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Siem Reap trip - Feb 2023

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20 hours ago, AndyUK said:

All in all SR is a fun place to visit.

they say apparently there are some ruins neary or something ?  ( just kidding )

great report , I read it twice  to soak in the atmosphere.

It looks that 168 lost some lustre as I really liked place in October and had fun there night after night.

Which Hanuman you liked better? black or blue. Black is my favorite but when I went to Phnom Penh at end of Jan it seemed to be in short supply.

When guy quoted me 3$ from Barcode to Men's I told him for that money I can walk so he dropped fast to 6000 (1.5 $), next time I wanted lift I asked "Men's resort 2$ ?" and  it worked as charm. Still I think 1$ would be enough but did not feel like takin skin alive from poor guys.

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I preferred the Black Hannuman too! Thanks for the recommendation. 

Of course I visited the temples and this was my third visit to SR.


I figured $5 a day was a reasonable expense for tuk tuks and I felt $3 back was not excessive so late in the night. These guys do need to make a living and I agree with your last point about these guys being poor in comparison.

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