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    Specifically from these tweets
  2. Same here. Been using Transferwise for at least 14 years, if not more (can’t remember when I started) and never had any issue.
  3. Google translate often introduces a word in the translations that I ask it in ads for hot money boys, for example: น้องเกอร์ 🌿 Kสวยเรียวยาว ขาวเนียน งานครบครับ สนใจนวดกับน้องจองน้องได้นะครับ รับลองฟินแน่นอน gets translated as Nong Ker 🌿 K, beautiful, slender, white, smooth, complete work. If interested, massage with Nong Chong, sister. Try to be satisfied for sure. Do you guys know if this is a slang word in Thai for something? Maybe “bottom” or “masseur” and which google translate doesn’t know how to interpret? Thanks in advance for the answers, this forum is awesome. You guys are awesome!
  4. Not sure on Android, but right now, no app on an Iphone can access your contacts unless you explicitly give that app access to them. You have to read all the messages, though, one by one, carefully and I always say no to everything: location tracking, internet activity tracking, contact access, camera access, microphone access, etc. unless I need that app to access one of these features. Also, don't give the app your phone number, just an email address which you have opened just for this sort of trash use.
  5. That is an evening drinking + double overnight at 10K (USD 275)! Not that cheap for Thailand but still: something like this would easily cost me USD 3000 in NY city.
  6. In Brazil one of the main advantages of the saunas is that the boy are willing to show you what they can do in terms of kissing, even in front of everyone, to try and convince you to hire them. I love it because no passionate kissing means a mediocre experience for me. Can you do that inside a Bangkok bar? Maybe only in some of these bars?
  7. It is the new business initiative from Home Massage: an associated host club/karaoke bar called Hi Club nearby at Intramara 11.
  8. Thanks for the report. And don't worry about not teaching some of us anything new. For those of us who are not able to go to Rio right now, it is very nice to hear that things are still running as we remember them.
  9. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRQ6LEkS/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRQ6dFEY/ So much to choose from if you like Twinks like I do.
  10. Thanks. I’ll stay at Agate then for my first time, my stay is all about bringing boys in
  11. Has any of you stayed at the hotel called East Suites in the jomtien complex? It has a really high score on booking.com.
  12. They seem to know that it is not easy to find a place in bangkok based exclusively on "Inthamara 11", and so they made this video to show how easy it is to find them: https://twitter.com/spagay31/status/1587042389033889794?s=20&t=KMPBw0lbOWDlOzK98L_qDw
  13. Was not aware of this one! Good find!
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