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Emsphere Bangkok - New Mall

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14 hours ago, TotallyOz said:

Don't trust a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. Usually just a franchise these days!

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9 hours ago, Lucky said:

Where is it located?

I believe it is located on the site of the old Washington Square beer bar area, which also had a theatre called Calypso(?) Cabaret.

That may make it a bit more easy to place for some of more venerable members.

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From Nikkei Asia

BANGKOK -- Thai retailer The Mall Group opened its latest shopping center here Friday in a bid to create a new destination for tourists and shoppers in Thailand's capital.

EmSphere, in the vibrant Sukhumvit dining and entertainment district, is a six-story attraction spanning 200,000 square meters with more than 300 tenants, including IKEA and restaurants.

The mall with a direct walkway from the Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain station was packed with visitors on its first day.

"The dining area has a lot more going on than other malls, so it's fun to just walk around here," said a 30-year-old local.

The anchor tenant occupying one entire floor is IKEA, offering about 8,200 products from bedding to couches.

That is about 20% fewer items than at the Swedish furniture retailer's larger store in a Bangkok suburb. But the new location is the company's first city center store in Southeast Asia and features showrooms geared for urban apartments in nearby high-rise buildings. It also offers items exclusively available there.

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11 hours ago, reader said:

the company's first city center store in Southeast Asia

I wonder if the company here, means the mall group or ikea?

If its ikea, the ikea branch in KL, Cheras, is right smack in KL city center, so that claim of it being the first ikea city center store in Southeast Asia is bs.

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