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  1. Any scenes in Prague lately? The old escort bar is no more ? or all only internet based ?
  2. What's bluesystem? Is it a website?
  3. are they escorts from Hunq or how did you met them?
  4. How to look for escort in Marakesh ? Are they on the street hustling or ?
  5. Yes he is in cityboy dusseldolf! oh wow you guys are such a expert! googling at his porn right now!
  6. I have a big crush on this guy, haven't meet him but want to know if he has done any porn before ? What's his porn name ?
  7. So envy with you. I was in Lagoa last time and paid R100 for Nothing! Went with a guy name Philips, first he said R50 was fine then he wants R100 when in the room, bj was a disaster and when I tried to top him he broke the condom. In the end I only jack off and paid R100!
  8. Marek ? Is he from Poland ? I thought he only do blow job ? Top Christopher as well, but meeeeh a bit lose
  9. hi, I'm thinking to hire a escort for 1 or 2 hours.....any advice what i should do before getting to bed ? i mean, what should be avoid or don't and do ? thanks !
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