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Presidential Debates. Will the Orange Turd show up?

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5 hours ago, stevenkesslar said:

Democracy must really annoy you.


4 hours ago, Moses said:

Why you call it "democracy"? It is gerontocracy. 


You may be genocidal, but you ain't stupid, @Moses.

You're right.  You know shit about democracy, and care even less.  Let's talk about gerontocracy, which you know a lot about.


It's true that both Biden and Trump fall in that category, just like the old communists above.  

I'll stretch the comparison.  In some ways the US is a lot like the USSR of that period.  And in some ways it is the exact opposite.

I think the similarity is we are going to have our own period of perestroika.   Most Presidents since 1992 have been Baby Boomers.  The exceptions have been Obama, who was a bit younger.  And Biden, who is too old to even be an aging Boomer.  When Clinton and Gore were elected, having a Boomer POTUS was young and fresh.  Now it is old and stale. 

The country does want change, but also is not quite ready for it.  If we were, we could have dumped Biden and Trump, of course.  We didn't.  It does have this feeling of clinging to the past.  Because at least we know what that is politically.  One side even has an appropriately backward looking motto:  Make America Great Again. 

Poor old things.  Demographically, at some point Millennials and Gen Z will simply take over, like the Boomers did in the 1990's.  I can't wait.  Some of the outlines are already clear.  It will be more progressive.  And it may be a wild ride, at least politically.

In the case of the USSR, it was also the beginning of the end.  Or, arguably, the end of the end.  The political and economic systems were so fucked up that they simply could not be saved.  Poor Vlad.  Somehow he is trying to restore the rot.  Wonder why he is having such problems?  But I get how people all over the world can look at the US shit show (although similar trends are happening in Europe, and most democracies) and draw comparisons.  Like the US is in decline.  And maybe democracy is even nearing collapse. 

Wouldn't you love it, @Moses?  Long live Genocide Man and autocracy!  May a million Ukrainians die!  😲

Then again, maybe not.  This is where the US is the exact opposite of the Gerontocracy Russia of old.  As well as Putin's Genocide Russia of today.  We have the most dynamic economy in the world.  China will catch up to us ........................ never!  Economically, or politically. 

Poor Vlad.  His best hope to grow at the same rate as the US (which is like saying a tiny parasite is technically growing at the same rate as a tiger) is to be extremely efficient at building a regional war economy.  To work optimally, Genocide Man needs to get better and better at using millions of Russian men as fuel, to be turned into fertilizer.  At some point you may find ethnic minorities less willing to do that, even for the nice pay the families of the human fertilizer get.  That won't help when it is time for Russia to go away and break up.  People don't forget this shit.  You should know, @Moses.  People in [name any country in Europe or Eurasia] sure didn't want to be part of the USSR when it fell apart.  Meanwhile, the problem the US has is too many people are trying to get in.  

But that's not the biggest problem.  We have the best educated young generations ever.  Making more than ever because they have more skills than ever.  Granted, Vlad has some very talented engineers working hard to build better bombs.  But that only gets you so far.  Many of the young people in Russia who could be building the tech companies listed in ETFs like SOXL and FNGU are getting the fuck out of Russia.  They want to rich.  Not fertilizer.

So at some point - not actually too long from now - someone not named Biden or Trump will be POTUS.  And she will leading the most powerful economy, military, and political system in the world.  

You can't have that @Moses.  You get genocide, a war economy, and rot.  But look on the bright side.  There is money to be in turning your people into fertilizer.  


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So many words just to agree with fact: US is gerontocracy which fighting for to keep control on World?

You, maybe, should take copywriter job: it is paid "by words".

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