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  1. I am afraid you will have to travel to Osaka. There are more than 100 boys on this list: OSAKA SHOP -English- / TOP PAGE (dgdgdg.com) Chose well, the site tells you if they do top or bottom anal, their size, their age, their availability etc. Prices are really reasonable, especially for overnights. Good luck
  2. I had 2 great experiences at this place: Kla and Wit. Both performed really well during the massage and seamlessly transitioned into much hotter activities. Wit was so good that I hired him for the night.
  3. Gee, she gets really triggered even when you are not talking directly to her, doesn’t she?
  4. For those who are interested in finding out why we say a transman is a man, and a transwoman is a woman, and why calling a transwoman “a dude who cuts his cock off, puts on his mums dress and wants to prance around “ is just purposefully missing the point, I would recommend the analogy laid out in this 2-minute video. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR3xrTtQ/
  5. If you were straight, you'd be the kind of guy who says "I honestly don't care about gays, but they should have no visibility whatsoever. They should have no rights and the government should not recognize them. They should not have a gay quarter in our cities , they should not have a pride, and their very existence should be hidden from everyone. Certainly no holding hands in public. They can maybe survive, but I don't want to see them, or hear about them". Essentially, you are not a homophobe, but only because you are gay. You would be one otherwise.
  6. Some Thai Ladyboys do, if you speak to them about it, go past what society is calling them, and spend more than 3 minutes listening to how they feel. Not all of them of course, the gender of AMAB people is a spectrum that goes from The Rock to Valentina Sampaio. I am not sure why that is such a problem for you, tho, in which way the existence of trans women causes you any harm? And if doesn’t cause you any harm, why do you care so much when other people just do, well, whatever the fuck they want?
  7. I had forgotten what I had written about this place 😂 I do like that I was bold enough to go there, and experience the local guys, but I will only go back if I one day get bored of all the guys in Rio’s more central saunas, which seems unlikely.
  8. Nature fucks up in many ways. Some people are born without a forearm. Some people are born autistic. Some people are born with Down syndrome. some people would die if they ate a snickers bar without modern medicine to save them from nut allergy . Nature can screw up in so many different ways. Do you really think it is impossible that nature sometime fucks up and build a person with male brain structures in a female body, or the reverse? Another point to consider: Do you really think that all the trans people who go through very expensive surgery, with all the post surgery pains, potential complications, have to take weekly needle shots of hormones, become infertile, and deal all their life with all the social stigma associated with being trans, etc., do all of it “just for fun”? Why would they do all of that if being trans isn’t a real experience? If being born in the wrong body isn’t a real thing, why would they go through all these hurdles and not choose the easy path, and just stay the gender they were assigned at birth? Being trans is real. All trans people tell us that. I have dated several trans men and I assure you they really are men who were trapped in a female body which they were carefully trying to modify so that they could appear as men and live their lives as the real men they are. Just because you were lucky enough to be born in a body that matches your internal experience and gender identity, doesn’t mean that everybody is the same as you. Nature just didn’t screw up with you as much as it did with them. And if you think they are too small a minority to recognise, then by that logic straight people were right to refuse to recognise us because we gays are also too small a minority to matter to them.
  9. LGBTQIA2S is the full set used in some of the gender studies literature in North America. I is for intersex people A is for a-romantic and asexual people. 2S is for the two spirit people of many Native American tribes. Enbies (non binary) are all necessarily trans so they are already included in the T. Being cisgender doesn’t make you gay. Cisgender people are by far the majority of people on Earth (>98%), they don’t need to be part of a coalition of minorities
  10. I am a bit surprised about this, for a gay man who reads so much about LGBTQ stories around the world, that you had not encountered the word that is used to describe the opposite of transgender before. Your mind is gonna be blown away when you discover non-binary people. No hate, tho, it is only now that these old concepts (i mean old in gender studies) are making their way into popular culture.
  11. We need a better name for 24/7 LT. I suggest “multi-day” ST short time hire (1 to 3 hours) LT long time hire (8 to 12 hours) MD multi-day hire (48 hours or anything more than that)
  12. Can you explain this: Why do you go to Thailand if you don’t like Thai boys?
  13. I have never used a phone number to find someone on line, I use the ID or the QR code of the person I am looking for, or I share mine.
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