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Cambodian mystery and Thai solution - first trip of 2023

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21 hours ago, GWMinUS said:

Reminds me of several Budget Hotels I stayed in in Manila. Just enough space to poop, shower and sleep...  🤪

nothing wrong with tiny hotel  rooms, in most cases we need them exactly for three tasks you described  but it would be good if price reflected that.

I guess some people are willing to pay for modernity , decor and  factory smelling newness  , it's why Ibis seemed so popular along with Quarter Silom of similar ambiance and quality.  I rather settle for space even if that involves worn  furniture and rickety elevator.  

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1 hour ago, vinapu said:

then what one gives to next mugger? 

Do not think it happens all the time. Most visitors have never been robbed at all, and those who have been going to Brazil for 20 years report to have been robbed twice, or maybe thrice 🤷‍♂️

I shouldn’t have mentioned it again, it is not a subject about which one can reason, everyone has a reaction to unsafe countries that is either a “<shrug> I won’t let that limit my experiences on this world” or a visceral “No, there are other places to go”

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6 hours ago, vinapu said:

was thinking about missing whole part of Cambodian Charming Prince fiasco as certainly I look stupid falling into that trap but decided it's better to be open, first because it may provide lesson , second because I still cherish memories of those pre-trip days when I was sooo excited such chance opened for me , third to show  that  disaster today may be replaced  by fun soon after and fourth , even if I don't believe what I'm saying , until i hear other side of story , there's vague possibility that that fiasco was not fiasco at all and I should be glad it happened avoiding bigger trouble and expense - again half  full part of glass theory.

From your 'prince charming' affair some lessons can be learn :

1. Never raise expectations for a boy you didn't been with at least one night.

2. Never ever send  prepayments to a boy you don't know and trust .

3. strange in advance requests or demands from the boy should raise red flag.

4. Once meeting the boy things are not as we expected it's better to cut off the deal immediately avoiding bigger trouble and expense later.


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8 minutes ago, bkkmfj2648 said:

Wow Vinapu, the "special" suitcase is featured in 2 of the 6 photos (1/3) that you posted above.

coincidence, as I left her in the middle and  was taking pics from every corner.

not much really special , it's 50$ suitcase , not 350 $. Only tittle of fame is that she was intended for CCP but he dropped the deal and did not  get suitcase. Also it's was first time in perhaps 10 trips when I had full size luggage with me  as this time ticket included both luggage and seat selection.

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On 2/16/2023 at 8:35 PM, vinapu said:

few pics from Rose hotel as it's rarely mentioned in the forum









Now that your trip report is finished, I wonder if you like this place or is it just really cheap? I find it very austere compared to your other hotel pictures. Also what is up with this courtyard with what looks like coloured mattresses on the floor?

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Austere is a good word but I find rooms at Rose had all I need- desk, safety deposit box and working quiet AC. There was no kettle but I'm always prepared for such eventuality. Washbasin in the toilet was too low but that's small nuissance.

Room a was much more spacious than claustrophobic one at Ibis Styles or Quarter Silom so I opt for Rose at half of their price any time. Empty courtyard felt strange but again , how much time we would spent admiring it, grand total 3 minutes per day ?

so to answer question above , I like the Rose and it was relatively cheap ( ~40 $), few dollars more then Baan Silom , few dollars less than  my favorite Furama Sathorn

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5 hours ago, vinapu said:

feel disappointed but not bitter. I tried but it did not work . Will I pursue him again ? Most likely no. Will I try once more if he will pursue me ? Most likely yes, much smarter from  that experience. No money in advance , no commitment to anything more initially than night stand and only then if satisfied  I may look for repeat. Will he try to contact me in the future ? I very much doubt as he may suspect I’m mad as hell.

There is no harm for short time with him if he will contact you again just to fulfill your fantasy beening with this guy, I would no go further then that due the horrible experience you had with him. I doubt that he will try to contact you again not because he suspect you may be mad at him ( believe me he doesn't care about your feelings at all because if he did he would never behaved as he did) but because his plans to squeeze walking falang ATM didn't went well for him with you as he planned so there is really no point for him to try it again it's a waste of time for him.

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18 hours ago, Boy69 said:

There is no harm for short time with him if he will contact you again just to fulfill your fantasy beeing with this guy, I would no go further then that ...

At this time it's academic and whole issue becomes distant memory. You right that if he cared about me would behave differently. All I want to say is that thank God whole experience did not leave me bitter or discouraged. Disappointed , yes  but that and expense to treasury I just  chalked to an experience and moved on smiling

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