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  1. I certainly wouldn't call that horrible! I might go at that time, then.
  2. I don’t think you will find a proper gay scene in Angeles City, but there are plenty of hungry boys on Grindr who want to experience sex with a foreigner.
  3. Happy to report that I found 2 cute Brazilian guys at 10 am today (Friday) so even though the choice is limited, it seems you can get serviced at this insanely early time without issues.
  4. Happy to report that even at 10 am on a Friday you can find a couple of cute Brazilian guys happy to service you for €50. Not much choice, but if you are just there on a flight stopove through Barcelona, and need to release some stress, even at this insanely early time, it seems it is worth checking it, there should be someone.
  5. I know it is very easy to find lady boys and drag queens, and probably trans women, but what about trans men in Bangkok? Any of them been sported doing sex work?
  6. So I am really enjoying receiving line pictures of masseurs from a place called spa285 but I can’t quite get one part of the message I am getting: ลูกศร (ชายแท้)รุก K56 ไลน์ 285.spa โทร 0970905133 it is clear except for K56 Sometime the boy’s name and description is followed by K52 or K54 instead of K56 is that a penis size? It does seem to correlate to girth, but I can’t be sure. Or is it something else?
  7. This is quite common and why in the West the prices are by the hour. Many clients are in line with this timescale. The most extreme I heard is an escort who told me that he once got paid a full hour for less than 10 minutes in a Scarsdale mansion. His client was in a bathroom, he only half-undressed the escort, grabbed a condom, came in 3 minutes, and paid him and told him they were done. The client basically needed to empty his blue balls, nothing else.
  8. Just want to check, before I arrive, so I am not under-expecting: When they say “short time”, they never mean 1 hour (like in US / Europe, where it is strictly timed, and if you want more you have to pay the second hour at basically the same rate), in Thailand they mean a good 2 hours? Is there a market for even cheaper, for a really short time (1 hour) for the locals?
  9. In NYC, for $800 you will find 0 long times with a hunk (which is also a pro). They price themselves at $1000 or, more likely $ 1500 for an overnight. For 800 you could maybe get a grinder guy which does not do this as his job, but just wants some side money.
  10. Now that @Min explained and that I looked more closely at the color of the banknotes it is obvious. They are definitely 100 bahts, so the total of each garland is only 1000.
  11. Thermas according to google, is open 24/7, but what is the busy time? I assume 6 pm to 22 pm? How is it at lunch time?
  12. This website is sooo well designed, it is insane. And 12 hours overnights at your hotel for less than $300 for everyone !!!!!!
  13. That does narrow it down perfectly, thanks a lot!
  14. Very good quality video indeed, better than what we usually get. I would easily off some of them, but if they really just made 10 X 1000, (more than 1/2 of a waiter's monthly salary!) will they be keen to go with any customer at all? Unless of course, they don't get to keep that garland...
  15. I think what the other members find odd is that the toilet is also in sight (see picture of the bedroom above in this same thread).
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