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Culmination of 3 year crush

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9 hours ago, TotallyOz said:

Years ago, I was OK with a BF staying home and doing nothing. But, the more experiences I have had, I have come to give two choices if someone lives with me. Either work or go to school. If going to school, I'll pay for it all. No worries. But, if not progressing in a career in university, they must have a job. I just came to believe I was doing a disservice to them to let them do nothing but have fun and play and when things break off to have nothing to fall back on.

I agree completely. I had a friend who met a young Tunisian man and sent him money for years. The lad virtually never worked in 20 years. I know Tunisia isn't easy to get work but we don't help them by encouraging them to sit on their arse and smoke weed for decades. 

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1 hour ago, kokopelli3 said:

 A bit off topic, however I never really paid attention to Totally Oz's avatar and thought it was some sort of red and white striped flag or banner.  But after reading and looking  at his most recent posts I realized his avatar is none other than Dorothy's ruby shoes! Shame on me 🥴

@kokopelli3 we are not in Kansas anymore! :)


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On 3/7/2023 at 6:57 AM, TotallyOz said:

Well, it was a good ride. He no longer trusts me. It was odd to say the least but he just believes I had other boys here when he wasn't here.

Oh well, commiserations, you had short time guy some 50,000+ others can but imagine isn’t paranoid. 

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