawan corner”. This was our last chance to trade news as tomorrow I’m taking off at noon. Very handy meeting place and substitute for sadly demised and short lived CofeeGrinder. From there bkkmfj and I decided to go to Arena warmly greeted on arrival by veteran mamas an Art and usual cabal of hunks trying to bring attention to themselves. Fortunately each of us had different favorite so we did not need to compete. Mine was Tawan sized hunk, strong and very anxious to make good impression so both parts of massage ritual were great. On my way to hotel I stopped by KFC in Union building on Silom and bought 500 baht bucket of their treats because this is what I was asked/ ordered to do by my 4 p.m. visitor who is great fan of that fare. He is guy not from the scene and discreet to the extreme. Working shifts, so our usual agreement when I’m in Bangkok is that he tells me when he can come and for how long and on my side it’s yes or no. Sometimes is on very short notice , sometimes few days in advance but main thing is there is no drama at all. If we can ‘t meet at time when he is free , we will try next time which may be next day or next trip or something in between. When comes to discretion Raya is the best with her card access , bypassing the reception. We met downstairs when he lined me is is arriving Bkkmfj was anxious to see my guy and I did not want any hint of indiscretion so I advised him to sit by elevator pretending to scroll through his phone and when we emerged from elevator we just walked by like some stranger was there. Inspection done, door closed, fun started. As in January he surprised me with the kiss- it took me a while to extract on and that in January was our first ever and thing only to got better and hotter , of course with interruption to taste that KFC treats. Today he had only 4 hrs for me and at 8 as arranged originally he left taking about half of that bucket with him. I got 1 hr to tidy room over, run to 7/11 to buy more beers as at 9 O, masseur from 2 days ago was supposed to show up for our first ever overnight. It was only because our common forum friend who saw him last month told me that he feels O will be amendable for LT session. In fast he was quite happy to agree when I asked and so at 9.00 I got a message ‘ I’m arrived “. So another run downstairs to bring him in and my farewell with Thailand started. Known quality but it looks that perspective of long time ( perhaps also related tip) and few beers he sampled energized him and he turned up to be as busy and energetic as N few night ago. Exceeded expectations is the best description as I kind of knew him as being bit on serious and quiet side but that was not a case tonight. We were fake boyfriends and ones who like each other company immensely. At one pint even he dared to ask question ‘ do you ever sleep?” . Honestly I wonder if we meet again in the future and for sure we will , will he be willing to try another LT with me ?. My last off this trip was her crowing event. In the morning sad reality settled down that not only day 8 is over but whole trip. Summary tomorrow
  8. certainly, almost like giveaway
  9. incentive to think about another trip early in 2025
  10. with carefully selected company one can have one hell of a party in much, much humbler hotels for fraction of price
  11. we were wondering ever since you joined the forum but now we finally know.
  12. I can say exactly the same about you and this forum
  13. why ? only time I'm in shock is when somebody reports no overnight guest which I consider gross waste of resources available
  14. A in his bar days liked to mentor younger guys and help them to establish foot in the trade. Once in the bar when drinking with him , after securing he will go with me, A noticed that I look longingly at Y whom I know only from seeing him on the stage at now gone New Twilight bar. So he thoughtfully suggested that he will talk to him and if Y agrees I can take home both of them. It worked marvelously although no, they did not interact with each other but that was disclaimed in the beginning so we knew what we are playing. As for selection , yes, it's fruit of prior trips. It pays to keep some guys loyal, smile here , tip there and invitation to a meal before or after the deed, all keeps business on little bit of personalized level. Advantage of Long Time is that there's always time to get more personal with guys , not in carnal but social sense. And yes, upping agreed tip by 1-2 hundreds enhances goodwill while refusing taxi money when tipped well already, reminds them that I know the game. It helps to have friends in high places. A was actually introduced to me by one of our members. Y in change was introduced by me to another member who in change lead to to few other precious finds even going into pain of introducing guy to me in person to make sure he will play along.
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