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Just finished one week in Bali

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I went to Indonesia many years ago now...almost a decade I think. 

Contacted on Grindr as you say. Met up with one Grindr guy and completely didn't get that he was a MB until it was too late. Felt a bit sheepish afterwards.

I liked Bali. Loved central Java for a variety of reasons.

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2 hours ago, 12is12 said:

Thnk u Rob for the post. I'm thinking about a first trip to Bali. If u could expand on venues and prices and visitors-friendly hotels, I'd b grateful.

2 specific questions: 

Do guys speak english?

Beside big asses, do they also have big dicks?

Guys speak English, about like Thailand.
There are nice sized dicks, and everyone I was with was hard before taking their pants off, lol

massage only on Grindr was like 13usd and with sex 26usd....some might ask for more at first, but those are pretty standard prices. And like Thailand, be aware some pics are photoshopped, so ask for most recent pics.

For massage venues, Shameless Mack recently did an in depth review of the gay ones in Bali

There is 3 gay bars, all next to each other, I like Mixwell the most, is bigger and super friendly people.

Depending on your hotel budget, there is everything available look in the Seminyak area to be closer to the gay scene

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